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NMDWIT Chapter 21


“Sorry, Duke-nim. I misheard it, could you please repeat it?”

Britia asked with an embarrassed expression. She had heard what Sig said, but she was certain she misheard. She hadn’t been lost in her thoughts or suddenly blocked her ears. But she believed without a doubt that she had misheard.

Otherwise, there was no way Sig Turas would suddenly say as if he wanted her to touch his tail.

“I heard that you tend to touch your tail when you’re not feeling well.”

“Wh-where did you hear that from?”

Britia’s pupils widened. She felt her cheeks heat up as if she had been caught in a secret hobby she couldn’t tell others about.

“Was it Crave who said something like that?”

Britia bit her lip tightly. The image of the twins who would tease her and reveal her secret, making her uncomfortable, flashed in her mind.

“I heard it from Leon-nim.”

Betrayal washed over Britia, causing her eyes to widen. Of course, she had thought it was Crave who said it, but how could that kid!

“Could I have misunderstood?”

Sig asked cautiously. He had expected her to accept it with a happy heart. However, contrary to his expectations, when he saw her face turning red with anger, he was quite taken aback.

“I’m sorry. It seems there was a misunderstanding.”

Sig’s shoulders drooped weakly. He mustered up the courage, but it was futile. No, it was even worse because he blurted out unnecessary words and upset her.

Sig, who had experienced this kind of repetition every time he tried to approach someone, had completely lost his confidence. He would never muster up the courage again. That way, he could avoid further worsening the situation.

“W-well, actually, you’re right.”

Britia let out a resigned sigh.

“When I touch my tail, I feel better. It’s not some strange meaning…”

No matter how much she insisted, wouldn’t it sound strange already? Britia tightly closed her eyes.

Leon Lockheart, just come back from your training.’

Britia had made up her mind. She would make him regret it.

“It eases my mind.”

Before Britia finished speaking, Sig turned around abruptly, his voice unnaturally composed.

“Then, please touch it.”

It was a rather sly tone. He had been secretly training by grabbing his tail with his own hands from time to time, so he calculated that he wouldn’t look as pathetic as before.

Sig turned around abruptly, his action is unsettling as Britia finished speaking.

“Duke-nim, are you really asking me to touch your tail?”

His gaze, as he turned his head to look at Britia, was resolute.


Britia was perplexed. Why was he showing such unwavering determination? It was as if he felt some kind of responsibility.

“Is that the only reason?”

“I hope it will improve your mood.”

‘Just that?’

Britia became even more confused as she looked into his unwavering eyes. Why would he expose his tail to make her feel better? It seemed like he found stimulation in having his tail touched to the point of it being a weakness.

“Are you sure about this?”

“I haven’t been holding back all this time.”

He nodded confidently.

“I can endure it.”

He controlled his emotions and took a long breath.

“Please proceed.”

Britia hesitated on how to accept this. Why would he “endure” it? How did they end up in a situation where she would touch his tail in the first place? Nothing made sense to her.

Couldn’t she just refuse?

But the pitch-black, fluffy, and large tail in front of her was too tempting. She wanted to touch it. That was her honest sentiment.

“Since you, Duke-nim, have given permission, you can’t get angry later.”

“Of course.”

Britia swallowed hard and took a deep breath. When she touched Leon or Crave’s tails, she hadn’t been this nervous, but now her heart was pounding. Unlike when she casually touched it to wipe away moisture, this time it was a situation he allowed.

“Well then, excuse me.”

Britia slowly reached out her hand towards his tail. The moment her fingertips lightly touched it, she stopped and observed his reaction. He used to make sounds of discomfort even with a slight touch, but now he was silent.

“Duke-nm, are you alright?”

He nodded without uttering any word.

So he hadn’t been holding back after all. It seemed he had achieved some training results. Britia felt relieved and cautiously slipped her hand into his tail. At that moment, his body flinched.

As expected, it’s sensitive.

Since his back was turned, it was difficult to judge his expression. Britia pondered whether she should retreat first, but as she hesitated, Sig slightly lifted the head which had been lowered.

“It’s fine.”

Following Sig’s indication to continue, Britia began to stroke his tail very slowly. Her belief that it would feel good to touch the fluffy tail wasn’t wrong. It felt incredibly pleasant.


While Britia was enjoying Sig’s tail, he clenched his teeth to prevent any sound from escaping. And he deeply revered her in his heart.

Indeed, when Britia touched his tail with her hand, the level of stimulation was different. He squeezed his fist so tightly that his hand turned red.

“It’s really soft.”

Britia, who didn’t notice that he was exerting so much effort to endure it, spoke. Relieved, she put her other hand into his tail as well.


