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Chapter 7 Part 2

Lu Chenfeng opened his mouth and didn’t say anything. Lin Chaosheng noticed his hesitance and narrowed his eyes under the sunlight, “You can tell me if you have any requests.” 

Lu Chenfeng replied, “Not really requests, I just thought it may be offensive.” 

Lin Chaosheng heard him and leaned back, “I’ll be the judge of that, do you want to tell me first?” 

Lu Chenfeng paused for a while and asked, “What do you usually do?” 

“Me?” Lin Chaosheng smiled, “Bathe in the sun, drink some tea, take a stroll, enjoy the beauty of flowers.” 

Lu Chenfeng was amused by his answer as it rhymed. 

“Do you think that I’m wasting my life away?” Lin Chaosheng asked. 

“Life doesn’t have a template you have to follow, and no one can judge or define what your life should be.” Lu Chenfeng’s low voice scattered in the wind and the sunlight started to warm up, “It is meaningful as long as you like it.”

Lin Chaosheng looked at Lu Chenfeng with complicated emotions in his eyes as he curled up his fingers in his woolen jumper, “I suddenly want to know what your last job is.” 

Lu Chenfeng turned to him, “Wanna have a guess?” 

Lin Chaosheng asked, “Is it easy to guess?” 

Lu Chenfeng pinched his nose, “Probably… Not that easy.” 

“No hurry,” Lin Chaosheng said, “I have another week for this.” 

Lin Chaosheng headed to the fence and stretched lazily, changing the topic, “Jian Yi charged you an extra day’s fee. We have discounts during March and April; stay for six days and we give you another day for free, I’ll refund it to you.” 

Lu Chenfeng refused, “It’s okay, I don’t eat outside anyways, take it as money for food.” 

“Or money for a tourist guide,” Lin Chaosheng put his arms on the fence and a smile could be heard from his voice, “But I’m not professional, don’t complain about that, Mr. Lu.” 

Lu Chenfeng’s feelings were like the wind. The clouds scattered away and the sky was bright. He asked gently, “Won’t I hold up your time to bathe in the sun, take a stroll, drink tea and enjoy flowers?” 

Lin Chaosheng reminded him, “I’m the owner of this place after all, providing service to my guests and earning money comes first.” 

Lu Chenfeng nodded, “Then I won’t feel guilty.” 

In the front lobby, Jian Yi was handling the procedure for newly arrived guests. Someone knocked on the counter and he looked up, “Brother?” 

Lin Chaosheng stretched out his hands, “Give me your motorbike keys.” 

“For what?” Jian Yi pouted protectively, “What are you planning to do to my dear bike?” 

“Borrowing it for a day,” Lin Chaosheng stuck up his index finger, “In exchange for dinner tomorrow. I’ll make you pineapple fried rice tomorrow.” 

Jian Yi was a foodie and he willingly gave the keys to Lin Chaosheng without a second of hesitation, “Awesome, deal!” 

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