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OMLFA Chapter 36


There were not many birds in the Empress’ Palace. Because of the cats that the Dowager Empress has.

Perhaps that’s why when Evelina and Dowager Empress both closed their mouths, the surroundings turned surprisingly bleak. When you heard the sound of the wind, and whenever the leaves tickled and breezed, there was a refreshing scent, but it was not friendly, perhaps because there were no birds.

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, but I can’t be the only one who knows when it comes to matrimonial matters.”

Evelina smiled brightly and looked straight at the Dowager Empress.

“His Majesty must know so that we can have a child as soon as possible.”


The Dowager Empress was in a bad mood, but she was smiling with a strange face, perhaps because she tried hard. Evelina looked like a goblin because the Dowager Empress’ face matched well with this bleak garden.

“It must be true to see you changing the subject. That.”

“What do you mean?”

Evelina hesitated for a moment because she couldn’t understand the Dowager Empress’ gaze. At the same time, it was annoying. It would have been better if the Princess and the Dowager Empress had been kind to make her their own person.

They acted as if they needed someone to serve them, not serve as their superior. If they had pretended to come under Evelina she wouldn’t have gone this far.

Maybe if they were really nice to Evelina, if they welcomed her as a family, then she would have asked for her father and done everything she was told to do. No, she didn’t even want to be their superior. If only they treated her as an equal.

“Your chest. I heard you have to put something inside. Is it true?”


“It was strange somehow. With such a big chest, Kaiden couldn’t have let you stay still.”

Evelina now had a headache because of what she heard. She was really taken aback because she had never seen such an insult before.

“What do you mean?”

“It is literally that. Don’t you have a piece of cloth in your chest? Isn’t that why Kaiden ran away without doing the first night?”

Evelina glared at the Dowager Empress because she was dumbfounded. Then she said,

“The Dowager Empress is very interested in other people’s breasts.”

“I have to be interested. Because you’re a queen who’s denied the first night.”

Evelina became rather cold when she got angry. It didn’t pay her to be more angry here. The Dowager Empress was doing this to mark her as her subordinate and pretend to accept her.

She didn’t need these reinforcements. Even if the Dowager Empress was on the same side, it was impossible to know when she would abandon her family.

Evelina thought it was a problem to have the Marquis of Logias in this country. She was going to have to take him to another country by the time she died.

“Be honest. That way, I’ll come up with a way for you.”

The Dowager Empress raised her chin and laughed at Evelina. Evelina said with a smile because she had no intention of playing with low provocation,

“I’ll take care of it, Your Majesty.”

“I heard that being good at it means putting a cloth in your chest?”

“It’s a couple’s job, so between husband and wife… Oh!”

Evelina looked at the maid who spilled tea on her chest, pretending to fill her tea cup with the gesture of the Dowager Empress. The maid looked like she made a real mistake, but this mistake made no sense in this situation.

Evelina wondered if she should take off her clothes because of her increasingly damp and hot chest.

“What if you get burned?”

“H-help me! I’m sorry!”

The maid immediately lowered her head and bowed, and Evelina gestured it was okay.

“I have to go now because my clothes are dirty.”

“Where are you going? I’m worried about the burn rather than the dirty clothes. Hello!”


“Take off the Queen’s clothes.”

“I’ll go to my palace and I’ll take care of it!”

The Dowager Empress looked at her confidently and said,

“No, it happened in my palace, so I should help.”

Dowager Empress’s maids grabbed Evelina’s arm. As soon as they grabbed her arms, she looked at the knights for help. Then they all gathered and went outside. It’s as if they were trying to keep no one near her.

“I thought about why you hate physical examinations so much.”


“If you have a secret like this, you may not like it. Ah.”

Evelina was disillusioned with the Dowager Empress’ ridiculous idea. But what came before her disillusionment was her shame and embarrassment. She had never thought that her skin would be exposed in the open air like this. Besides, the area where her tea had been spilled was her breasts.

“If you act any more, I won’t really stand still.”

The power of the maids holding both of her arms was so strong that Evelina couldn’t move no matter how hard she struggled. Soon, she was even joined a maid who held her waist, so Evelina had to stand upright, completely restrained.

“Don’t be shy. Even if your chest is small, I will find ladies who will teach you bedroom tricks.”

The Dowager Empress was speaking with her arms folded, and soon poked Evelina’s chest with a fan as if mocking. Then he picked it up as if it were bothering him.

“I heard you put a water bag, not a cloth, these days, so it must be real.”

