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OMLFA Chapter 10


‘The lifespan of Lady Logias is one month. She will die of a heart attack on July 7.’

Evelina remembered that part of the original story very accurately. Besides, the fortune teller in front of her couldn’t lie about this.

“Your Majesty the Empress…”

The fortune teller looked at Kaiden as if she was in trouble, and then at once at Evelina.

“If it’s uncomfortable, can the two of us talk alone?”

“Why are you curious, Lina?”

“I’m curious. I want to live well with Your Majesty for a long time.”


“Yes, with Kaiden.”

Evelina eased her arm from Kaiden, who was dropping her on the chair opposite the fortune teller. Then he sighed and let her sit down completely.

The fortune teller seemed to look down on purpose to avoid making eye contact with Kaiden.

“Then I’ll ask you a question.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Kaiden looked at the fortune teller crookedly, and then immediately looked at Evelina as if to check if she had sat down properly, and asked,

“When will I die?”

The fortune teller looked at Elsius as if she couldn’t speak. Then Elsius tactfully said to Kaiden.

“The fortune teller must be embarrassed because she is so scared of my brother.”

Elsius also sat nearby and gestured to the maid. Then the maid read the gesture and went out to prepare the tea cart.

“If you decide to forgive me no matter what I say, I might be honest.”

“Don’t you know that it’s illegal to bring a woman in the palace who does this kind of sorcery, Elsius?”

“Oh, my brother is so… Don’t be so strict.”

Elsius smiled at Kaiden, pretending to be nice. Then when she thought it wouldn’t work, she said,

“I called my sister-in-law because I wanted to make it up to her because I did something wrong last time. I heard that her hobby is to call fortune tellers to her mansion.”


Evelina had something in her mind. She used to socialize a lot before her engagement. After the engagement though, she didn’t go out on the pretext of getting engaged. She didn’t like outside activities that much either, so she stopped going out as much as possible even though she often called people to her mansion. She didn’t use that excuse to go out with fortune tellers.

‘I heard it would be dangerous to go outside today.’

‘Oh, to whom?’

‘The fortune teller on Bain Street said,’

It was all a lie. Because Evelina could only say so by doing as such. Bain Street was a fortune teller alley, so there were more than 10 fortune tellers there.

“I’ll forgive you for anything. What was said here.”

Kaiden crossed his legs saying so. Around that time, the maid brought tea and set up the teacups. Evelina looked at the teacup in front of her. Then she watched the clear black tea pour and said,

“I’m really curious, too.”

Then the fortune teller sighed as if in a cold sweat, looking as if waiting for the maid and others to leave. Then she opened her mouth when all the employees left and only the four remained under the patronage of Elsius.

“Your Majesty…”

The fortune teller looked at Princess Elsius again, and closed her eyes tightly and said,

“You were supposed to be dead…”


“The second prince should have become the Emperor…”

Evelina thought this fortune teller was really competent.

“What a load of crap. Isn’t that right, Kaiden?”

However, she said quickly because she thought Kaiden would pull out another sword and take her life. Evelina said so because Kaiden seemed to listen to her more than she thought.

“Yes, very, very much.”

He looked at Evelina’s attitude and spoke sourly.

“Ho-Ho. You got it right earlier, but you’re all wrong this time.”

“Sorry, Your Highness.”

Elsius opened the fan, waved it as if it was hot, smiled with her eyes, and said,

“What’s the life expectancy under your vision?”

Elsius asked when the atmosphere became sluggish anyway. She didn’t know anything else, but until Kaiden and Evelina came, there was nothing that fortune tellers couldn’t predict.

“It’s due on July 7th.”

“When? 80 years later?”

“July 7th this year.”

Today was June 10th. Evelina sighed with relief at the words.

“What a quack. Yes, ah… Kaiden?”

“… Yes.”

She was relieved and bitter that somehow she felt like she was getting a definite answer to her life expectancy again. She really thought it would be over when that time comes.

“Then I’ll ask you something else. I’m sure you’ll get the rest right.”

When Elsius heard of Evelina’s life, she said so with a sneer. Princess Elsius thought that even though the fortune teller was wrong about Kaiden, she would not have been wrong about Evelina.

Because what the fortune teller predicted before was the scale of Elsius’ funds, the men she had secretly met with the imperial family, and how she betrayed the emperor. Nothing else, but it was a fact that no one knew that Princess Elsius worsened the Emperor’s disease. Only Kaiden predicted it to some extent.

“Tell me when I’m getting married.”

