TMLM Chapter 32


Chapter 32 

But it wasn’t a bad suggestion for him either. 

He didn’t know how the Marquis had known about Lishipe’s pregnancy. 

Perhaps he was aware of the relationship between Lishipe and Theon. If he’d looked over Theon’s shoulders, he would have known enough. 

Anyway, the Marquis found out about this and gave Theon a chance. 

It didn’t matter if Lishipe was pregnant with another man’s child. 

Only the benefits of marrying her were important to him. 

“What are you going to do with the child?” 

Theon asked her after thinking. 

Lishipe poked her cheek with her index finger and looked troubled. 

“Should I give birth and you can raise it as your own child?” 

“And if it’s not my child?” 

“I’ll send him to an orphanage, then. Oh, I don’t know. My dad will solve it for me, so don’t worry.” 

Theon put on his jacket with an acidic expression. 

He thought she only looked and acted like his mother, but she even intended to do the same thing. 

It was disgusting. The disgust made him want to see Leila, who he’d forgotten with physical pleasure. 

To be exact, her smile. 

“After you have the child, take your medicine properly. Don’t let this happen again.” 

“You’re so… How dangerous that medicine is to women…” 

“I have no intention of raising a child that is not my own blood.” 

With that, Theon left the room. 

“You mean you’ll marry me? Is that what you’ll say to your dad? Really? Yay! Oh my god!”  he could hear Lishipe’s voice. 

The thought of spending the rest of his life with that crazy woman already made his eyes dark. 

However, there was nothing he wouldn’t do if it meant getting the lord’s seat in his hands. 

The rest went smoothly. 

What the illegitimate Theon lacked was bloodline, and that lineage was supplemented by marrying a princess. 

An engagement ceremony was held, and Theon became the official successor. 

Lishipe didn’t give birth to his child. He heard that the newborn was born with ordinary brown hair and eyes. 

He didn’t know what happened to the child. He didn’t ask. That’s how he married Lishipe. 

The Marquis, who was not feeling well, decided to go down to his countryside estate and recuperate, and Theon became the new Marquis. 

Just when he thought everything was over, the old marquis’s wife came to see him. 

“What do you mean, don’t have children?” 

“I’m saying the Marquis is ill, so let’s be careful. Isn’t it time to be considerate about having happy events?” 

On the day Theon became the official successor, the marquis’ wife was seen shouting and screaming. 

As if it were a lie, the Marquis’ wife said it very calmly while sipping her tea. 

“Besides, you’re still young, so there’s nothing urgent.” 

“But, in order to have a child who will succeed in terms of power….” 

“It’s an issue that the elders of the family have already decided on. So don’t make a fuss.” 

Theon instantly realized what the woman wanted. 

Originally, as soon as he became the Marquis, the two sons the woman had given birth to had to leave the family. 

It was natural because the legacy of the predecessor was only handed down to the formal successor. 

However, they decided to go down to the estate together under the pretext of taking care of their father. 

They had also inherited the blood of the Marquis, so among the children they would give birth to, there could be a child who inherited the power of their blood. The probability, though weak, definitely existed. 

So they told Theon to not have children until they had ‘the child.’ 

It also meant that they would surely deprive Theon of his seat as the Marquis. 

It was the elderly’s judgement that they would never hand over the family to illegitimate children. 

Until then, they would pretend the Marquis wasn’t dead even if he was. They would obviously hide it as if he was still alive. 

“Your father’s illness is deep, so he won’t live too long. About 5 years? Or 10 years? Just hang in there until then.” 

Five, ten years. They said they would try until then and give up if they didn’t end up having a child with power. 

Oh, how grossly you’re going to have a baby. These idiots. 

“I see.” 

Knowing everything, Theon said with a smile. 

He was powerless. Only after marrying Lishipe and his father’s struggle did he become the marquis. 

Even then, he couldn’t overcome the power of old people that had settled in various parts of the family. 

Build up your strength. Theon vowed. I will build up my strength and drive them out of the family at all costs. 

Until then, I just had to endure until then. 

“That’s great. I didn’t want to have a baby for a while because it was gross for me, too.” 

Lishipe also accepted the offer without saying much. 

“And I don’t like that there are people who will dare to control my child. If you’re going to increase your strength, do it right. I can’t stand being ignored.” 

With that last word from Lishipe, this matter was sorted out. 

Now Theon only had to work silently and build up his strength. 

But unexpected things always happen. 

One of these unexpected things his relationship with Lishipe. 

The two didn’t get along well, but they weren’t necessarily on bad term. Especially in bed. 

In addition, she was educated to become a queen and handled her job as a Marchioness very well. 

However, the problem was that she was more out of her mind than he expected. 

“Do you want to join me?” 

Shortly after her marriage, she called two men into the couple’s bedroom and lay in bed. 

That’s all Lishipe said to Theon, who was looking at the ridiculous sight. 

