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HMLWCJ Chapter 9


When Sylvia first saw the floating palace, a thought flashed in her mind. How were they supposed to go up there?

Now it was time to reveal the answer.

After walking out of the road without any changes, a huge square finally appeared in front of her. In the center of the square was a statue of the Light God which looked just like the statue in Yas City.

The only difference was that the power of light here was much richer.

There were two guards in silver armor next to the statue, and there was no one else apart from the three of them in the entire square.

For some reason, Sylvia’s first reaction was what the mysterious man in her mind said a few days ago.

The Holy Land was super quiet!

Even if she hadn’t really entered the palace yet, she could already believe the man’s words.

Excessive silence could really drive people crazy.

Of course, Sylvia had not reached this level yet. She just followed Adonis, and then she was told how to go up.

By praying sincerely in front of the statue, one would be able to enter the Holy Land.

When he said this, Adonis’s voice was also very soft. If the two of them were not standing close, she would have thought that he was talking to himself.

Sylvia glanced at Daisy behind her like a conditioned reflex, but saw that she was still lowering her head in a humble manner.

Seemingly feeling Sylvia’s gaze, Daisy quickly raised her head and smiled at her, indicating that she was fine.

Sylvia stopped doing any more unnecessary actions. In fact, before leaving for the Holy Land, Adonis had asked her alone which maid she would take with her, and even gave her a list of candidates.

As a popular person to win the title of the Holy Maiden and having the chance to go to the Holy Land, many noble ladies were even willing to give up their dignity and identity to follow her. However, in the end Sylvia decided to let Daisy go with her.

Whether she was selected or not, if she let a noble lady serve her, she was afraid that both of them would feel uncomfortable.

Secondly, she still wanted to see if Daisy could be a good helper.

After all, she was really short of capable people now!

Seeing that Adonis had already closed his eyes and started praying, Sylvia did the same. She needed to try it out to see if she could meet the man again here.

Also, she wanted to know if he would be discovered.

Even though it was very risky, Sylvia had an inexplicable hunch that since that person dared to say that he could accompany her in the Holy Land, he must have a way to cover up his tracks.

Otherwise, he would be discovered sooner or later.

Sylvia didn’t want to leave a hidden danger around her.

But on the other hand, if he was not discovered, did it mean that the strength of this man could not be underestimated, and that it is even possible that he was a god as he said?

Moreover, could he still deceive the God of Light?

But when she thought of the man’s bad character that she could detect even though he had not fully revealed it, Sylvia thought with a blank face that it was no wonder he was trapped there. If he was released, the whole continent would probably be destroyed.

The familiar sound of rain was heard. Sylvia coughed a few times, and quickly got a response.

“Little girl, you are very brave!”

She was not afraid of being annihilated by his anger at all and she dared to blatantly plot against him.

In the face of the accusations that came up, Sylvia did not panic at all, “Excessive praise, excessive praise.”

On her face was a modest and studious look.


Probably being entertained, the male voice suddenly laughed a few times.

Sylvia could feel that the sound was close to her, but she was surrounded by darkness, and with the interference of the rain, she still couldn’t find the man’s position.

“Don’t bother looking for me, I’ll show up after we get to know each other better.”

The man really knew what she was thinking.

This made Sylvia think of several well-known characters with mind-reading skills in the novels, movies and anime she had watched.

The experience of those “predecessors” told her that the best way to deal with this skill was to be frank.

Oh, it seems that there was no way to be dishonest. It was really a “powerful” ability.


Another earth-shattering laughter was heard, sounding even happier than when Huang Ama successfully recognized Huanzhu gege back then.

“Huang Ama? What is that?” the man asked curiously.

“Oh, a creature that can decide your life or death.”

“No one can decide my life or death.”

The man’s domineering declaration made Sylvia want to applaud, but she had no body now, so she just gave him a compliment in her heart.

“Want a body? It’s not impossible.”

Sylvia finally discovered one of the benefits of mind-reading. Communication had become really convenient.

“Well, if you can make me laugh again, I’ll give you a body.”

This was the first time that a man had encountered a person of another world whose biggest secret was discovered yet did not panic.

Of the previous few, none of them dared to reveal this secret, and had even killed a lot of people for it.

But this one was weird.

If you said she was smart, sometimes her thoughts were quite too simple.

Calling her stupid was wrong because it wasn’t all His credit that she had successfully come to the Holy Land.

At most, He gave her several choices, each of which would bring different results.

For example, if Sylvia did not successfully stay in the Temple of Light that day, she would have been kidnapped directly on the way back and sold to the underground forces.

