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OMLFA Chapter 43


“Oh, that’s a belly button..”

Evelina said, whilst feeling Kaiden’s warm hand sweeping through its ribs and soon staying in the navel. She thought his fingers were big, but when he pressed her belly button with his thumb, she felt a strange pressure.

Her breathing became more difficult. Above all, he kept prodding her belly button so thin that only the tip of his thumb could fit. The inside of her chest was itchy while her back was shivering. But she was confused by the heat.

Evelina was embarrassed because of the nasal sound. She felt itchy as her hair clung to where his lips had touched.

Gradually down from where he asked earlier and tormented her. Evelina was out of breath as he teased her collarbone with his lips.


She bit her lips tightly, trying not to make a sound. She never made such contact before, so she kept making noises without realizing it as if pressing her vital point. She was so startled that she tried to cover her mouth with her hand, but she couldn’t because his lips touched.

“Ka, hush…”

She tried to call his name, but she couldn’t as her lips were devoured. She felt her hair turn whiter as her warm breath touched it.

Kaiden’s body in between was so big that her pelvis hurt, and her thighs contracted instinctively.

Even though the fire was extinguished entirely, his bright red eyes were distinctly seen in her eyes.

She felt akin to a hunted herbivore. She hated the feeling that was being expressed through her lips. But he was moving leisurely and affectionately, whilst glaring as if he were eating her.

Evelina began to move because he seemed to be persistent in appeasing her as she wasn’t responding. Biting his lips, she tried to move the same way. But with the slightest reaction from her, he moved even deeper into her mouth as if he couldn’t stand it. She only gave such a small response as if she had resigned to the ruler’s act of invading so deeply.

There, he caressed her rib with his hand, which had been stroking her stomach. She seemed to be out of breath as his thumbs touched her lowest ribs. She was nervous as she felt that his hand would soon reach her chest.

At that moment.

“Have a good dream, Lina.”

He suddenly fell and got out of bed.

“Kai, Eden…”

“I haven’t finished my work yet.”


“I’m going to the office.”

She looked at him with her open gown. His eyes were so red in the dark that she could see the direction of his movement.

“Wai, be careful…”

– Boom!

He rammed his head into a canopy post. But he left as if nothing had happened.

When she opened the door, Evelina was more embarrassed by the light she had seen for a while.

He went outside in a gown. It was also very messy.

“This is… what….”

She only began to feel relieved when he ran away.


It was a close call. He probably ran away because he thought the same thing as her.

Evelina was so relieved that she lie back in bed. But strangely enough, she couldn’t sleep. Even though she didn’t expect him to come again. She wanted to calm down, but she couldn’t.

Hence she stayed awake all night and fell asleep by morning.


Evelina was working in the office. She was very tired because she couldn’t sleep well because of last night’s work.

“His Majesty sent it.”

Evelina looked at a peony and the platinum jewelry on it.

“Oh, my God.”

She pretended to be happy, but she was unable to because she couldn’t sleep well.

“His Majesty said that you must eat and then take a nap. Let’s get some rest now.”

“It’s not lunchtime yet.”

“Yes, it’s before lunch.”

Evelina thought it was a good time to take a nap. But she was a little disappointed because she just started checking this year’s spending.

“Yeah. But where should I eat lunch?”

“Follow me.”

Countess Elbain took the lead with a smile on Evelina. Evelina had entrusted many things to Baroness Elias for her social events, so she was nowhere to be seen. She thought that was a relief. She didn’t know why, but there was a competition between the two.

“Oh, on a related note, His Majesty will show you a list of tea parties.”

“Oh, he did, indeed. There is a tea party.”

She knew that Kaiden was preparing a nominal tea party for her.

“Is that tomorrow?”

“It’s the day after tomorrow, Your Majesty.”

“I see.”

She followed the Countess of Elbain with a moderate retort. The place where she arrived.

“Oh, my God.”

“Here you are, Lina.”

Kaiden was waiting first. The place was a new garden of the Empress’ Palace, and the pavilion was truly colorful.

“I thought I was going to sleep.”

“I’m going to sleep with you.”

“I see. I’m glad…” Yes.”

