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OMLFA Chapter 27


Ianathas was the son of Kaiden’s uncle. So Ianathas, if not an immediate member, was still a member of the Imperial family.

“We need ritual tools.”

“Should I ask the princess to get it?”

Evelina stared at him. Even if he asked, Princess Elsius wouldn’t give it to him. Many things were wrong in the original, but many remained. For example, the heart of Princess Elsius pining for Ianathas was not revealed on the outside, but her heart showed deep emotion for him.

Evelina thought it was just like the original, because it was rather unobtrusive. Above all, it was not only in order to get revenge on the Dowager Empress that Princess Elsius wanted to have power. Unlike other princesses who were sold to wedding prospects and became goods, she wanted to marry the person she loved.

Genealogy wise, Ianathas and Princess Elsius were related. If it was not for other aristocrats, and if it was the imperial family, it was possible to marry a relative by receiving a letter from the Emperor only for a powerful imperial family. That’s why Princess Elsius tried to work hard and build strength.

On her first obstacle, the Dowager Empress stood, but now I was there as well. Perhaps if she became poison to Princess Elsius, she will leave her alone.

Evelina knew well that she was in a position where she could not take anyone’s side now, but that anyone could use it. That’s why she decided to do this.

“Lend me your family’s ritual tools. You guys have the same ones.”

“Yeah, but will that be okay? Originally, when the new emperor is crowned, all the ritual items are made new.”

“I know. There’s bound to be a problem.”

“You’re thinking about something else, aren’t you?”


Ianathas thought as if he was rolling his head and said,

“How about not preparing from the beginning?”

“It’s not like that. It’s better to cheat first. That’s how things get bigger and interest grows. It’s easiest to solve it when all the attention is drawn.”

Because Evelina was a socialite for a long time. This was nothing. She didn’t mind her shame, the abandonment of her pride, or her humiliating events.

What Evelina was afraid of was if the Marquis of Logias, who gave her more love than her own parents, was harmed.

“Will you do as I say?”

“Yes, of course. As soon as the escort is over today, I’ll go to the Marquis.”

“Thank you, Ian.”

“If you’re thankful, pat me on the head. Like when I was a kid.”

“No, I’m married.”

Evelina coldly turned him down and moved away from Lake Heliben. She suddenly looked back at her wondering how the group of Elsius would be looking at her. They were laughing amongst themselves. Evelina was about to turn her eyes back to the front, thinking that she had looked back for no reason.

“The lake…”

She was used to the sun shining over Lake Heliben, but it was strange that she could see fish underneath it.

Originally, Lake Heliben was clean on the outside but had dirty water that was not suitable for many fish to live in. However, as if that were an old saying, the water was clean and transparent, and fish of various colors were swimming in the transparent water.

“You’ll catch a cold, Lina.”

Her gaze shifted to the cloak of Ianathas on her shoulder.

“Thank you, but don’t do this anymore. It’s difficult if someone misunderstands.”

“Why is it something to be misunderstood that the escort knight gives you a cape?”

“It’s misleading that someone who opposed my marriage at my wedding gives me a cloak. And His Majesty as well.”

She didn’t have the heart to say she loved him, so she said it vaguely.

“I admit that he’s my husband.”


“Please be careful in the future, I beg you.”

When Ianathas tried to say something, she turned and walked first.

As he followed her with a bitter smile, he didn’t feel good.


Evelina was checking out and seeing that Ianathas really stopped by his mansion during the afternoon shift and brought all the ritual tools.

“Why are there twice as many? Don’t you need just one?”

“I usually keep extra. It’s not good if it gets ruined at the ceremony.”

“I see.”

Since Evelina was not a member of the imperial family, she did not know much about the ceremonies that only the imperial family carried out. Even after she got engaged in the first place, she pretended to be sick and lived in the mansion to avoid royal events.

“Oh, what is this?”

“This is a candlestick. It looks dangerous, doesn’t it?

Evelina smiled as she lifted the odd-shaped candlestick.

“It looks like a monster’s horn.”


He looked at Evelina with a big smile. Evelina ignored his dim eyes and was checking the following items.

“All right, perfect,”

She said that and told Ianathas.

“Did you bring any cloth?”

“I brought someone because there was someone better to ask for than me. We locked him in the carriage, I’ll bring him now.”

