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HMLWCJ Chapter 8


After unilaterally cutting off contact with the mysterious man that day, Sylvia stopped praying for two consecutive days. However, she kept reading the church books she brought out.

It was a pity that she couldn’t find a situation similar to hers after searching around for a long time. Sylvia opened the curtain in frustration and planned to see the scenery outside.

They hadn’t stopped these days. The whole carriage was a magic equipment. It didn’t look big from the outside, but in fact, more than a dozen people could sit inside and there were two rooms where Sylvia and Adonis slept at night.

The carriage didn’t rattle or shake at all. It felt like she was still in her own room, and didn’t feel like they were on the road at all.

But because of what Adonis said previously, Sylvia didn’t look out the window.

The dozens of knights and priests were also like invisible people, never bothering them. Only Daisy would come in and out occasionally.

She didn’t know how they rested.

This time, she was really bored and finally couldn’t help being curious, gently opening the curtain.

In addition to the knights and priests closely guarding the perimeter, what was even more magical was the scenery outside the window.

For example, in one second she could see that it was snowing heavily outside the window, and in the next second when she opened it again, the sun was shining brightly.

So, Sylvia, who had encountered such a miraculous thing for the first time, opened it, closed it, opened it again like a child and never got tired of it.

Adonis looked at the fascinated Sylvia with amusement. Indeed, she was still a child. No matter how smart she was, she couldn’t get rid of the limitation of age and knowledge.

“Sylvia, what are you worried about?”

Adonis came out of prayer again, and saw Sylvia who was in a daze. The child’s mood had changed really fast.

As a bishop, he had also enlightened confused believers countless times, so he was very familiar with this kind of thing.

During this time, he thought that he had figured out Sylvia’s temperament. She was smart, independent, and was not suitable for intimidation.

Adonis believed that with Sylvia’s intelligence, she understood that she was born as a commoner and had no background.

Going to the Holy Land with the Temple of Yas as her background was a win-win situation.

“It’s nothing.” Sylvia shook her head, “It’s just that getting closer to the Holy Land, I am a little worried.”

This was probably Sylvia’s real emotion, and she didn’t need to act. Her anxiety was clear to see.

Adonis chuckled, “Sylvia, the Holy Land is the closest place to the Lord. As long as you believe in Him wholeheartedly, you will get the most precious things there.”

Sylvia was still puzzled, “I don’t understand.”

Adonis spoke again, “When you get there, you’ll understand.”

“You have a strong power of light, and you will definitely get the fastest improvement in the Holy Land. That’s why we didn’t teach you too much about the power of light before.”

“No other place knows how to use the power of light better than the Holy Land!”

When he said this, Adonis had a fanatic look on his face. It showed an obsession with power and faith.

Many people in the Light Church might have some little calculations in their hearts, but there was no doubt that everyone sincerely believed in the God of Light.

“Maybe I will need to rely on Sylvia this time.” Adonis smiled and narrowed his eyes. He was not born during the last Holy Maiden election. Apart from this time, he had only visited the Holy Land when he officially became a bishop, staying for only three days.

However, in those three days, his strength could be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes.

At that time, Adonis finally understood why so many high priests wanted to become bishops, because only bishops were qualified to go to the Holy Land.

If you don’t become a bishop, you will never understand what light is!

Unfortunately, there were differences between the types of bishops. Some bishops could stay in the Holy Land for a long time, while others could only be scattered in the various temples.

This time, he was able to accompany Sylvia to the Holy Land and it was because he was the first to discover this good seedling. This made the other two bishops who had found the other two girls spit out a mouthful of blood.

Because of Sylvia’s anxiety, Adonis didn’t realize that she had not prayed for many days and most of his own attention had been sucked away by the Holy Land.

“Show the token. Ten, nine, eight…”

Sylvia, who was in a daze, suddenly heard a mechanical voice ringing in her ears, so clear that it seemed to be talking right next to her.

She turned to Adonis immediately and Ann, who had slept for nearly seven days, only waking up when he needed to “eat”, flew to Sylvia’s shoulder and landed.

Fortunately, he was not big now. Although Sylvia felt that one shoulder was a little heavy, it was still acceptable.

She saw Adonis get up and take out something from his sleeves. He quickly threw it out before Sylvia could see it clearly, and the countdown stopped at “five”.

“Sylvia, welcome to the Holy Land.”

