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TLSDNWL Chapter 1


“… Die now.”

A cold blade flashed towards her, who had already been mangled.

Those sharp blades pierce her throat.

The piercing pain caused her to let out a groan that she had been trying to suppress.

It hurts, it hurts, it really hurts.

She opened her eyes at the same time she felt the pain.

A scream was about to escape her mouth as the shock of death persisted. However, she stopped herself when she realized it was all a dream and she shouldn’t scream.

She buried her face in the pillow and screamed.

In an attempt to calm herself down, she buried her face so deeply that she was unable to breathe.

It’s a dream.

It was just a dream.

I’m alive.

Even after repeating it dozens of times, her body trembled relentlessly and her pajamas were soaked with cold sweat.

She was overwhelmed by the fear of death.

I’m scared.

She raised her trembling hand and stroked her neck.

I’m fine and it’s still attached.

Today, like any other day, she reassured and comforted herself deeply.

It’s okay, I’m okay.

I’m alive

A soft click echoed in her ears as she released her neck and buried her face in the pillow.

Although she is unable to raise her head, she can hear the sound.

Even without checking, she recognized this late-night visitor.

It’s Igon

The eldest son of Duke Rodry, Her brother.


Igon made a sound as if to comfort a child and placed his hand on her shoulder.

This is what he always does when he comes in after seeing her trembling like a wounded beast.

“You had another nightmare. Eve, it’s okay now.”

The rough palms of the boy who did not neglect his swordsmanship practice swept her back several times.

The trembling in her body subsides as her breathing returns to normal.

Indeed, the male protagonist is the male protagonist.

He has strange magical powers in him.

She has no choice but to admit it.

I need him.

She took her face off the pillow and rushed towards Igon.

She hugged Igon tightly as if he were a lifeline.

Igon comforted her by stroking her hair.

He hugged her and looked around the room waiting for her to calm down completely.

Their close proximity leaves no space between them.

“Eve, Eve, Evelyn…. “

Igon held her lightly like a weightless balloon and called her name over and over as if singing a song.

She didn’t really enjoy being called that way, but she couldn’t hate him for she needed Igon.

“Eve, look. The moon is bright today.”

In response to his slightly excited words, she gently turned her head, which had been buried in his shoulder, to one side.


The moon was shining brightly outside the window.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded her head in response to the question.

“Don’t be scared.”

Igon said so.

It’s like he’s dealing with a child who had a nightmare.

However, there are no children in this room as she is 16 years old and Igon has also passed his 19th birthday, so.

“What are you so afraid of?”

Igon asked, pressing his lips to her head.

He lowered his head and made eye contact with her.

His fine, blue-and-white blonde hair swayed in front of her.

As he brushed up his slightly long bangs, an incredibly handsome face was revealed.

There is no place that is not aesthetically pleasing.

Even his eyelashes are long and delicate.

However, the low-saturated sky-blue eyes below them were shaped like those of an animal, not a human.

“Huh? Tell me. What made you afraid?”

He asked her again.

Instead of speaking, she bit her lower lip.

She couldn’t speak.


Igon clicked his tongue.

“Don’t bite your lips.”

Long, white fingers cut through her lips, creating a space between her teeth and tender flesh.

The unique scent of his body wafted through his fingertips.

Lost in his scent, she swallowed her breath.

She made eye contact with his blue eyes.

A strange rebellion arose in her head.

She bit his finger hard.


Instead of the index finger bitten by her, Igon lifted his other finger and tapped the tip of her nose lightly.

Their eyes met.

She noticed his gorgeous looking lips twitching.

As if a thread was pulled from both ends, tension flowed.

A cold sweat trickled down her back.

It was her who raised the white flag at a moment that felt like an eternity.

She collapsed and buried his face on the boy’s shoulder again.


She called out Igon’s name for a long time.

Instead of answering, Igon stretched out the crumpled hem of her pajamas.

His cold fingers touched the nape of her neck.

In an instant, today’s dream came to mind.

The place that Igon reached was the place where she had been pierced by a sword in today’s dream.

She trembled in surprise, she twisted her body to escape from Igon, and smashed his shoulders with both her fists.

In an attempt to escape from him, she shook her head and body.

But that was more useless than hitting a rock with her bare hands.

She could barely counter the strength of Igon, who became a swordmaster at the age of 17 after being knighted at the age of 14.

“Calm down, Eve.”

A soft hand and a low voice calmed her again.