“What kind of person did you lock up?”

“I hid him because I thought Princess Elsius would steal him.”


Ianathas smiled at her and went back the way he had come. Then, a person was taken out of the carriage parked at the main gate of Empress’ Palace and brought back.

Evelina saw Ianathas and a guest who returned less than 10 minutes later.

“You’re a man named André.”

“Yes, Your Majesty…”

“Help me.”

“But I’m sure that Princess Elsius….”

“Elsius decided not to help me. If André doesn’t help me, I’ll have to tell His Majesty that I had a hard time because André didn’t help me.”

André, who heard her, turned pale and shouted straight away.

“I’ll do my best to help!”

Evelina laughed, thinking that the Emperor was still on her side, and that she should make the most of it when it was still available.

“André, get all the fabric for the altar. All in red tin.”

“… Yes.”

“And I heard that André’s boutique is preparing His Majesty’s and my clothes.”

“It will be sent tomorrow as scheduled.”

Evelina knew that Princess Elsius couldn’t be completely uncooperative. From the outside, it must have been a trick to get her in trouble because she didn’t help her with these little things so that there wouldn’t be a problem.

“Then go and work. Get me a cloth.”

“… Yes.”

As André tried to take a breath, Evelina said,

“For your information, if this Foundation Festival doesn’t work out, I can’t guarantee André’s life.”


“If you help me, Princess Elsius will bother André. But she’s not going to kill you. I will use Andre’s boutique often from now on.”

André nodded, recalling that Queen Evelina was a queen* favored by the emperor these days. He was not well aware of the exact interests within the imperial family. However, designers in the dressing room were bound to choose who to serve as their owners.

*TN: According to this chapter, Evelina is a queen not an empress. I have edited the previous chapters to show this. Sorry, everyone!

Elsius was a person who did not show her face well in society. She was in the process of gaining a foothold in society, although she was given power when Kaiden became emperor.

On the other hand, the Dowager Empress was famous among tailor-makers as a person who did not want to be involved. Even if you devote your life to labor and design for her for free, you will not be appreciated in the slightest. You’d be taken for granted.

On the other hand, Queen Evelina was different. She had Kaiden’s favour, and she’d be pregnant soon. Then she’ll have a baby. The Queen, who has children, will have power while the empress’ seat was empty.

First of all, André had rarely seen Evelina properly, but now he could see why she was once famous in society.

She was dressed very simply, but more splendid than anyone else, more conspicuous, and as beautiful as an angel. In addition she had an attitude of elegance.

Whatever clothes that were designed for her, it seemed like they would become a social fad if she wore them like when she dominated society. He said, thinking this crisis was an opportunity.

“Please promise to look at the design of our boutique for all future events you are responsible for. It’s okay if you don’t choose. But I hope you will come and see me first.”


Evelina thought that went well, too. André’s boutique was under the wing of the original crown prince, and Kaiden hardly used it after hearing its name. Still, he was well aware of their reputation.

Evelina thought it was a good thing she got a designer thanks to the Foundation Festival.


All the preparations were going smoothly like that.

Ianathas gave her all the ritual tools, and the red tin and gold embroidery were made by André. But Evelina was always a perfectionist.

“Oh, my sister-in-law. Welcome.”

As if she was in trouble on purpose, she went to visit Princess Elsius.

“Princess Elsius.”

“You’ve become very emaciated since I last saw you, sister.”

There was very little to be heard by Elsius, but she knew that Evelina was busy walking around like a person on fire. She was told that she was busy preparing the rest, only that she could not get the ritual tools and cloth.

However, it was useless without a large amount of red cloth, gold embroidery, and ritual tools that were nothing like symbols in the Foundation Festival.

“Lend me the ritual tools prepared by the princess. I’ll pay you back later.”

“Oh, what does that mean? I gave my sister everything I prepared.”


Evelina was here to see whether Princess Elsius knew or not, even though all the preparations were complete.

“You know what, sister? My brother hates being humiliated at events like this the most.”

Evelina looked at Elsius with a pale, tired face. Then Elsius smiled ecstatically and said,

“In the past, the previous Emperor humiliated my brother at the Foundation Festival.”


“Maybe if he suffers the same disgrace this time, sister will really lose her brother’s favor.”

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