The curtain of the carriage was opened, and Adonis, who was standing with his back against the light, stretched out his right hand towards her with a smile.

His golden hair glistened dazzlingly in the light.

At that moment, for some unknown reason, Sylvia suddenly had an illusion that Adonis at this time did not seem to be himself.

But soon, she was amused by her own thoughts. She didn’t know where this illusion came from. It must have been caused by staying inside for too long.

She carefully lifted the corner of the robe with her left hand, and placed her right hand on the outstretched hand of Adonis. Sylvia was worthy of being praised by teachers from all walks of life.

She had long golden hair flowing softly on her shoulders, and her fair complexion with her pink lips made her look like a pampered aristocratic lady.

The key was her temperament. It was hard to imagine that a little girl who was only ten years old had a similar aura like the great God of Light.

All things are equal in her eyes. There is no distinction between the noble and the lowly, and there is no distinction between men and women.

People who were still skeptical about the news from the Yas Temple suddenly became 70% assured.

For such a person, give her a few more years of growth and she will certainly become a qualified saint.

“Adonis, long time no see.”

The moment Sylvia got off the carriage, it disappeared. She also did not know where the knights and priests who came together with her went to. Only Daisy followed Sylvia obediently with her head down and didn’t dare to make any movements.

“Angele, long time no see.”

In the gap between Adonis and his friend’s greeting, Sylvia ignored them and first took a good look at this mysterious holy place.

It was said that it was a place that all clergy yearned for the most. For them, it was a great honor to come here even once in their lifetime.

For example, Daisy behind her could only have this opportunity because of Sylvia. However, if Sylvia hadn’t become a saint candidate and had become a maid, she was afraid none of this would be possible.

But Sylvia did not worry about these for now because she was amazed by the strange building in front of her.

A magnificent palace was suspended in mid-air without any support.

Once again she clearly felt that this was a magical world. Sylvia suddenly imagined a scene in her head.

She imagined holding a staff and wearing a robe with brilliant magic appearing when she waved her staff, and the wind blowing through her long golden hair. It felt quite exciting!

Looking away from the floating palace, Sylvia began to look at the three people in front of her, two men and one woman. They were all wearing white robes with red edges implying that they were bishops like Adonis.

They all had uniform blond hair and blue eyes, but in terms of appearance, Adonis was even better.

After saying hello, it was naturally time for Sylvia to appear.

Under the simple words of Adonis, Sylvia showed a standard noble lady smile, “Everyone, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Sylvia.”

After speaking, she nodded slightly without losing her polite demeanour.

The three exchanged glances secretly, and looked at Ann on Sylvia’s shoulders calmly, but they still greeted Sylvia enthusiastically. The female bishop even took the initiative to step forward and seemed to want to talk to Sylvia more closely.

Unfortunately, it was stopped by Adonis, and the reason he gave was very realistic.

They were tired from the journey and wanted to rest first.

Adonis said it so bluntly and with his identity, the three of them could only let them go. They stood in place and did not leave, watching them go away.

Sylvia could feel the scorching gazes behind her, but she was already used to such things as she followed Adonis on a strange road. The destination seemed to be the floating palace.

At this time, Daisy followed behind the two like an invisible person. Because her head was lowered, no one could see the trace of complexity and excitement flash in her eyes.

The Holy Land. She had finally arrived at Holy Land.

The road was quiet save for the occasional sound they made as they walked.

On both sides of the road were neat golden-leaf trees, which were said to be the favorite plants of the God of Light. As the name suggested, their leaves were golden.

With so many of such trees together, it gave off a feeling that autumn had arrived.

“This road is to check whether people who come to the Holy Land are heretics.” Adonis suddenly said. “Every time you come to the Holy Land, you have to walk on it again.”

Sylvia was not shocked by the sudden comment. She nodded earnestly, indicating that she had heard. After all, she was already on it, and it was too late to have any questions.

“Sylvia, if you can become a saint, that shall be your glory.”

Adonis pointed to the very tip of the floating palace in the distance, his eyes full of fanaticism.

There were two towers side by side there, which was also the highest point in the entire palace.

Although she didn’t know why he was saying this here, Sylvia still showed a smile, a smile that seemed to be measured and carved with a ruler.

“Of course, my friend.”

“I will naturally keep the glory that belongs to us.”

The two pairs of blue eyes met, and probably only they themselves knew the turbulent emotions in their hearts.

[Entered the Holy Land, light value +3]

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