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OMLFA Chapter 130


Kaiden glanced down at Evelina. Evelina became increasingly dazed, perhaps because of the softness of the bed touching her back and his face looking down.

“How can Kaiden have such thick lines?”

“What thick lines? Is it ugly?”

He was embarrassed for a moment because he thought his face looked ugly. Evelina, who found his expression funny, laughed and said.

“I mean, you’re so handsome.”

Then he smiled relievedly.

“That’s a relief. I hope it looks like that to Lina.”

“Anyone can see that.”

Kaiden smiled as Evelina spoke in a friendly voice. He knew the truth even if she said so. Everyone was just afraid of him, but they don’t look at him as warmly as Evelina did.

“I want Lina to look pretty only to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m anxious because you’re pretty in other people’s eyes. I wouldn’t have been so anxious if I had only seen you that way.”

Evelina, who was interested in what he said, laughed without realizing it.

“For me, only Kaiden can look at me that way. I don’t care what other people see.”

Then he opened his eyes wide and looked at her.

“Even your surprised face is handsome, Kaiden.”

Her touch melted his cheek. Evelina felt strange and happy because he was like a black leopard pretending to be obedient.

“Can I?”


Then he attacked Evelina’s lips again. She grabbed his neck as she stood upright in response to his act of coveting her breath.

Kaiden tried to be gentle at first. However, Evelina’s reaction began to become more intense without realizing it. He coveted her inside but moved as if he were devouring her, perhaps because he wanted to touch her more deeply.

Evelina trembled with surprise at his actions that filled her mouth, and as she flinched, he pressed her down completely and swept her lips.


When she seemed to forget to breathe, he fell for a moment. Then Evelina breathed in the gap, and he coveted her mouth again.

“You have to breathe, Lina.”

He fell laughing because of her forgetting to breathe again. Her breasts rose and dropped as the long thread of spittle followed and then broke.

“Kaiden is too persistent.”

She said so and tried to push him away. Then he bit Evelina’s collarbone with his lips and stroked her with his hand.

“Caiden must really like the chest.”

“Is it obvious?”

“Yes. Sometimes you just look at my chest.”

“When you looked into my eyes, my eyes went down there.”

He kissed her upper chest and laughed.

“Are you calling that an excuse now?”

“It’s an explanation. It’s not an excuse.”

Laughing at Kaiden’s words, Evelina hugged his head. Then he touched to take off Evelina’s negligee.


“What’s the matter, Lina?”

“My water broke.”

She was surprised at the sudden dampness and said so.

“The child is very tactless. It’s the moment when mom and dad are about to be happy.”

“Hurry up and call the palace doctor!”

When Lina slapped him on the shoulder in embarrassment, he smiled happily and pulled the rope.


“Is Lina all right?” Why did you kick me out?”

Kaiden was kicked out of the room. Hans was standing next to him. There were only female doctors and midwives inside.

“Your Majesty… you’d better just wait here.”

Hans was afraid of Kaiden, but now he really didn’t think he should be inside.

“Ah, ugh!”

Kaiden kept crying at Evelina’s painful scream in the room.

“I have to go in. Lina is crying.”

“Your Majesty will be in the way…!”

Hans grabbed Kaiden’s arm, who seemed to really be about to enter. It took a long time to get him out in the first place. He was so unwilling to leave her side.

“But Lina…”

“What did the doctors and midwives say? Didn’t they say that if Your Majesty was next to her, the Empress would not be able to use her strength!”

Kaiden bowed his head at the words. His heart seemed to burn every time Evelina screamed.

“If I get Lina pregnant again, I won’t be human.”

Hans sighed at the remark. Even if he said that now, he had seen several men who changed their words when they held a child in their arms.

“For 10 hours like this… Is it really okay?”

Kaiden asked every minute. Hans had to give the same answer each time.

“It’s because it’s the first childbirth. Some mothers take 20 hours to deliver their first childbirth.”

