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OMLFA Chapter 16

“It was my fault yesterday.”

Evelina said so, falling away from him with a miserable heart. Then Kaiden hugged her and said,

“Get lost.”

At that moment, the people in the office rushed down the stairs on the terrace, not through the main gate where Evelina and Kaiden stood. When they had all left and the two heard the door of the terrace close, Kaiden went into the office with Evelina in his arms.

Evelina realized that there was also her adoptive mother among the people going out the terrace and was more determined.

“Lina did nothing wrong to me.”

She thought he was furious to see her say that without looking into his eyes. He had a very bad look on his face. The expression was frowning, and his lips were chewing as if her kiss was filthy.

Evelina kissed his lips again and got out of his arms.

“It is my first time, Your Majesty.”


“Your Majesty is the first to do everything. So I was scared.”

The story was not a lie. Perhaps because she got along so well with her family in this life, Evelina was not very interested in dating, and she did not have much affection for the young men, who went around saying they liked her. Then she got a fiance, and she thought he would break up the marriage someday. And when she found out that her heart was weak, she was reluctant to have a deep relationship, let alone a relationship.

Her family, who didn’t know when she would die, alone was too much for her.

“No, it’s not… I should have understood Lina, but I didn’t.”

“Why did you avoid me?”

He made brief eye contact with Evelina at her words. Evelina looked in his bright red eyes with an anxious look.

“If it’s because of that, don’t worry. It’s my fault. It’s my first time, too.”

Evelina stroked his cheek again when he looked angry as if he was trying to get himself to forgive her even though he didn’t want to. Then he tapped her neck.

She thought he was displeased with her kiss. His expression was very fierce, and his hands were tense as if he were holding back his displeasure. In addition, he had violent movements and ferocious expressions.

Kaiden pulled her chin up as his tongue scanned so deeply inside her that it made it hard for her to breathe. Her chin was pulled and she trembled, but he wouldn’t let her go. If she didn’t respond, he more tenaciously brushed her insides, pressed her tongue, and gnawed at the roof of her mouth for her to respond.

His temperature reached every furrow on the ceiling of her mouth and soon stroked her inner cheek. Evelina tried to find reason, realizing that she had completely collapsed to the aggressor-like behavior. But she was too accustomed to the kiss to find reason.

It couldn’t have been the first time. How could this be the first time when it seemed like he was so used to it.

She thought so, and soon trembled in surprise at the saliva wetting her chin and falling on her chest. Then he let her go.


Evelina barely breathed, gasping for breath. Then he held her in one arm and wiped her chin with his hand pressing her neck. Then, he said, looking through the saliva marks on her chest.


She felt dizzy for a moment as if her body were floating. When she came to her senses, she was seated on the desk in the office.


Evelina trembled as she felt him reaching behind her back as he kissed her neck. Their eyes met for a moment, and he looked like a carnivore. Because he looked hungry and angry like a black leopard in front of its prey.


She would rather close her eyes. Her body trembled at her fear, but her body, which was burning from her breathing, was hot. As his rough hand gently stroked her shoulder, she felt a bunch of calluses on his hand.

The hand that had touched the back soon pulled the string, and the tied knot flowed down. Evelina sighed as if she had given up and grabbed the flowing clothes and pulled them forward.

Soon the upper part of her chest was revealed and he stopped acting. Then he hugged her waist and gathered her weight.

“… Your Majesty.”

Evelina laid down on the papers on the desk. As she laid down, the black ink smeared her platinum blonde hair and hands. The scattered documents fell to the floor and made a flutter.

“This… I don’t think so, Lina.”

He hugged her waist and sighed.

“It’s so dirty.”

His words quelled Evelina’s fear. He tried to hold it in, saying that his relationship with her was filthy.



“I have a favor to ask of you.”

But he looked straight up at her. She had to speak without fainting, looking at his high nose and fierce red eyes seen at her chest.

“Please don’t send my father to Delmas.”

Then his eyes opened wide for a moment.

“Is that why you’re here?”

She couldn’t answer. It wasn’t wrong.

“Please, Your Majesty.”

He smiled pitifully and relaxed his arms as he embraced her.

“I understand what the Empress means.”

