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Chapter 11 Part 1

The night sinked into the room like thick ink. Lu Chenfeng sat where the darkness and light intertwined and ripped the packaging of the paper apart. He rubbed the paper lightly with his hand; it was soft and delicate just like his heart. 

He took out a few black clips from his bag and turned the pile of paper into a sketch book. 

He hasn’t heard these words for a long time now. The last time he heard it was before the opening of his studio, when he received support and trust from his father. “I believe you”, that was what Lin Chaosheng said. Lu Chenfeng unbuttoned his shirt with one hand and put the sketch book on his bedside table, ready to get ready for bed. But his hand stopped. 

He stared at the pile of paper and suddenly thought of something. He opened the door and concentrated on something under the lights. He went past them many times but he somehow always neglected their existence. 

There were a few photos of scenery printed in color on both sides of the wall. Because the photography wasn’t extraordinary, Lu Chenfeng never really noticed them. However, as he carefully examined them one by one, and perhaps because of the paper, he guessed that these were the works of Lin Chaosheng. 

Did Lin Chaosheng study photography? He denied himself immediately. According to the date on the bottom right side, the earliest was shot two years ago. The sky was tainted with a few orange clouds; the composition of the photo was stiff, light was too exposed and it lacked layer. 

But as time passed, every photo made its own improvement. The most recent photo was the place Lu Chenfeng went today, Langqiao. 

From one end of the corridor to the other end, he quietly enjoyed viewing all of Lin Chaosheng’s work. Lu Chenfeng exclaimed that these few minutes were far more comfortable than the tour group he stayed with today. He went back to his room and washed up for bed, he laid down and emptied his thoughts. All of a sudden, he felt like Lin Chaosheng had hidden many secrets. 

He was so young yet he decided to stay in Erhai, opening a guest house, he rarely used his phone and almost cut off all connections with the outside world. But Lu Chenfeng clearly remembers that Lin Chaosheng said that he had a busy career. Perhaps something happened during this time and forced him to leave his career for a tranquil life like this. 

Lu Chenfeng thought of himself; but his hiatus was only temporary. Eventually, he would go back to his original lifestyle, he wouldn’t stop here like Lin Chaosheng. 

He fell asleep with many questions in mind. In the next three days, Lu Chenfeng didn’t have the chance to talk to Lin Chaosheng as Jian Yi had family business and Lin Chaosheng had to work at the front desk. 

Lu Chenfeng went to all the big and small scenery spots around Erhai. Everyday looked busy and full, but Lu Chenfeng couldn’t even think of something that he had a deep impression of. The only thing he knew was that he was constantly hoping that perhaps Lin Chaosheng would be waiting for him at the front door every evening after he got off the bus. 

The most fortunate thing in the world was that your hopes and wishes were responded to. 

“Jian Yi is finally back,” Lin Chaosheng stood next to Lu Chenfeng, looking exhausted as they headed back, “These three days felt like three centuries.” 

Lu Chenfeng looked down and he indeed looked tired as he could barely keep his eyes open, “You’ve worked hard, Owner Lin, rest early tonight.” 

Lin Chaosheng stretched and seemed to ask aimlessly, “Do you ever feel like I’m a finicky person?” 

Lu Chenfeng waved his hands, “Not at all. You are versatile, I don’t think you are.” 

Lu Chenfeng paused slightly in his tracks and seemed to discover something: Lin Chaosheng seemed to care a lot about what he thought of him. 

That night, Lu Chenfeng finished two designs but flipped to another page disappointedly. He still didn’t find any good inspirations. He looked at the date on his watch, half a week had passed, and it was getting closer and closer until he had to go back to Beijing. 

He fell asleep feeling tedious, and woke up with an unclear mind. Lu Chenfeng never saw Erhai’s sun rise. It was five in the morning, perhaps Lin Chaosheng was awake too. He wrapped a coat around him and left, but the front lobby was in complete darkness. 

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