“I’ll pay as much as you want. Feel free to call as many doctors as you need. You can also get new midwives. Please let Evelina have a baby without getting sick.”

“…you know it’s impossible.”

Hans forgot that he had to keep talking firmly every time he saw Kaiden’s crying face. Maybe it’s because he had never seen an Emperor cry before.

“Just stay quiet. Do you think I can’t hear what you’re saying here?”

Ruskun Weimar was called out at dawn and looked at Kaiden with a tired look on his face. Kaiden was so unstable that he wouldn’t notice anyone being rude to him now.

What if something went wrong with Evelina?

He had already lost Evelina once. For him, the memory of that time remained like a nightmare.

There remained a fear for him that there were still many mothers who died giving birth. The probability of having a child safely was less than one-third. That was the reason why Emperors gave birth control to the woman they truly cared about.

He would tremble with anxiety as he acquired knowledge of this kind, which he had never known before. Perhaps, had he known that knowledge, he would not have gotten Evelina pregnant by taking pills.


At Evelina’s scream again, Kaiden rushed to the door.

“No, Your Majesty.”

Hans and Ruskun each grabbed Kaiden’s arm. Kaiden was dying to get in.

There was only screaming inside, and it has been more than 10 hours since he waited to hear that Evelina is safe.

“Heuk… Lina….”

That’s how he waited 20 hours for Evelina.

“Your Majesty.”

As Kaiden was waiting on his knees, the palace doctor inside came out and talked to him.

“They’re twins.”

“…what? But….”

“His Highness the Crown Prince and Her Highness the Crown Princess.”

Kaiden said while hesitatingly holding the two children who were handed over to him in his arms.

“What about Evelina? What about Lina? Is Lina safe?”

Even as he said that, he handed the children to the people next to him and quickly went inside.


As soon as he saw Evelina, who was drooping, he panicked and held her hand.

“Lina! What’s wrong with you? Evelina!”

Evelina’s condition was strange. She was like someone who didn’t react to anything.

He panicked and made sure her chest was moving. Although she was soaked in sweat, she was still breathing. But with half-open eyes, she remained so still without blinking.

“I thought there would be one child.”

“What is…”

“Of course, the birth date was late, but there are two children…”

“I asked what that meant.”

At the midwife’s words, Kaiden looked without closing his eyes.

“Her Majesty needs rest.”

Kaiden looked directly at Evelina. He stayed still like a plant.


He couldn’t believe it, so he said, holding Evelina’s hand tightly.

“Lina, can’t you hear me? Please answer me.”



Kaiden clasped her hand and cried out.

“Lina, please.”

But she remained so motionless, breathless.


“There are times when a person who has become a vegetative person has awakened again.”

Ruskun Weimar said so, fearing that Kaiden would abandon his life again.

When Evelina couldn’t wake up, Kaiden was spending almost all his time beside her. Even when he was working with his servants, he came to see Evelina. If she showed the slightest reaction, he would immediately leave everything and come running.

But it had been six months after Evelina fell asleep like that.

She was breathing with her eyes closed like a fast asleep person.

“I know. If you’ve read the book, I’ve read it too.”

Kaiden was waiting because he believed she would wake up.

“Get out.”

Kaiden was looking at Evelina’s condition after gesturing to Ruskun. Her eyes were closed like that of someone in a deep sleep.

“I couldn’t name the children.”

He started off as usual, as if to talk to her. He continued, wiping her hands with a wet cloth.

“I… I don’t think I can love them. Without Lina.”


“So please… Wake up, please.”

He meant it. He thought he was the reason why she couldn’t wake up, so he hated himself the most. And the two children.

“I was wrong, Lina.”

He said so and buried his face in her shoulder and cried. He couldn’t tell whether she could hear his wet voice or not.

“I am waiting. So please… Come back, Lina.”

He sobbed while hugging Evelina as he spoke imploringly.

Though he didn’t know at the time.

Evelina moved her index finger in response to his words.

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