“Your Majesty, I…”

“Alright, so go now.”

When Evelina saw him fall away from her and turn his back, she became more anxious and tried to say anything. But even when her lips were soft, no voice came out of her throat.


So she had to look at his back and return to the Imperial Palace.


“Baron Veron decided to go to Delmas instead.”

It was Ianathas who delivered the words to Evelina. Ianathas was somehow thin as if he had been through a lot.

“You said you were my escort knight, but where have you been?””

“I have to get my hands involved if Marquis Logias doesn’t go to Delmas.”

When Ianathas replied with a smile, Evelina forced a smile. She was more aware of her plight since the last day. The reason why Emperor Kaiden Abelard was good to her was not to spare her.

“But where are you going?”

“His Majesty wants refreshments.”

Evelina was traveling with Ianathas to the Imperial Palace. Since today was the last day of the Princess’ detention, she had to go to the Imperial Palace to meet the Emperor whom the Princess invited.

“How did you get your hands involved?”

“It’s because I said I was going.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

Evelina stood tall without realizing it because of Ianathas’ answer.

“Then what should I do? Shall I ask the Marquis of Logias, who is about to be fifty years old, to go? Delmas? That dangerous place?

“You’re not safe either.”

“I’m a warrior.”

His calm words made Evelina cry out in amazement.

“Doesn’t a warrior die? Isn’t a man a man? What can you do there?”

“It’s better than a battlefield.”

Evelina sighed as Ianathas waved his hand in bewilderment. Then she didn’t want to talk to him anymore, so she walked fast.

“Lina, are you mad?”




“Don’t be angry. It’s my fault. Huh? Ha.”

Evelina tried to get away from him at a very quick pace, but he quickly caught up because he was very tall and had long legs. It wasn’t enough, so he was walking a little faster than Evelina.

She said as she stopped her steps when she was out of breath. 

“Don’t do anything dangerous.”

She couldn’t walk fast because her heart seemed to hurt again.

Evelina felt like her head was going to explode with worries about the people she would leave behind, perhaps because her death was just around the corner.

“I’ll do my best not to do anything dangerous. Don’t be mad. I’m sorry. I was short-sighted.”

She sighed as she looked at him and saw Ianathas lowering his eyes. Then she started walking slowly again.

“It’s so nice that you worry about me. I’m happy.”

“Will you walk quietly? It’s distracting.”


She was on her way to the Imperial Palace like that.

“Ah, Your Majesty.”

When she reached the front of the Imperial Palace, she saw Kaiden who had been waiting in front of her.

“Lina always comes on time.”

“I’ll come early from now on.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

She put her hand on top of his as he reached out. Then she leaned in and took his hand and started walked slowly.

“I said that because I enjoyed waiting so much, Lina.”

Evelina couldn’t figure out how to react, so she tried to laugh the moment she made eye contact with him. Then he laughed the same way, and she couldn’t help but notice that his smile was fake, perhaps because she laughed fakely.

They both walked silently to the room of Princess Elsius.

“Welcome, you two.”

Elsius, who greeted the two, seemingly glad, was waiting after setting up a table in the room. So Evelina and Kaiden went inside.

Evelina’s eyes met again as Kaiden pulled out her chair. Sitting down with a reflexive smile, Evelina thought it was better for Kaiden to frown at her and avoid her gaze, as she told the princess.

“Thank you for inviting me, Princess.”

“Thank you for coming, sister-in-law.”

Elsius opened her fan and told Evelina sitting in front of her.

“I apologize for last time. There are many times when I can’t tell the difference between heaven and earth. Please forgive me generously.”

“No, Princess.”

Evelina spoke gracefully and before she knew it, she saw the cart that followed her. The smell of chamomile was particularly strong today.

Evelina tried to drink it, recalling that Countess Elbain recommended it to her because chamomile was good for mental and physical stability.

“I heard you enjoy chamomile these days.”

“Oh, yes. I drink it almost all the time.”

“Oh, I see. It’s fascinating.”


Evelina wondered what the princess was trying to say, but she smiled and looked at her in front of Kaiden.

“Echinacea oil in chamomile tea is often used as a contraceptive.”

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