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OMLFA Chapter 39


“It’s pathetic. I can’t believe someone sent me this to be happy about this.”

Evelina forced herself to say so. She had to hold her breath and talk so that she didn’t choke.

This word would eventually flow into the ears of those who watch her. To make them believe that she had completely fallen for the Emperor, estranged from her father.

Evelina closed her lips tightly and tried not to blink when tears seemed to flow. Then Ianathas looked surprised and looked at her expression and said as if he understood.

“But please love the birds.”


She answered in a wet voice, unconsciously, as Ianathas seemed to see through her heart.

“Who was decided to take care of the birds?”

When Evelina calmed down a little, she said to the servants who turned around. Then one of them turned back and bowed to Evelina.

“It’s me, Your Majesty. I was an ornithologist at the Imperial Academy.”

“I see, nice to meet you.”

Evelina laughed, recalling that she was a quasi-noble.

“Take care of my birds. Everyone is sensitive.”


Evelina checked the small rings made on the legs of low-cost birds and checked with her eyes to see if all the children she had raised had come.

The birds were singing as if they recognized their owner. As Evelina went near the cage containing the birds, the birds flew around her and sat down. When Evelina opened the cage door, the canary out of the silver cage sat on the back of Evelina’s hand and sang.

“Oh, my God, I think he recognizes you.”

Countess Elbain said as she turned around. Then, as if she could not lose, Baroness Elias turned around and said.

“It’s a canary, right? I’m interested in birds, too.”

Evelina said with a smile.

“That’s right.”

Then she opened another cage with her other hand. She walked slowly and opened the doors of every cage she could reach.

“Oh, my God.”

Then all the birds came near Evelina and chirped.

“How have you all been?”

Everyone looked at the strange sight as if possessed. Then she saw the birds chirping and the little rings coiled around their ankles and nodded her head, convinced that she had taught them well.

Like that, Evelina checked with her eyes and ears to see if all her birds were safe and returned to the Emperor’s Palace a long time later.


“Your Majesty?”

Kaiden had returned to the Emperor’s Palace bedroom first.

Evelina thought that if she provoked him like that, he would rather back down, but she didn’t think it would backfire like this.

He had already shown enough. How much he cherishes her. The check on Princess Elsius and the check on the Dowager Empress were already firmly established. But why was he even trying to fight the enemy’s daughter?

She looked at him in question. Then Kaiden approached with a smile.

“Now only Lina has to prepare her mind.”

He said that and dragged Evelina’s hand. When she took his hand and went into the door, the servants bowed their heads and no one could follow them any longer.

When the door closed, Evelina said to Kaiden as if she had come to her senses.

“Kaiden is really quick to prepare his mind.”

“Actually, I’ve been ready for a long time.”

It must have been a preparation for revenge, so it’s obvious.

She tried to smile thinking so. Then, when his eyes met, he frowned and turned to the other side.

“Then are you sleeping with me today?”

“Every day to come.”

“I see. I’m happy.”

Evelina was bothered with someone sleeping in bed with her. On top of that, a sturdy man, and if that was not enough, a person where she wouldn’t know when he’d twist her neck to death would sleep next to her.

She suddenly saw his thick neck.

“Kaiden, what mark is this?”

She looked at the nail marks on his neck and asked.

“What mark do you mean?”

“There’s something like a woman’s fingernail mark here.”

“Oh, that one.”

Evelina suddenly remembered what Princess Elsius said.

‘I think he has a new woman these days.’

That could be the case. He was originally a person who had a separate heroine.

Serena Verdeen. She was the one who turned Kaiden from psychopath to a person. Eventually, they die together.

Since the original work has been changed, are they meeting by now?

“Who scratched Kayden? How upsetting.”

When she asked so, Kaiden said, putting his palm on her face.

“Lina can’t be upset. I’ll get rid of it.”

Evelina laughed without answering because she thought he meant to remove the scar.

“What will you do with your throat like this? It would be uncomfortable to wash up.”

Evelina said so because she had two bathrooms, she thought there would be no problem washing up.

