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Chapter 10 Part 2

The door to the platform for viewing cut off the conversations the other customers were having in the front lobby. Quietness suddenly filled Lu Chenfeng’s ears. He sat on a stool and held a packet of cigarettes in his hand. He watched the ups and downs of mountains under the night and an hour passed.

It was easy to dwell on the past when he was surrounded by quietness and let his mind empty. Lu chenfeng recalled when he graduated from university; he could’ve had a steady life with a not too bad salary, and become a member of the society who have the same routine everyday in the big city.

But he just had to turn down his teacher’s offer to work at a jewelry magazine and went overseas, seeking business opportunities in countries that produced gems. His family wasn’t wealthy and they couldn’t provide any help, and his idea to give his everything to give it a shot became especially dangerous and difficult. Even so, he never thought of giving up.

The cigarette packet crunched in his hand and he smiled lightly. He didn’t lose to fate, but human nature.

“You are barely wearing anything, aren’t you cold?” Lin Chaosheng’s voice came from behind. Lu Chenfeng adjusted his facial expressions before turning around, and saw Lin Chaosheng had a packet of unopened matte finish printing paper in his arms.

Lu Chenfeng, “It’s okay, I can stand the cold.”

Lin Chaosheng smiled, “Does this work for you?”

Lu Chenfeng took the papers and pencil in satisfaction, “I feel like it’s a waste for me to use it, this is more than good for printing photos.”

Lin Chaosheng stood next to him and studied his expressions and seemed to feel something, “You decided to seize the opportunity?”

Lu Chenfeng nodded, “I want to give it a go no matter what.”

The viewing platform faced south from the north, there were two plants hanging on the handle. There were dark and tranquil seas and mountains in the night, and there were bustling noises of people too. Lin Chaosheng let out a long breath and suddenly exclaimed, “About what you confessed to me this morning……”

He paused before continuing, “Well, some people’s dreams and reality are far apart. The more difficult it is the harder they try, this is when the decision to give up becomes exceptionally important because they often feel bitter and unwilling to do so.”

For a moment, Lu Chenfeng felt like Lin Chaosheng saw right thourhg him. When Lu Chenfeng was surprised, he was also eager to hear more that resonated with him.

Lin Chaosheng looked up into the light moonlight, “But people like this are stronger than anyone deep down in their hearts, because they know exactly what they want.”

“And miracles happen to these people.”

The way Lu Chenfeng looked at people was gentle, and it didn’t make Lin Chaosheng feel uncomfortable. Rather, he wanted these gentle eyes to remain on him.

After a while, Lu Chenfeng said, “……Thanks.”

Lin Chaosheng’s eyes smiled and pointed at the pencil in his hands, “You’ve already succeeded half once you seized the chance. Although I’m just an outsider and my words don’t matter, I still want to tell you that I believe you.”

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