“This makes me feel like I’m your freaking nightmare.”

It sounds like Igon’s voice is full of laughter, or is it just a misunderstanding?

She had the urge to check Igon’s face right now.

But instead of raising her head to see Igon’s face, she lowered her head even more and rubbed her head against the boy’s chest.

She was afraid of Igon as much as her death.

There hasn’t been a single day she hasn’t had a nightmare since she came into this mansion.

The sun tickled her cheeks and she opened my eyes.

She can’t remember when and how she fell asleep.

The last thing she remembered was Igon, who laid her on the bed and brushed her hair with his hand.

As she spun around, the smells of sunlight soaked bedding, fresh flowers in a vase, and Igon’s scent, who must have gotten up early, blended together in a dizzying concoction.

He probably lay next to her for a long time after she fell asleep and then left.

She got up and pulled a rope.

Shortly thereafter, the servants opened the door and entered.

A frightening and incompetent day has begun, to which she is now accustomed.

She washed her body, got dressed, and styled her hair.

When she finished dressing, she stood in front of the mirror.

At first glance, the young lady standing upright in the mirror looks like an aristocratic young girl, but in fact, it’s all a lie, and she’s acting right now.

Like a puppet, the puppeteer hangs on the string and moves it around as he wants.

“…The Duke has arrived at the dining room.”

The maid standing behind her, spoke.

At that one word, her dazed mind returned.

“Really? I must hurry.”

She has a youthful and elegant voice like an aristocrat for her age, but she is not as lively inside.

It is a series of tests from the moment she leaves the room.

She walked down the hallway as if she was walking on a thin ice sheet.


She turned her head to the voice calling her.

Before she could even turn her body, the boy walked up to her.

“Good morning. Did you have a good night?”

It’s Igon.

He raised her hand and kissed it as if he were a friendly brother.

Although he appeared gentle on the surface, his eyes twinkled as brightly as a golden beast.

She pulled out her hand as naturally as possible and bent her leg to greet him.

“Good morning, Brother.”

Standing with his back to the window, Igon smiled brightly.

There seemed to be a halo shining behind the handsome.

Looking at his appearance, it is hard to believe that such a beautiful and noble young man is the only sword master in the empire.

“Give me the honor of escorting you to the dining room.”

Putting his hand on his chest and asking for a favor sounds overly polite and teasing.

The eyes around stare at her.

She can tell without looking back and checking.

Dozens of eyes in the hallway are waiting for her to do something beyond her reach.

The Duke’s mansion is full of people who hate, loathe, or sympathize with her.

She smiled and refused to play around.

At her refusal, Igon just smiled and took her hand.

He didn’t let go of her hand, so she walked down the hallway holding Igon’s hands.

Even though she didn’t want to, she stepped forward with trembling legs.

[Eve’s POV]

My death, adorned with rhetoric, is only three years away.

I remember my previous life.

And this is a fictional world.

It was strange.

Just like a laptop that was put on the second-hand market as a new product with just a few files deleted and formatted.

I have rare memories of that time when I was born.

Of course, the memories of my previous life didn’t have a huge impact on me because the two worlds were completely different.

I can’t remember exactly what kind of person I was in my previous life, but I was born as the fourth daughter of an ambiguous commoner’s family.

My family wasn’t poor, but it wasn’t rich either. So I wasn’t very welcome from the moment I was born.

When my father saw me as a newborn baby, he didn’t even hold me in his arms. Instead he said ‘When I think of the dowry of my four daughters, my head hurts already.’ He didn’t have a positive feeling from the start.

Still, I didn’t know my life would be ruined until then.

As a baby, my hobby was listening to other people’s conversations out of boredom. Because I was a baby, they weren’t vigilant, so they talked about the secrets of the nobles and the low-quality rumors floating around in front of me.

Then I found out that the world I was born in was very similar to the world in the devastating novels I enjoyed reading in my previous life.

I remember the novel quite clearly from the time I was born.

It was a strange thing to remember a novel I read while not being able to properly remember who I was in my previous life or why I died.

As if someone had designed it that way on purpose.

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Hi everyone this is bree. I picked up a new novel. This novel was on my mind for a long time. Thank you sienna for letting me continue this novel. I am really thankful to you for providing me raws and letting me translate this novel. I hope you guys will enjoy this novel as much as I do ❤️

This chapter was translated by sienna and copied from her website but I will post next chap on Monday

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