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OMLFA Chapter 32



Evelina embraced his arm as if she were going to go down the hall. Then he pulled out the arm that was touching her chest, and soon turned to Evelina and kissed her. He kissed her by grabbing her shoulders with his big hands.

The ministers were still looking up at Kaiden and Evelina, who had not left.

Evelina was embarrassed but couldn’t avoid them seeing her and Kaiden kissing. She knew why he was doing this. There was the Marquis of Logias down there, and he wanted to show off what his daughter and he were up to. That way the marquis would fall.

If Evelina herself found it unpleasant here, the Marquis of Logias may collapse like Kaiden wanted.

When Evelina went mad at the idea, she tried to respond, although she was overwhelmed by the stirring inside her.

She put her arm around his neck first and then tiptoed up. There was such a big height difference that it was better for him to bow voluntarily even though she was holding his neck like pulling him down.

Evelina didn’t have to try to concentrate so much. He was kissing her as if he really knew her.

Oddly enough, every time she responded, he seemed more and more persistent. As he did, she also gently bit his lips and soon exhaled, pressing the flesh. Then how strongly he adhered, Evelina felt like the tooth marks under her lips would remain inside her lips.

Moreover, he was coming deeper and deeper, scouring the mucous membrane, stroking the furrows, and touching her persistently.

Evelina felt it both creepy and strange as his hand gradually went down from her shoulder to her elbow and down to her hand.

She didn’t even like him. Rather than feeling offended by his skillful touch on her, her temperature was rising little by little. Evelina hated her reaction, but on the other hand, she thought it was a relief.

Even if the heart doesn’t love him, if the body responds, it’s easier to act. The ticklish pleasure he offered was rather fortunate.

Besides, on her first kiss, and even now, he was really good at heating her up.

How many women did he have?

Even as she thought so, she couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes and her sighs.

She felt it a little unfair that her first and last kiss of her life would be with Kaiden, but she responded again, thinking that death would be inevitable anyway.

If she took the medicine he gave her, she will die, and if she does not take it, she will die. In that case, three weeks after she was originally expected to die was the most appropriate, on the 7th of July.

This time, she only responded slightly, but he began to scratch the inside more persistently than before.

He must have the same body temperature, but why did he feel so hot? Evelina felt strange because his tongue seemed hotter enough that she thought she had a fever.


He stopped kissing and looked into her eyes when she felt uncomfortable moving her chin. Evelina lowered her gaze as if she were being eaten by his bright red eyes.

“How about going to the bedroom like this, Lina?”

“People are waiting down there, Your Majesty.”


“Yes, Kaiden.”

Maybe he doesn’t like to be called the Emperor? Maybe that’s why he’s obsessed with her using his name.

It occurred to her, but she smiled and said again with a pure expression.

“Your Majesty, I’m not ready yet.”

“… Is that so…? All right.”

Then he hugged her. Evelina slowly came closer, unwinding the arm she had wrapped around his neck. She stroked his back, then caught her breath, pretending to be delighted with his hot hand caressing her hair.

“I was impatient again. Forgive me, Lina.”

“No, I don’t know why I’m so… I don’t know if you’re nervous.”

“No, I can wait forever. Never mind.”

When he said so and then calmed down a little, he took her down.


“We have to do the first dance.”

As soon as she arrived at the banquet hall, Evelina was stiff for a moment as she saw people split like the Red Sea. Then she nodded at his words.

It wasn’t her first Foundation Festival, but somehow she was nervous. The people watching her were all laughing.

She unconsciously confirmed where her father was. But she couldn’t see where the Marquis of Logias went anywhere in the banquet hall.


“What? Oh, yes.”

“I’m sorry.”

She looked at him in bewilderment at his sudden apology, and he brushed her lips.

“I’ve ruined your makeup.”

“Oh, that’s right. Kaiden has it all over. Your lips are so red.”

The red makeup that Evelina applied was turning his lips red. Perhaps because his eyes were so red, the red lips looked quite good on him.

“Would you like me to wipe it?”

“Take off your gloves for a moment…”

At that moment he kissed her on the cheek.


