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OMLFA Chapter 1


Someone said that the ending was the start of a new beginning, and the beginning was the start of a new end.




Even though we barely knew their names, it was terrifying to see the beginning and the end.

“Please, my life…! Argh!”

The sound seemed to be clearer because she had my eyes closed. When she tried to open her eyes, blood redder than the red carpet of Alsil got on her palm, staining it.

“Well, I had nothing to do with it!”

Without raising my head, she only looked at the ground. It was easy to know what was happening around her just by sound alone.

“Oh my god!”

Her head began to throb because of the sound of her heart ringing in her ears.

“Your Highness…”

She raised her head in a mournful voice. It was her father who knelt down in front of his opponent with a knife.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

The second prince was dead. And Kaiden Abelard, who they thought would step down from the throne, usurped the throne on the day of the Emperor’s death.

“Please spare my father!”

He held a knife and held it playfully by her father’s neck.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

She was his fiancee and the daughter of the Logias family who killed his mother.

“Why do you say that?”

He withdrew the knife from her father, Marquis Logias, and said,

“Rather, it would be better for you for me to kill the Marquis of Logias.”

She raised her head at the words and examined his face to ascertain his intentions. She was confused for a moment by his expression that seemed like he meant it.

“Please, Your Majesty. Please don’t kill my father!”

“You’ll regret it.”

“… Your Majesty.”

“Regret not killing the Marquis of Logias now.”

He approached her with a gentle smile.

“However, if that is your will, I won’t.”

“Ah, thank you…”

“If you marry me as promised.”

With a very harmless face, as if hadn’t cut off her father’s hands just now.


She was eight years old when she possessed her current body.

Originally, she was named Bell and grew up in a poorhouse. Then, fortunately, she was adopted by the Marquis of Logias.

‘Honey! Our Lina is alive!’

The Marquis lost his mind after losing his daughter Evelina Logias, who was the same age as her, and mistook her for his daughter when he saw her.

The reason why they originally supported the poor was that they started in the hope that their short-lived daughter would die and go to heaven. So when he saw her in the poorhouse, it might have felt more destined.

‘You are our Lina from today.’

So she became Evelina Logias for the Marquis. The Marquis of Logias initially instructed her to just act as Evelina.

However, as time passed, both Marchioness and Marquis began to treat her sincerely.

It was acting at first, but she also ended up being sincere.

Soon after, the Marquis of Logias became a real family to her.

‘Actually, I know you’re not our Lina. But I still love you, Lina.’

Ten years later, the biggest gift she received on her 18th birthday was the words of the Marchioness. She didn’t know since when, but she said she knew she wasn’t her own daughter.

“Meeting you back then is the greatest blessing for this mother.”

From that day on, she became the true daughter of Marquis Logias.

The Marquis, who was somewhat uncomfortable, became her home after that day, and the Marchioness and Marquis, who had treated her warmly from before, really became her mother and father and protected her.

“I’m sorry.”

Although her engagement was made by order of the Emperor, against her will.

“It’s okay. Though it would have been nice to become the Crown Princess.”

She said that without thinking, before she knew it.

Kaiden Abelard.

The fact that it was their family’s job to kill Her Majesty, the Crown Prince’s biological mother, who was now deceased. Although it was unknown to the public, she knew.

It wasn’t until she heard Kaiden’s name that she realized that she had transmigrated into a book.

She never saw him in the middle of the engagement papers, so she had no idea who he was.

However, in the original book, <Don’t Cry, His Majesty>, she knew that he was the male lead with the sad ending of dying a tragic death without becoming emperor.

Knowing who he was, she remembered who she was.

Because she was transmigrated into a book she read long before she died, it took her a while to hear and remember the name.

Evelina Logias.

After preventing Kaiden from ascending to the throne, the original villain was a woman of misfortune who died of a heart attack.

Just recalling her hazy memory, it never said that Evelina was adopted. That’s why it took her a while to think of the original.