Theon turned away, and never slept with Lishipe afterwards. He didn’t even enter the couple’s bedroom. 

As a result, their relationship, which was not very good to begin with, twisted even further. 

“Let’s get divorced.” 

And Lishope, who suddenly invaded his office shortly after, suddenly said, 

“I thought it would be fun to live with you, but it’s not fun. It’s boring. Let’s get a divorce.” 


Theon wanted to split her head and see what was in it if he could. 

Did nothing but physical pleasure matter to her? 

“I’ll do it when I hear the news of my father’s death.” 

“When is that?” 

“Ten years at the longest.” 

“Oh, that’s too long. You’re not funny.” 

“I’ll do it right away if you can drive out the former marchioness before that.” 

Lishipe looked trouble. Theon didn’t have even the energy to talk anymore. No, he didn’t want to deal with her anymore. 

“Do as you please. I don’t care what rumors spread about our marriage, I don’t care if you make a harem out of those men or who you roll around with.” 

“What? Really?” 

Theon knew why Lishipe dared to drag those men into the couple’s bedroom. 

She must have used the night-time couple’s bedroom, which most of the employees do not approach, to prevent gossip in her own way. 

“Take your medicine well. Don’t cause the same problem again.” 

“Yes, that’s right. I see.” 

It was none of Theon’s business how this deranged princess would live after the divorce. 

What was evident was that Theon and lishipe had now crossed a river that could never be reversed. 

Lishipe played as freely as she did when she was a princess and waited for the day to get divorced. 

Fortunately, she played her part as the Marchioness well. 

Another unexpected event was Leila. 

“Her parents… are dead?” 

He’d forgotten. He’d tried to forget it because he knew it wasn’t possible and too much work to do on top of what he already had. 

But he didn’t want this news. He wanted the news that his parents died. 

‘I have to help…….’ 

Even though he became a marquis, he was ignored because he was an illegitimate child. 

He was born as the illegitimate child of a prostitute, lived insignificantly, and was abandoned, so he knew better than anyone else. 

How miserable life it is to be powerless, to have nothing. 

Soon Leila would be like that, too. Women couldn’t inherit property or title. 

How many people will help Leila, who has lost both money, power and title? 

Maybe even right now as Theon was hesitating, Leila was crying somewhere and desperately hoping someone would save her. 

‘I have to help you.’ 

Theon, who jumped to his feet, slowly sat down again. 

I’m sure she will appreciate it If I help her now, and that would be all. 

She would laugh like nothing happened again, leaving him and whispering love in someone else’s arms. 

She’ll die there. She would leave for a place where she would never been seen again and die. 

Just like my mother did. 

At that moment, an uncontrollable desire boiled over his empty heart. 

The frustration caused by the stuffy reality, the helplessness caused by everything that didn’t go the way he wanted all began to boil over and turned into the desire for one thing. 

In my hand… 

If I make it mine forever. 

If you smile only for me, love only me, and never leave my side. 

If only I could keep her in my hands. 

If only I could. 

Now was the opportunity. If not now, he would never be able to touch her again. 

Theon stood up from his seat before he could sort out his thoughts. 

Since then, Theon’s behavior was too difficult and scary to put in words. 

He made Leila completely isolated. 

He bought over the remaining maids from Leila’s residence and took away any letters that came to her or were sent by her. 

The visitors that came to Leila couldn’t even step inside the porch. 

“The lady isn’t feeling well, so she refuses to meet any visitors.” 

It was because the maid bought over by Theon lied and sent them back. 

No matter how true it was that Leila lost her money and title, at least someone would have helped her. 

The saying that there were no good people in the world was as ridiculous as saying there were no bad people in the world. 

It was only that Theon was faster. 

At the same time, he bought people and sent them to Leila. They constantly made false proposals to her. 

“Be my mistress. I’ll make sure you live a life more luxurious than when your parents were alive.” 

“The count of Tesla has sent me, let me be blunt. Be the Count’s second wife.” 

“Are you Leila? What a waste of the most beautiful woman of the capital. I’m a commoner, yes, but you’re a commoner now too. What do you say? I’ll play a good price if you serve me at night.” 

These words were the false requests. 

The nobles liked beautiful things, and they definitely weren’t afraid to observe them closer at night, but it was very rare for them to come forward so directly. 

It was even before Leila put herself on the market. 

What they wanted from the opposite sex was a kind of ‘love game’ that they couldn’t get from a contract marriage. 

Therefore, most nobles weren’t greedy to own an object that did not enjoy playing this ‘Love game’ with them, even if it was beautiful and handsome. 

Because there are a lot of people who are moderately beautiful, handsome, and willing to give them love If given money. 

At that time, Leila was still young, pure and out of her mind after losing her parents. 

So she had to believe these things as they appeared. 

Theon, you my dude, are crazyyy

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