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OMLFA Chapter 34


“But at that time, Your Majesty….”

Evelina looked at him, thinking it was strange because she remembered his words that urged her to marry him. But his serious eyes left her speechless. It seemed that it became easier to talk because she was drunk.

“I see.”

He watched her look down, grabbed the bottle of whiskey still left in his hand, and drank it up. He emptied all the bottles and put them on the terrace railing.

Evelina couldn’t tell if he said this to hurt her, or if he was drunk.

“Your Majesty, are you drunk?”

“Didn’t you decide to call me by name?”

“Kaiden, are you drunk?”

He looked at her. Then Evelina hesitated and stepped back. As he stretched out his arms, locking her in, Evelina had a railing in the back and Kaiden in the front blocking me.


“Then drink some more. I want to see Kaiden drunk.”

“I don’t want to drink alone.”

“Then let’s drink together.”

Then he loosened the arm that locked her in and knocked on the door. The attendant standing in front of the curtain gently walked over to the curtain, checked it carefully, and lowered the curtain.

“Why do you want to see me drunk?”

Evelina laughed as she saw the attendant bring two whisky bottles around the time he asked.

“Maybe I can drink one.”

Then he opened the cap after receiving the bottle brought by the attendant with an indifferent expression. One was taken by Evelina and the other by him.

When the bottle was handed over, the attendant greeted them politely again and went outside. When the door of the terrace was closed and the red curtains were lowered again, the terrace became a world of just two.

“Because I’m not an honest person. This is the answer from earlier, Kaiden.”

“You mean you become honest when you’re drunk. I see. I’ll be very drunk, too.”

He said so and drank the bottle back. It was clear that the whiskey was quite strong. It was a strong drink that even Evelina knew.

On top of that, he drank two bottles of clear whiskey. What she had was amber. It was one with a weaker alcohol content.

Evelina picked up her glass and sipped it. Then Kaiden, who emptied a bottle before she knew it, took the bottle she was holding and put it in her mouth.

By the time she finished drinking what was in her glass, Evelina was suddenly drunk. She didn’t think the drink was that strong at first. She just pretended it was strong with him.

After drinking two glasses of strong alcohol, she felt an illusion that the floor had risen.

She also felt a sense of exaltation that she hadn’t felt in a long time because of her drunkenness. She had been depressed for a while, and the sadness of missing her parents had faded a little now. She looked at Kaiden, acting more comfortably.

Kaiden indifferently handing over his drink was wonderful to see again. Perhaps because she was drunk, she could appreciate him without prejudice.

He had a really good looks. The most wonderful thing was his eyes. Princess Elsius and Dowager Empress Isabella also had red eyes, but they were not completely red like Kaiden. They were both purple-like red.

His eyes were full of vitality and clear like the blood he had just shed. Perhaps it looked like a well-polished ruby, but if you think about the chilling feeling every time you make eye contact with him, he seemed to be a ferocious animal rather than a plant. It was like the eyes of a fierce beast who’s going to bite her neck and kill her at once.

Strangely, when she made eye contact with him, everything seemed to look gray. His black hair melted and fluttered at night, and the appearance was almost blurred by the orange light coming over the red curtain behind his back.

“Your lips…”

She passed his straight nose to see his lips. Perhaps because he kissed her, he was glowing red even in this dark place.

“You look very pretty, Kaiden.”

She swept his lips with her hand. She could feel the dampness of the whisky on the surface. Eventually.

“Oh, my God.”

Her hand disappeared from his lips, and Evelina wondered if he would eat her like this. She couldn’t stop admiring him even with her own stupid ideas.

Above all, because of the warm feeling that she felt on her hands, the man she saw in front of her was not a picture, but a reality.

Evelina looked at him with a dreamy expression, feeling that he gently bit her hand and then gently wrapped it. Then he soon bit her palm and glared.

Evelina, who still felt unfamiliar with the sense of reality in an unrealistic situation, was making sure of her goal in the meantime.

She can get drunk. But she shouldn’t forget her goal just because she was drunk.