“Didn’t you decide to wash me?”

“What? Oh, I did. Didn’t I just say that?”

Evelina said with a smile, embarrassed. Then he stared at her as if to confirm. She laughed and said, as if he had noticed her performance.

“Oh, my heart is fluttering. My heart is racing with so much joy.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, of course.”

Evelina’s heart was pounding at the thought of being caught. She thought it might not be a heart attack, but a short-lived life. His bright red eyes seemed to read her thoughts.

“How about I watch Lina first?”

At his words, Evelina looked at him without managing her expression.

“Not yet. All right. Please wash it for me.”

As he quickly changed his words, Evelina answered with a smile, folding her wide-open eyes in surprise.

“Yes, I’ll wash it for you first, Kaiden.”

He sighed as he swept the back of the nail with his palm as if her heart was pounding in his ear.

“Then will you take it off?”


Evelina thought he meant two things to do this to her. 

One was to test whether she really fell in love with him, and the other was to humiliate the marquis by making them behave like servants.

Nobles never dressed themselves. However, she was a former poor woman and had to wash not only her clothes but also other people’s clothes until she was 10 years old. This was nothing to her.

So, she thought, it would be better for her to pretend she was excited than to pretend she felt humiliated. Because it was easier that way.

She was just grateful that his body was aesthetically pleasing.

“You’re shaking, Lina.”

“Because this is the third time I’ve seen a man’s body.”

“Why three times? Is there anyone else besides me?”

“It was only Kayden three times.”


He nodded, remembering that he hadn’t closed the door properly when he was washing in the room before.

Evelina slowly reached for his neck. Then he hugged her and buried his head on her shoulder.

“I was trying to undress you.”

“I see. I thought you were hugging me.”

He let go slowly, and Evelina tickled his ear as she went past his ear. Even if she put on her high heels, she lifted her toes and put her arms back around his neck. Then she released the kravat.

“How tall is Kayden?”

“It was 195cm when I measured it at the age of 20.”

“You must have grown taller now, right?”


Somehow, even though she wasn’t that short, there was a big difference when she was with him.

After this, Evelina unwrapped his kravat and placed it roughly on the tabletop next to her. She then tried not to see his pectoral muscles exposed through the gaping shirt.

But at first glance, his pectoral muscles felt very menacing. Evelina tried to ignore this and unbuttoned his shirt.

But each time her fingertips brushed his flesh, Kaiden’s breathing seemed to grow louder. Evelina looked up at him for a moment, and she was surprised that he was glaring at her, and she immediately lowered her gaze.

She deliberately looked at her hand and tried to move her fingers. Every time she blinked, his blood-red eyes continued to come to mind.

Evelina felt like she was a herbivore grooming a carnivore. He could bite her neck at any time.

Maybe the mark on his neck was a warning? I can kill you anytime.

When she thought of that, she unknowingly ran her palms over the petals marks he had left on her neck. Then he looked at her behavior and smiled.

She felt like she was being teased, so she ignored his laugh and started unbuttoning his shirt. The pinky finger brushing his pectoralis major stiffened, perhaps because of his warm, stone-hard chest.

Evelina bit her lip and unbuttoned all the buttons on his shirt.



At that moment, he touched Evelyn’s lips and parted. She recoiled, thinking he was kissing her deeply, but was relieved when he parted.

“I’m sorry. You’re adorable.”

“Yes? Ah.”

“Please stop.”

At his words she thought it was a real relief that he was handsome. Because he was externally wonderful and gorgeous, she didn’t have to force him to look great.

Even if his heart was burning with rage, wanting to kill her, the affectionate look in his eyes seemed like he could hypnotize her into pretending to love him.

“Kaiden is too big.”

He took off his vest and threw it away, then took off his shirt as well. Then the perfect torso she had glimpsed before appeared in front of her.

Evelina involuntarily looked at his upper body and held her breath.

“This is…”

She stiffened again from the wound over his heart. Then he took her hand and pressed it to his chest.

“Please finish it.”

Like a warning.

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