Then, Sig couldn’t endure any longer and let out a sound. Surprised, Britia quickly removed her hands and stepped back.

“I’m sorry!”

Sig moved his shoulders once and then turned slightly to glance at her. His eyes were moist, and his cheeks were flushed.

Britia’s face also flushed in response to his reaction. It felt as if she had done something very embarrassing.

“How was it?”

His weakened and slow voice added to her embarrassment.

“Weren’t you satisfied?”

Britia’s lips slightly parted. It was difficult to say anything.

“Then you can touch more.”

“It’s enough!”

Unconsciously, her voice came out louder. The gloomy feeling that had been present seemed to have disappeared. Britia’s mind was in complete disarray due to confusion and embarrassment.

“Are you really satisfied?”

Now facing her directly, Sig slightly lowered his upper body. Britua’s face grew even hotter under his scrutinizing gaze.

“Yes. I’m really satisfied.”

She raised her hand to block his gaze.

“But Leon-nim said that you hold and stroke the tail persistently.”

“What nonsense is he talking about!”

Britia felt like her face was about to burst from embarrassment. Sig closely observed her in that state.

‘After touching the tail, my sister becomes like melted ice cream on a hot day.’

That’s what Leon had said. Sig wanted to see Britia’s expression to confirm, but she kept covering her face, so he couldn’t. All he could see were her slightly stiff voice and her blushing ears.

Now, he had no face to show Leon, who had said Sig would give her sister a proper boost of energy.


As Sig cautiously called her name, her fingers slightly spread apart. Through that gap, her green eyes were revealed.

“…Thank you for the invitation to the gathering. It’s this Friday at 3 o’clock, right?”

He probably wouldn’t say something like Lord Slanford, but just to be sure, she asked. They also needed something to change the topic of conversation.

“Yes, Friday at 3 o’clock. That’s correct.”

Sig’s heart trembled with the fear of being rejected. It was so exhausting to just have tea time. It was unimaginable for him how other people managed to have so many invitations and live like that.

“If you have other business…”

He intended to say that she could adjust the schedule to a more convenient time, but he quickly shut his mouth. He didn’t want to be persistent and end up being disliked, even though he didn’t want to drink tea similar to his character.

“If you have other plans, then I understand .”

So he gave up on his words before hearing her answer.

“It’s okay.”

Briitia finally succeeded in calming her heart and lowered her hand from her face.

“I’ll see you that day.”

“Are you coming to the party?”

However, this time, Sig asked with widened eyes, sounding excited.

“Why are you reacting like that when it was Duke-nim who invited me?”

Was he hoping for her to refuse? Britia started to worry if she had been oblivious to her surroundings.

“I thought you would naturally decline. I heard you don’t accept all the invitations…”

Sig’s voice trailed off, his throat choked up.

“Since it was Duke-nim who invited you, of course, I should go.”

A bright smile appeared on Sig’s face. His heart was overflowing with joy, and he unconsciously tightly held her hand.

“I will eagerly await that day.”

His tail wagged uncontrollably. Briitia, who didn’t expect him to be so delighted, also smiled.

“I’m looking forward to it too.”

In response to her words, his large hand became surprisingly warm, as if in agreement.

* * *

Evry had so many questions to ask when Sig returned. Did Britia receive the invitation? What was her reaction when she received it? What was her answer to the invitation?

“She accepted the invitation.”

But it seemed there was no need to ask such questions. Sig’s voice was excited. However, Evry restrained the urge to rush ahead, reminding himself that getting too excited would lead to disappointment later.

“So, she’s coming?”

“Yes, Friday at 3 o’clock.”

“That’s great!”

Evry clapped his palms together, making a sound. Then he clenched their fist and let out a satisfied breath.

“Let’s start preparing right away. What kind of tea and snacks does the young lady like?”

As Evry asked cheerfully, Sig stared blankly at them, blinking his eyes.

“Your Grace?”

Suddenly, Evry felt a headache coming on.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t ask at all! I told you to make sure to ask!”

Unable to answer, Sig was taken aback by Evry’s question, asking if he didn’t know anything at all.

“Then at least tell me what she dislikes or can’t eat. Your Grace! Why did you personally go to give her the invitation?”

Sig felt embarrassed by Evry’s scolding.

“Think about it. After going through all that trouble, if you offer her something she dislikes, what will happen? Huh? Suddenly, will she start liking it?”

Evry firmly shook his head.

“Of course, she won’t like it. Then your Grace’s impression will worsen.”

Sig couldn’t think of any counterargument against Evry’s words.

“After being gone for so long, I wondered what you were doing, and you just came back with the invitation?”

But it felt unfair to keep scolding him like that. It wasn’t intentional.

“I was so preoccupied with looking at her that I forgot.”

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