The monster in front of her was a vengeful beast that would abandon her, and he would bite her neck and the necks of my adoptive parents at any moment.

All he wanted was revenge.

Then it was her job to get revenge as he wished.

People die anyway. She had already died once.

She was not one who could let those who gave her love that she could not receive throughout her past life and present life die.


Evelina stared blankly at Kaiden, who was approaching with a kiss on her arm.

“Your Majesty.”

He frowned unpleasantly when called by his title.

“Your Majesty, I want to do the same.”

Then he opened his eyes in surprise and soon stopped acting.

“What are you talking about?”

“Like you just did.”

She grabbed him by the hand and let him sweep her cheek. Then he looked at her like an animal for a moment. Evelina turned her head away from his face as if to kiss. A deep sigh heard right next to her ear made her realize that he was angry with her.

So she quickly bit his hand.

The bite on his hand made him calm as if he had a restraint on his neck. She bit his finger and chewed it gently with her front teeth. Then, with her fangs, she bit resentfully. Then he frowned and pushed his middle finger into her mouth.


Evelina seemed to taste whiskey on his mercilessly intruding fingers. As the alcohol, which was much higher than what she normally drank, passed through her hands, she seemed to become more hazy.

“Where are you looking, Lina?”

As Evelina stared blankly at his hand, he pulled out the lump of flesh and said. Evelina looked at the flesh on his finger and soon saw him. Then he chuckled.

“When will Lina be ready?”

He released her flesh as if he wanted an answer. Evelina said, looking at his hand that fell from her lips.


Then he stared at her again with a patient expression. Evelina felt like her drunkenness was gone, but she smiled as if she were drunk.


The first day of the Foundation Festival ended so well.

On the second day, the only event was to gather with the ministers in the morning and slice and share the heart of a horse, but it was an event where all women of the imperial family were excluded.

Therefore, Evelina was able to get up late and prepare for the day.

She couldn’t remember when, how, or where she fell asleep. However, when she woke up, her clothes were changed, and she was dressed in thin negligee. When she checked because her hand was sore, there was a tooth mark on her right index finger.


– Knock knock.

“Hi, are you awake?”

“Yes, come on in.”

Evelina checked her body, replying moderately to the maid’s voice.

“Who washed me yesterday?”

Evelina asked to thank the maids who washed her. Then the maids who came in looked at each other and looked at Evelina and said,

“His Majesty washed you himself yesterday.”


“We only prepared for you yesterday and left, Your Majesty.”

Evelina still felt dizzy, perhaps because of the alcohol. They were saying he washed her himself.

Her face became as hot as a fire. Out of shame.

He was seen by the maids anyway. Even if it’s formal, it was her husband. What’s the big deal about seeing her body?

She tried to think so, but she pressed her body around and checked the inside of negligee, wondering if he had done anything while she was sleeping.

However, she didn’t feel anything special as if nothing else had happened.

“Get ready, please.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

She prepared herself so grumpily, and headed for the office.

The National Foundation Festival lasted for three days, and on the last day, it was usually all about taking a rest.

However, she headed to the office, realizing that Princess Elsius was detained, and that her work would be shared between her and the Dowager Empress. She was right about the matter.

Only what she didn’t expect.

“What’s all this?”

They filled her office.

“Oh, this is all from His Majesty.”

Baroness Elias said so excitedly. Where she pointed, large and small gifts were placed beautifully wrapped.

“This is a gift from the nobles.”


“I think it was sent as a way of thanking you for the ball at the Foundation Festival yesterday.”

Evelina found the words funny. When she got married, not a single congratulatory gift came. It was probably because they were afraid of Elsius and Dowager Empress Isabella. But as soon as she showed up at the banquet hall with Kaiden yesterday, she couldn’t believe this was happening.

Seeing the gifts lined up enough to fill one wall, Evelina felt very funny about the nobles.

She rummaged through her presents, wondering if there was a noble on her side who would be her father’s lifeline.

It was in the middle of that.

“This is…”

As soon as she opened the box, she frowned.

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