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OMLFA Chapter 37


“I don’t want to talk.”

After this, Evelina glanced behind her to check Kaiden’s expression. Then, as he met Evelina’s eyes, he frowned and tried to focus on his hand.

“All right.”

She was saying no, but she was also worried that he might have misunderstood. But if he misunderstood, she had no intention of solving it. It would be better for him to misunderstand.

However, even if he thought rationally, it seemed that it would take a long time for rational words to come out. Even though she tried to calm herself with her head, her heart still felt like it was beating wildly, perhaps from the shock of being so surprised.

“If my grandmother… .”

“I don’t think I can say that either.”

Evelina did not have the confidence to put the insults the Dowager Empress had on her own into her mouth.

She thought Princess Elsius was more dangerous, but in reality it was the Dowager Empress. She said that her vulgar words she said were in anger, so they weren’t words she could convey.

She said to the Emperor, ‘I thought she was abandoned on the first night because her breasts are fake. That’s why I checked it.’ It’s impossible to say.


Evelina was startled by the hot body heat she felt on her back and made a strange noise without even realizing it. Then, Kaiden didn’t move as if he had hardened while filling the hook.


“Don’t look back.”

“… Yes.”

Evelina had to remain calm as he sighed and moved slowly again. Her back gradually tightened, and her clothes gradually returned to their original state.



Evelina said she didn’t like the awkward atmosphere, so she struggled to regain her senses.

“Thank you for bringing all my birds. I was really happy to hear it this morning.”

“If you appreciate it, please invite me to the garden next time.”


As soon as she finished her hook, he came in front of her and held out his hand. Evelina managed to get up when he took her outstretched hand. Her legs were still shaking, and what she just experienced made her incredibly angry and ashamed. She seemed to be able to walk somehow because she held his arm.

“But isn’t it a bit early? I understand that it is still time for the ceremony at the banquet hall.”

“It was over quickly.”


“I have something to do with it.”

He said that and hugged Evelina. She thought that her slow walking must have been uncomfortable for him, and she hugged him by the neck. She then rubbed her head against his neck as if she couldn’t help but feel relieved, she said,

“I am so glad you came. Really.”

Then he sighed and walked again.

The Dowager Empress’ patronage was bleak. She seemed even more bleak as she walked in his arms. Evelina was gradually finding her stability, probably because of Kaiden, who was not different from usual.

By the time she left the palace and headed for the emperor’s palace, the knights and servants who were waiting for her quietly bowed their heads and began to follow her.

Evelina looked at them strangely as she was being held, then looked at her maids who bowed again, and she said to Kayden,

“I heard you washed me yesterday.”


“Why? There are servants.”

As soon as Evelina saw her maid, she remembered the incident and she asked. She wondered if he even needed to do that.

“It was because I couldn’t stand it thinking that the servants were washing.”

“What does that mean?”

Then Kaiden stood up and said,

“Because I can’t do what the servants can do.”

She closed her mouth at his words and hugged his neck. Even though she knew that it’s an act of looking at his eyes more like this, she thought he would stop it even though she knew it’s an act.

“Did you like it?”

“No. Instead, I also want to wash Kaiden next time.”

Evelina thought he would refuse.

The master’s bedroom had two bathrooms. It was originally one, but after Kaiden took the throne, all the rooms were renovated to make two bathrooms. The reason was to make a small bathroom to avoid assassination.

Since he was a child, his life had been threatened many times, so he was more vigilant in places where he had to be away from weapons, such as the bathroom. So he preferred a small place. It comes into his field of vision at once, and even if there were assassins aiming for his back, they won’t be able to use the space. And in a space that narrow, if anyone was aiming at him, they would have to come alone.

“I look forward to it.”

So when he said in a voice that he was really looking forward to it, Evelina looked at him in surprise.

Even the face, really. He was acting perfectly. With an expression like a child receiving a Christmas present for the first time.


Because of what she wanted to do with her body last time, the Dowager Empress had to stand on a small stone in front of Evelina’s palace from 12:00 to 3:00 to take her punishment. She even pretended to collapse today, but the emperor urged her to be punished, so she had to come even though it was 2 o’clock.

The Dowager Empress stood proudly on the stone and looked at them with a smile.