Evelina swallowed a word because she thought she was going to yawn. After checking her eyes, he stiffened for a moment and laughed. She thought he was better as well at making up the laughter.

So she approached him as if she could not remember what happened last night.

His eyes were on her neck. Even if she concealed it with makeup, she couldn’t cover it well. So he was smiling at the red marks.

“I think it’s uncomfortable to sleep sitting down.”

“Then, should we go in?”


If it were the usual Evelina, she would have even pretended to sit down and sleep. Perhaps because of yesterday’s work, she was tired. She wanted to keep a little distance from Kaiden as well.

It was true that her body responded to his touch, no matter how much, it was her body’s reaction. She should have hated the strange feeling, but she didn’t, so she was feeling strange and embarrassed.

Evelina knew that she was fastidious about her beauty, but she didn’t know that she would respond to anyone who would seek her own life. She was feeling pathetic, but when she saw his body and face, she wondered if she was the only one who was dazzled.



Evelina said to him with a smile.

“Don’t hug me, carry me. I have no strength left to walk.”

“I prefer hugging.”

“I also want to try being lifted.”

In fact, she said so because it was burdensome to see his face. His performance was so perfect that fearing that she would forget her purpose. Because he really seemed to care about her.

“Then get up.”

She jumped on his back. Hugging his neck tightly.

“Ugh… Lina?”

“I’m afraid I’ll fall.”

She seemed to come to her senses when she didn’t see his face. She squeezed his neck arduously and put her weight on it. He held his breath for a moment, then started to breathe again. When it reached her chest and reached her, Evelina smiled.

“Lina. You’re touching my chest.”

“Yes, I see.”

She responded like that while relaxing her arms and body.

“I can’t reach you anymore.”

“Yes, that’s right… Yikes!”

Suddenly, when he stopped, Evelina almost slipped. She said, hugging him tightly without realizing it.

“Why did you stop suddenly?”

“A bee flew in front of me.”


As Evelina let out her breath in relief, he spoke again.

“Hold on tight in case you fall off.”


She wondered if he might like to be strangled. Maybe that’s why she didn’t hug him hard this time but just kept him close. He began to walk so silently as if he were satisfied with it.

The place where they arrived was the bedroom of the imperial palace.

“It’s our first time sleeping in my room together.”

“That’s right.”

He smiled and touched Evelina’s clothes.

“What are you doing?”

“You have to take off your clothes to sleep.”

“Do you sleep naked?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

Evelina saw his ears flush as he touched her clothes casually. She said, holding his hand tightly.

“I don’t want to take it off and sleep.”

“That would be inconvenient.”

“I think it would be fine if Kaiden hugged me without making it uncomfortable.”

Then he stayed still like a slow machine for a while and chuckled and said.

“That would be nice, too. Come here.”

Evelina hugged him as if she couldn’t. Then they both lay in bed fully clothed.

She didn’t mind his stiff clothes touching her face. However, when she closed her eyes, she heard the sound of his heart so loud that her head hurt. When she opened her eyes, she was confused as she could see his face acting.

It took an hour just to pretend to be asleep while not being able to sleep in his arms. She had to endure that painful hour.

When she woke up from lying on the bed, all her clothes were wrinkled. Her hair was on the verge of sticking out. More than anything else, she was confused by the sound of Kaiden’s breathing, which seemed to be spitting out after holding it in her ears.

By the time she came to her senses, it was when she arrived at the office.

“What’s the matter?”

It was the Dowager Empress’ maid who waited for her.

Evelina beckoned as the maid saw her frightened yet respectful greeting.

As Evelina entered the office, the maid followed her in and handed her the letter she was holding.

She checked the correspondence with her eyes. The maid, who was briefly mesmerized by her picture-like appearance of reading slowly, soon shrank again when Evelina picked up.

“So, you want to be on my side?”

The paper Evelina received said so.

“Help me, Your Majesty!”

The maid, who brought the letter, kneeled straight to the floor and said.

“At this rate, my family and I will disappear! Please protect us!”

Evelina said, looking at what she had brought again.

“So you and your friends saw Her Majesty the Dowager Empress trying to frame me?”

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