“I told you not to, Your Majesty.”

The Dowager Empress was a little embarrassed. She thought it was fake and mocked it, but somehow it felt real. Above all, the ripples that appeared when she moved the fan seemed like a real chest.

“No way. I’ve seen many women like myself who failed to seduce the Emperor with such a trivial trick.”


“Why are you talking so much when you say you’ll help me yourself?”

Evelina tried to twist her body when she realized that the hook behind her back was being released. However, the power of the two maids holding both arms was so strong that they were helpless until they were all released.

When they let go of their arms.


Evelina’s outer garment hung over her waist, and the negligee flowed half way down, revealing her upper chest.

“There must have been a misunderstanding.”

The Empress looked at Evelina’s chest and laughed. Although unfortunately she didn’t fill her water bag, she certainly humiliated her.

“Everyone, back off!”

Evelina was surprised by the sudden voice. The emperor was approaching past the knights. Evelina thought it was fortunate and not fortunate that he came alone.

For a moment, Evelina realized how messy she was. The shame seemed to turn her hair white. Then she got an idea. Though she was ashamed now, and her anger welled up to the tips of her heads, and her hands trembled.

This job was an opportunity.



Evelina began to pretend to hold back her tears as she calmed herself down. Then Kaiden, who reached her front before she knew it, took off his red cape and wrapped it around Evelina.

“Lina, are you okay?”

“Ugh… no…”

Evelina didn’t shed any tears because she was fake crying. But she just sobbed with her head down. Then Kaiden clenched his fist, thinking she was really crying.

“I’ll behead everyone here. Will that make you feel better?”

“Well, don’t do that!”

Evelina was embarrassed and almost looked at Kaiden.

“Don’t do that… It’s just…”

The Dowager Empress cursed me and bullied me.

Evelina was thinking about how to say it in a noble way.

“The Queen asked me to teach her bedroom tricks.”

“… What?”

As embarrassed as Evelina was, Kaiden was now just as embarrassed. Evelina was also embarrassed by the appearance, perhaps because it was the first time she saw Kaiden hardened in embarrassment.

“I heard that there has yet to be the first night, so she was deeply troubled. So, she asked me to meet a lady who is good in the bedroom.”

“What does that have to do with this, grandmother?”

When Kaiden spoke harshly, the Dowager Empress suddenly grabbed his hand as if she was afraid and began to avoid his eyes. Yet, she was still talking shamelessly.

“Isn’t that what the bedroom is like? You don’t know, but it seems like she needs to check out her body to satisfy her men.”

“Why did you force yourself to do what the queen hates? Will you come to your senses if I force grandmother to kneel down here?”

Evelina suddenly wondered if she was being hugged by Kaiden, and why he was hugging her. She quietly embraced him, acknowledging that he was one level above her. She pretended to be trembling as if she were afraid, and she did not forget to let out a whimper.

“It was confirmation that the Queen’s body was strange. I thought maybe the reason you left without even having a first night was because of the water bag she put in her breast.”

“The couple takes care of their own affairs. Mind your own business.”

“If you want to be a couple, make a son first! How precious are the hands of the imperial family!”

The Dowager Empress was afraid of Kaiden but did not back down, she continued.

“If you talk nonsense like that to the Queen one more time.”

Kaiden’s low voice forced the Dowager Empress to swallow her words.

“I really won’t stand still this time, grandmother.”

Then the Dowager Empress tried to use the last resort again. The Dowager Empress began to turn her eyes upside down, reeling as if she were about to collapse in a very big shock.

“My grandmother is about to collapse again. Go get her to her room.”

“Yes, Your Majesty…”

“You’ll have to stand in front of the Empress’ Palace at 12 o’clock tomorrow.”

The maids who were near Evelina took the Dowager Empress and went to the room as if they were running away.

Evelina was smiling with her head down. Maybe he thought she was still crying, but Kaiden sighed and patted her clothes.

“I think I need to put the choker on top.”

He stroked Evelina’s cheek while saying so. It was like sharing the warmth and reassuring it.

“Or there’s a way for me to carry you to the bedroom like this.”

Perhaps because his voice returned affectionately, Evelina hugged his neck, thinking of using it more. Because of her behavior, the red cape hanging on her shoulder fell to the floor.

“I was so scared, Your Majesty.”

Kaiden’s gaze was fixed on Evelina’s back, visible through the gaps in her clothes.

“By the way, Lina. Did you really say you wanted to learn bedroom tricks?”

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