“Where are you going?”

“My grandmother is reflecting now. But why are you talking to the Queen?”

Kaiden replied in displeasure and took Evelina’s hand and hid it behind him.

“I guess you had lunch. Whoever caused this old lady to fall down and wake up, but she has to stand in a place like this.”

“You should consider it fortunate that this punishment ended in the first place, Grandmother.”

“Good luck, ah. Thank god. I’m old and I’m alive even though I’ve lost all my precious servants.”

The words were obviously roundabout. It’s your fault that I lost all my servants, Queen. 

“Thank God. In fact, I was going to save all of them and hang them in my grandmother’s palace.”

However, it didn’t work because her opponent was Kaiden.

The Dowager Empress coughed loudly and stood stiffly with her head raised.

“You will feel sorry for this grandmother later. It’s all for you, but you don’t know.”

Kaiden narrowed his brows at those words and pulled Evelina’s hand and went inside. She thought he would take her straight to the bedroom, but he headed for the office. Curiously, she looked at his back.

Then, the moment he turned around, their eyes met. While Evelina smiled reflexively, he reflexively frowned and looked in front of her.



“Looking at it like that makes it difficult for me.”

“Ah yes. I’ll be careful.”

When he revealed his true feelings to her, he smiled mischievously at Evelina and she let go of his hand. Then he reflexively grabbed her hand and said.

“Why are you letting go of my hand?”

“Because it will be difficult?”

“Oh, I see. Anyway, don’t let go.”


Evelina saw him sigh, and she thought it was funny.

Arriving at the office, Evelina sat in the seat where she used to sit every time. Then Kaiden stood next to her and checked the documents that came to her.

Evelina thought he came here with her to monitor her work, so she calmly looked at the papers in front of her.

Most of the papers in front of her were related to the internal finances of the imperial palace and charity work conducted by the imperial family.

The Emperor was in charge of the outside work of the Imperial Palace. It was the Empress’ job to manage personnel within the palace and to hire and cut servants. Most of the events in the Imperial Palace were like that. Balls, charity parties, and tea parties were also held by the Empress. Exceptionally, hunting competitions and horseback riding competitions were held by the Emperor by ordering a Duke or Marquis.



Evelina was nervous because he seemed to be about to get to the point, but she looked at him with a calm, naive face. However, he did not continue his words and stood still, staring at her. Evelina saw his ears strangely red, then she looked into his eyes again.

Then he exhaled as if he had held his breath and said,

“I’m thinking of having a tea party. Is there anyone you would like to invite?”

Evelina could write two full pages if asked to write down the names of noble ladies and young ladies she was close to on a piece of paper when she was socializing.

But it shouldn’t be. If she revealed that they were close to her, she didn’t know what will happen to them in the future.

She had to siphon off her parents to another country and pick and choose people who would be overshadowed by her friendship. Therefore, she was going to solve the gifts piled up on one side of the office without leaving them to the maids.

“Unfortunately not.”

His eyes dropped at her words. Then she added quickly.

“I’m married now, so I’ll spend more time with my husband than with my friends, so it’s good.”

Kaiden’s expression frowned again when Evelina replied so.

“Is it like that when you get married?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m going to spend most of it like that.”

“Please tell me in detail.”

Evelina wondered why he wanted to hear this common sense, but she couldn’t resist the Emperor’s direction. She smiled and said, looking straight at him.

“Most nobles do. Even though there are not many nobles who marry for love, they stay together when they are newlyweds to fulfill their duties as a noble.”

Then his impression became noticeably darker. Evelina knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything with her anyway, so she could continue.

“Until they have a child.”

“Then what if you want to spend it like that even after you have a child?”

Evelina pretended to think for a moment and saw him again. His red eyes were shaking so hard that she could not tell if he was angry or displeased.

Because if she only saw his face, it would be this dark until he heard the answer he wanted.

“If you’re an aristocrat, you should have two children. The first one has to inherit and the second one has to complement. And sometimes the first child doesn’t succeed.”

“Then it’s right to stick together until you have two children.”


Evelina answered casually, but she regretted the words.

“Then we decided to have 10 children, so we should stay together for 10 years.”

Not now, but in the not too distant future.

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