At that time, He don’t know what choice she would make.

Sylvia: “…”

She tried hard to start thinking about the jokes she had heard before, but humans were like this. The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t remember any.

From “Collection of Bad Jokes” to “Happy Every Day” to “Everyday Smile”, Sylvia was stunned that she didn’t recall any funny jokes, but instead made the man a little interested in these books.

As Sylvia was racking her brains here, an unexpected event had happened outside.

Today, the Holy Land that had always been quiet suddenly burst into commotion. The reason turned out to be that all the statues of the God of Light enshrined in the temple, no matter how big or small, suddenly radiated pure white light.

And the believers who were praying also came out of the state of prayer in an instant, feeling like being rejected by the Lord.

Some felt it must be an illusion.

This anomaly even alarmed the Pope and the current Saint. The two came out of the tower at the same time, looked at each other and disappeared together.

When they reappeared, it was in the square, where the power of light was really strong!

Adonis and Daisy were kneeling on the ground, looking at Sylvia who was praying with her eyes closed in shock. The white light emitting from her body also complemented the bright statue in front of her, looking extraordinarily harmonious.

Ann, who was originally on her shoulders, couldn’t bear this strong force and had to stay farther away from Sylvia.

The same was true for the knights guarding the statue next to them. They also kneeled on one knee respectfully on the ground, admiring the miracle they had never seen in their lives.

There was no other living creatures around Sylvia right now. She was like the sun, and all creatures had to avoid this light.

Following the Pope and the Saint were the seven red-clothed archbishops who were staying in the Holy Land, followed by the bishops, believers with special talents, and others. They were also shocked by the scene in front of them at first sight.

To make all the statues of God of Light shine, it must be that the God of Light had come down to communicate with this believer in person.

One must know that even the current Holy Maiden had not, in her 100-year tenure, communicated with the God of Light in person.

But this little girl who was only half a person’s height in front of her could attract such preference from the Lord. It was amazing!

This was really crazy.

The statue of the God of Light was getting brighter and brighter, and a vague figure could even be seen in the haze. One didn’t need to guess who this figure represented.

The Saint and the Pope looked at each other again, and then they both knelt down at the same time. They put their hands together on their chests, “We welcome our Lord.”

All the people behind them also knelt down on the ground in unison, and voices full of piety and respect resounded in the square, “Welcome my Lord.”

Now in this square, the only one standing was Sylvia, but she, who was still telling jokes to the mysterious man in her mind, didn’t know the big commotion she had caused.

And the culprit didn’t want the little girl to prepare in advance, and even waved his hand after laughing at another funny joke, “Time is almost up. You should go out. I’ll see you next time.”

It was fun chatting with this otherworldly spirit, and he didn’t mind giving her a small gift, hoping she would like it.

After Sylvia opened her eyes, she saw the two knights kneeling in front of her, and there was no Adonis beside her or in sight.

Sylvia turned around to look for him, and then…

Oh my God!

What the hell was this pile of white, gold, and red things?

She took a closer look and oh, it turned out to be a group of people kneeling.

Sylvia’s already big eyes were rounded by two points. If her theory lessons were not wrong, with this golden crown, this dress, and that iconic weapon, the two people in front were the Saint and Pope of this generation of the Light Church, right?

Probably also aware that the power of light was gradually fading, the pope and the saint raised their heads at the same time, and saw Sylvia who was surprised and overwhelmed. The corners of their mouths rose at the same time.

“Little girl, do not be afraid.”

The Holy Maiden should be at least a hundred years old, but she still looked like a young woman in her twenties. She had the same blonde hair and blue eyes as Sylvia, and she had a reassuring temperament.

The Pope on the other side was not inferior at all. Although he looked a few years older than the Holy Maiden, he was more elegant. With those metal thin-rimmed glasses, he looked like a knowledgeable scholar.

Sylvia: “…”

She now seriously suspects that the God of Light was a face con with special requirements!

“Come on girl, I’ll take you up.”

The Holy Maiden stretched out her right hand, which was as white as jade, and every move she made was as beautiful as a painting.

Sylvia, who was slightly face-controlled, was in a trance. Before she knew it, she had already put her hand in hers. She could feel that this time was completely different from the feeling when Adonis held her hand before.

Adonis used his ability that time, which was equivalent to half-hypnotizing Sylvia. Although her hand did the same, her mind was still clear.

But the Holy Maiden was different. She probably used the legendary charisma right?

Truly, in the Light Church, talented people were present in large numbers!

[What an interesting child: God’s favor +2]

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