“I’m sorry. You can’t leave marks on my cheeks with just the amount you applied.”

She was surprised but said with a smile.

“Do you want me to leave it on Kaiden’s cheek?”

“All right, I’d like to have about five.”

“But I don’t think it’s going to be easy because someone ate it all.”

“Who did that? That’s disgusting.”

As he said playfully, Evelina pressed his shoulder and pressed her lips against his cheek. Then her makeup got on his cheek very lightly.

“Oh, as expected, it’s barely noticeable because Kaiden ate it all.”

She said so ostentatiously to people. If this was what he wanted, she could do as much as she could. Pretend to really love him and have a marital relationship in time.

If she was going to be abandoned. She’ll have to build up her position steadily before then.

Sleeping was just a duty for the aristocracy anyway. Furthermore, the way he kissed her it was certainly a lie that he had told her before that it was his first kiss.

It would be better for her to do it well than to be bad in bed as she would have to do it anyway. She thought calmly, but her expression hardened with a little fear, thinking that she might be crushed by his huge body.

“As far as I know, I heard that Lina dances very well.”

“Oh, yes. This is basic.”

Evelina took him by the shoulder and held his hand in hers. Then he clasped her waist close to him and clasped his hands.

“I don’t think we hold hands that way.”

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“Then let’s go like this.”

Evelina pulled out for a moment, wondering if her wearing gloves bothered him.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“The gloves are uncomfortable.”

She took off her gloves and handed them to the servant behind her. Then she stood in front of Kaiden again.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I think there are times when I think the same thing. I’m glad. Oh, my… It feels like this.”

He smiled shyly with an unbecoming ferocious face and clasped Evelina’s hand again.

“Lina has really small hands. And it’s even cold.”

“I have some cold hands and feet.”

She had been suffering from heart disease since childhood, so her hands and feet were unusually cold. Perhaps that’s why she hated her body, which unwittingly relaxed whenever Kaiden’s hands were warm.

Perhaps because she loved the warmth of his body, she felt strange about him, who was warm wherever she touched him. Every time he touched her, he gave her warmth rather than discomfort.

“I will keep your hands and feet warm from now on.”


“I have a high temperature, so I’ll hug you and sleep.”

Evelina replied, ‘Oh,’ and tried to smile. He said that he would sleep with her every day, but when she took cheap medicine, he said he had work and left. She doesn’t know where he slept, but rather it was her who spent a longer time in the bedroom of the Emperor’s Palace.

Perhaps that’s why Evelina was able to speak curiously.

“I’ll look forward to it. I love warmth. I’ve never seen anyone as hot as Your Majesty.”

“Do you mean you’ve held hands with other men when you first met them?”

“Yes, that’s right. Before the engagement.”

Evellina stood still with her chin raised. Then the music started flowing. When she moved first, he moved, frowning at her as if he had finally come to his senses.

She knew he spent most of his time in the war. How can you dance so well? He was moving more gracefully than anyone she had ever danced as a partner.

So it was even stranger. His body is as hard as a beast, his shoulders are at right angles, and his chest is as hard and soft as a rubber boat, but he moves as elegantly as men who entered society like their own homes.

Perhaps because of the unbecoming ferocious tenderness, Evelina kept getting nervous. She thought she’d step on his foot.

Above all, the stride was very different, perhaps because of the large height difference. Every time he moved, Evelina was forced to follow or step down.

“Are you out of breath?”

It’s because of someone.

Evelina smiled and shook her head. Then he smiled and grabbed her by the waist.

“Oh my god!”

Then she was spun around in the air, and her colorful red skirt and shiny lace embroidered with gold spread out, stirring admiration around her.

When Evelina came down to the ground, she was so surprised that she forgot to step.

“Wasn’t it fun?”

“Oh, no. I love it. That’s the first time anyone’s ever held me like that…”

She was about to have a heart attack right now, not three weeks later, but she tried to smile. Then, they began to flock to dance one by one.

Looking at Kaiden, who reached out to her again, Evelina took the hand. He whispered in her ear as she held hands.

“Abandon your family. Then I’ll make you an empress.”

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