In addition, in the original story, Kaiden met the female lead and changed a lot, changing a lot of his original psychopath-like personality. Then, tragically, she was killed by his brother’s sword, even though she could dodge it.


In the original, the second prince, Ashes Abelard, killed the bedridden emperor and usurped the throne, killed the female lead, and when the female lead died, Kaiden due to the shock was also killed.

So when her father, the Marquis of Logias, pushed for the second prince, she was relieved. Although she was going to die of a heart attack soon after she was abandoned by Kaiden, who met Serena, the heroine, so it’s okay.

Evelina Logias of the original story died on July 7th. She remember it as a special day.

If she interfered with Kaiden when she died, her parents, who cared for her like their own daughter, would live happily from generation to generation.

I certainly remembered that. The damn original was wrong, but as far as her life was concerned, the general flow and the intermediate process were very similar.

– Knock knock.

When she turned my head to the sound of a knock on the door, the door to the waiting room opened without her permission. This was the bridal waiting room, which was lavishly decorated.

“Oh, sister-in-law. No, I’ll have to call you the Queen.”

It was Kaiden’s half-sister, Princess Elsius.

“Come in.” (Evelina)

“The clothes are so…” (Elsius)

She looked in the mirror at her words. The splendor of the wedding dress she wore for her wedding was indescribable.

“It doesn’t fit. For the Queen, the clothes worn by your maids would suit you much better than a fancy dress like this.” (Elsius)

“Sure.” (Evelina)

She forced myself to smile, and Elsius smiled, pretending to be embarrassed.

“Oh, my mistake. What I was saying was that modest ones are better suited than flashy ones. Do you understand what I mean?” (Elsius)

“Yes.” (Evelina)

She was a supporter of Kaiden until he became Emperor, so she was a close person. It was only natural for her that she disliked Marquis Logias, who looked like a thorn in her eyes.

Because she was the daughter of the family that pushed for the second prince. She would hate her even more if she was her father’s actual daughter.

All of the servants who were with her went out at the beckoning of the princess. Except for one.

“There is less stitching here.” (Elsius)

As she gestured for her, the servant next to her wove a white thread into her needle and brought it. She then trimmed the seams on her side, pretending she was skilled.

“Ugh…” (Evelina)

“Mary. You should have been careful.” (Elsius)

“I’m sorry, Princess.” (Mary)

Then she moved the hand on her side again.

“… Okay.” (Elsius)

It was obvious that she was blatantly stabbed, but she endured it. After a few more stabs, she didn’t let Elsius go. She should have known from the time when the corset was made of cloth.

“Thank you, Princess.” (Evelina)

“Oh, now that we are family, call me Elsius.”

“I will, Elsius.” (Evelina)

When she replied with a bright smile, she responded with the same smile.

“By the way, I’m going to send someone as a wedding gift.” (Elsius)

“I see, thank you.” (Evelina)

She hasn’t even had a ceremony yet, but it was a wedding present, so she looked at it to see what it was, and looked at the maid who stabbed me in the side and heard.

“Mary is a maid that I cherish very much.” (Elsius)

Hearing her name again and seeing her face reminded her. In the original work, she was also the maid who viciously harassed her mistress, Serena.

“When you enter the Imperial Palace, my sister-in-law will also need a proper employee.” (Elsius)

“Okay, thank you.” (Evelina)

Then all of a sudden, she noticed her engagement ring that Kaiden got her, which was not suitable for her size, had gotten somewhat loose, so she took it off and put it on the tabletop. It must have happened while she was being stabbed in the side.

The ring belonged to his biological mother, the now deceased Empress Rayson.

“Mary.” (Elsius)

“Yes, Princess.” (Mary)

Laughing as Elsius was about to leave, she said to Mary.

“From today on, I am your master, so please come after saying goodbye properly.” (Evelina)

“Yes, Princess.”

As Mary was about to say hello and leave, she slipped the ring Kaiden gave her in Mary’s back pocket.

She had no intention of being treated like Serena in the original.

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