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Chapter 8 Part 2

There were some stone tables and benches outside the shop. Lu Chenfeng discovered that Lin Chaosheng couldn’t walk fast and maintained a steady pace. He breathed slowly as if he was controlling the rising and falling of his chest. 

“Let’s take a break,” Although Lu Chenfeng wasn’t tired, he still suggested it to him. 

Lin Chaosheng sat down on a stone bench, “Sorry to take extra time from you.” 

“Not at all,” Lu Chenfeng pulled the bottom of his pants up a little; he wore too many suits and it was a habit. 

When Lu Chenfeng settled down on the bench, Lin Chaosheng glanced subtly at him. Lu Chenfeng’s shoe laces were tied up neatly, and his thin ankle caught his eyes. He couldn’t help but to fix his gaze on it and studied Lu Chenfeng from a close distance. There wasn’t any mustache on his chin, his hair was combed neatly, and Lin Chaosheng thought that he must care about the details of his appearance a lot. 

“Is there anywhere else you want to go but haven’t had the chance to go yet?” Lin Chaosheng asked. 

Lu Chenfeng replied without a moment of hesitation, “No.”

Lin Chaosheng, “Why did you come to Dali?” 

Li Chenfeng replied, “Because it’s close to Beijing.” 

Lin Chaosheng smiled, “How could that be the reason?” 

Lu Chenfeng replied earnestly, “I always went to Ruili on business trips, my partners always recommended me to come around Dali.”

Lin Chaosheng, “So you are free now?” 

Lu Chenfeng took his eyes back from the distant view and looked down, “Mhm.”

“Ruili……” Lin Chaosheng rested his forehead on his hand but couldn’t guess what Lu Chenfeng’s job was. 

The conversation stopped for a while and Lu Chenfeng breathed deeply, “What about you?” 

Lin Chaosheng gazed into the mountains and sea in the distance and slowly spoke, “There’s a place deep in the mountains that is extremely pretty, the tour guides here call it ‘Dali’s Secret Garden’.” 

After a few seconds of silence, Lu Chenfeng saw that Lin Chaosheng didn’t speak again, he asked, “You live close, haven’t you been there before?” 

“Cars aren’t allowed in there and you’ll have to walk a long way,” Lin Chaosheng’s frown disappeared,”And I don’t like being tired.” 

Lu Chenfeng raised an eyebrow and returned the same reaction, “How could that be the reason?” 

As Lu Chenfeng finished speaking, a performance of a few different instruments suddenly started near them. Lin Chaosheng gestured ‘let’s go and check it out’ with his eyes and the two stood up together, heading towards where the melody came from. 

Under the roof of a house, a few men in traditional clothes sat on the stairs with three instruments: hulusi, yueqin and wuba. Passion was glowing on their faces as their eyes were filled with the girl they loved. They were happily accompanying the girls who were dancing lively in front of them. 

Lu Chenfeng didn’t know what wuba was, but he guessed it was probably some kind of flute. When he was about to ask Lin Chaosheng, he looked over and couldn’t ever look away again. 

A beam of light quietly climbed onto the tip of Lin Chaosheng’s hair and brightened his smiling eyes. His brows were gentle, making him seem more pure, clean and bright. 

Music from an unfamiliar town was vivid to his ears, Lu Chenfeng rarely spent time with a stranger without feeling guarded, but he couldn’t deny that Lin Chaosheng was an accident. 

The crowd watching the performance was hyped and they all clapped and sang to the tune, Lin Chaosheng suddenly smiled and said, “Mr. Lu, keep your eyes on the performance.”

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