The conversation began again, as Elsius asked excitedly.

Kaiden stared at the fortune teller and soon smiled when his eyes met Evelina. Evelina didn’t know that his smile was fake.


They returned to the Imperial Palace bedroom. While Kaiden went to the office because of a person looking for him, Evelina ran away from the bedroom of the Imperial Palace and returned to her palace.

It was also burdensome to enter the Empress’ Palace, which became her Palace.

Evelina was strongly convinced that her life would really end on July 7th because of the fortune teller in the original novel, and because of the premonitory symptoms of the heart attack she felt now and the heart disease she had since childhood.

Most of the original work of <Don’t Cry, Your Majesty,> which she read, had changed, but there were some things that could never change.

“Your Majesty asked you to stay in the bedroom.”

“I know when he’ll be back. I’m going to work, too.”

Evelina made an excuse to head to her office. Since the Empress’ seat was vacant, she must make up for the work of the Empress.

However, the Empress’ work was divided between the Queen and Princess Elsius. All that was assigned to Evelina were tiny things. However, if she didn’t do it properly, she didn’t know what kind of spark she would ignite for Marquis of Logias.

She thought she had a month left before her life ended, and she thought she had to work harder. If she worked really hard for that month and endured it without being caught. Then her family wouldn’t suffer as much as now.

So she headed to the office.


When she arrived at the office, Evelina sighed and touched her forehead.

“So you’re saying everyone refused?”

Evelina said, looking at the Viscount Belenin, who was appointed as her aide.

“Sorry, Your Majesty.”

Before entering the palace, Evelina had sent a letter asking for help to find someone who could be her maid, directed to a socialite who was quite close to her.

“Are you sure no one is coming?”

“Yes, everyone says it’s difficult because of circumstances.”

Evelina looked at the rejection letter that arrived. Most of them had plausible excuses, but they were openly avoided.

“She has smallpox?”

“If it’s Lady Barvis, yes. That’s what they said.”

“She sprained her leg….”

“If it’s Lady Melrose, yes. That’s what they said.”

“She can’t go out because her hair is burnt.”

“Oh, that seemed real. There were a few people who saw a fire on the lady’s head and all the wigs burned.”

“It’s June now.”

“She said she caught a cold.”

Evelina thought it could be true if it was Lady Ranien. Since it was her best friend.

“Bring her good medicine for burns.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Evelina guessed why she couldn’t get a low-cost maid. Everyone was afraid of the new Emperor, and it was clear that it was because they were afraid of the Dowager Empress and Princess Elsius who controlled the new Emperor from behind.

Evelina had to pick her side between the Dowager Empress and the Princess. Serena in the original had a hard time choosing neither.

To be honest, she didn’t want to choose either. The Dowager Empress was a gaslighting genius, and Elsius was a sociopath, perhaps because she was the younger sister of the psychopath Emperor.

– Knock knock.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

Evelina was embarrassed by a voice outside the office and could not tell him not to come in. Because the owner of the voice opened the door and came in.

“Why are you coming here?”

“I’m here because you’re in charge of the military dance.”

Ianathas came in with a bright smile, and Evelina sighed because his natural smile was ridiculous.

“Why are you here?”

“I came here with an escort for Your Majesty.”

“Yes, I see.”

She didn’t want to have a deeper conversation with him, but she wondered. She wondered if her father and mother were doing well. It wasn’t easy to go outside when she got married to the Imperial Palace.

“Everyone else, leave. I want to talk to you alone.”

“No. Talk to me now.”


“You opposed my marriage with His Majesty.”

Evelina cherished Ianathas. It wasn’t good for him if he was caught in a useless scandal because of her who was about to die. More than anything, it was even more important when she thought of his close relationship with her parents.

She was the one who was about to die, and Ianathas was the one who could fill her vacancy.

When Evelina suddenly saw his smiling face, it became difficult to make eye contact. It’s hard to imagine her parents’ and Ianathas’ faces seeing her dead body.

“If you’re done with your business, leave. Thank you for the escort. But I ask you to be a decent person without standing out too much.”

She said that and looked at him as if asking him to leave. Then Ianathas looked at her with a bright smile. Evelina kept looking at him without saying anything, hoping he would get out quickly. Then he laughed the same way and kept looking at Evelina.

“Now go.”

He said with a brighter smile when she told him to go.

“I’m the escort knight. What do you mean?”

Evelina looked at him suspiciously at the words.


In response to her question, Ianathas went to Evelina’s side.

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