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HMLWCJ Chapter 7


Although she couldn’t leave the temple, Sylvia asked Daisy to secretly bring a message and two gold coins to Aunt Anna.

When she first came to this world, it was Aunt Anna and the others who saved her, and they had always helped her as much as possible. Sylvia had kept all these in her heart.

She was leaving for the Holy Land this time, and didn’t know when she would be back. She could only do this to show her gratitude.

“Lady Sylvia, do you want to bring anything else along?”

As an efficient maid, Daisy didn’t need Sylvia to worry about such trivial matters like packing up.

Moreover, when Sylvia first arrived at the temple, she was empty-handed and right now, she had no important items.

This was going to be a seven-day journey.

With Daisy’s help, Sylvia entered a spacious and luxurious “carriage”, and she felt that she had gained a new understanding of the word “carriage”.

Adonis who was already sitting inside saw Sylvia who came in. He smiled and helped her up asking, “Sylvia, is this your first time going out of Yas City?”

Sylvia naturally nodded, showing a cute smile of “I haven’t seen the world before”. She was still shocked at the wide space inside the carriage.

As for a certain little mythical beast, as soon as he got on the carriage, he couldn’t wait to fly out of Sylvia’s arms and landed on the cushion in the center.

It looked like that area was specially prepared for him.

“This little girl has no meat at all and cuddling with her is so not comfortable.”


Sylvia’s smile froze, and a vein almost popped out of her head, but she calmed down with her strong willpower.

“Master Ann?” Adonis couldn’t help but smile when he looked at the scene in front of him, “Sylvia is still young, but she will definitely become a great beauty in the future.”

“Hey, you’re too old. Don’t have any ideas about the little girl.”

This time, Adonis was rendered speechless.

He had heard that this divine beast only slept all day long in the Fu Beast Hall. He didn’t expect it to be so unpleasant. He wanted to have a good relationship with it but now it seemed it was not going to be easy.

“Also, don’t call me Master Ann. You are not qualified.”


Sylvia grumbled at the little mythical beast who was being was so disrespectful to Adonis, a bishop. In case it had forgotten, the two of them were still small and weak with no power yet.

“It’s okay Sylvia. You don’t need to be nervous. I don’t mind.” Adonis didn’t show anything as he smiled, and so Sylvia also had to smile and nod.

During this time, she felt that her acting skills had improved like never before. Life was definitely the best stage.

Ann let out a heavy snort from his invisible nostrils, slumped on all fours and closed his eyes to rest.

It also made Sylvia quietly relieved, “Lord Adonis, where’s our next stop?”

No one had told her the location of the Holy Land, so even though she had memorized the basic map of the entire continent, she still didn’t know where they were going next.

Adonis glanced at Sylvia with a mysterious look, “The Holy Land has no specific location. It could be in Yas City or at sea, so I can’t really answer Sylvia’s question.”

Sylvia: “…”

“Then how will we get there?”

Adonis: “As long as we pray sincerely, the Lord will take us to the Holy Land.”

After speaking, he made a standard prayer gesture.

Sylvia: “…Hehe, hehe, okay.”

This was really an unbelievable answer!

Seeing that Adonis had started to pray, Sylvia also closed her eyes. During the time in the temple, she has learned the standard prayer posture, and was no longer at a loss like the first time.

It’s just that her prayers seemed to be different from others.

Sylvia had asked about how Daisy and the teachers felt when they prayed, and most of their answers could be summed up as a feeling of peace and quiet in their hearts.

But for Sylvia, she initially heard the sound of water dripping but it had developed into a light rain state after this time.

She could actually hear the rain while she was praying?

If she ever mentioned it, wouldn’t she be burned at the stake as a heretic?

Sylvia, who was worried about her future, listened to the unchanging sound of rain in her ears, and deeply felt that she had to think about so much at a young age. At this rate, she would definitely age faster.

But there was no other way. If she wanted to live, she had to be extremely cautious and pay attention to everything.

In this world, she had no relatives, no friends, and her future was uncertain. Sometimes she really missed her game console, fried chicken, cola and hot pot.

She also missed her parents.

She was born in a traditional scholarly family. Her parents were intellectuals, and she was only expected to be safe and happy.

So back then, when she wanted to be an actress, they were very unsupportive especially when she was admitted to the acting department. In the end, both parties took a step back, and she chose the major of directing.

Due to her internship and project work, she hadn’t come home to see her parents for almost three months. She wondered how her body was in that world.

However after falling from such a high place, things might not have ended well.

“I really want to go home…”

“What’s your world like?”


Suddenly hearing a male voice, Sylvia woke up from her prayer and immediately opened her eyes but only Adonis and Ann were in sight. They were very quiet in their own world and it didn’t look like they had heard any voice.

And that voice was definitely not from them.

Sylvia lowered her eyes and stared at the lines on her clothes for a while, but finally she gritted her teeth and entered into prayer again.

She couldn’t live without prayer, so this problem must be faced. Running away was the most useless thing.

She heard the familiar sound of rain again.

“Who are you?”

Sylvia controlled herself and spoke in her head like how she usually chatted with Ann.

“Me? The God of Light!” The male voice reappeared quickly.

“Impossible!” Sylvia spat out these words fiercely, her tone full of firmness.

This time it was the male voice’s turn to be confused. “Why is it impossible? You are currently praying to the God of Light, and since I answered you, who else could I be?”

“I don’t know who you are but you are definitely not the God of Light!”

The other party fell into silence, Sylvia stopped talking, and only the sound of the pattering rain could be heard around.

“Alright, you win.”

This time it was the male voice who spoke first, “Actually, I am the God of Darkness.”

Sylvia: “…”

She suddenly felt like an idiot for talking to this voice seriously.

“Hey, hey, you still don’t believe me?”

“The God of Elements?”

“The God of Wealth?”

“Don’t be so silent when I’ve finally met someone who can chat with me.”

Sylvia twitched her lips, “I don’t want to talk to a liar.”

This time it was the voice’s turn to get angry, “I’m not a liar. I just forgot what kind of God I am!”

“However, I am really a very, very powerful God.”

Sylvia: “Then may I ask this Lord Very Powerful God, how did you appear in my mind?”

She just wanted to figure out an answer this question. Was this the reason for her transmigration?

She hadn’t forgotten that this person had asked her what her world was like before. At a glance, she knew that he had peeped into her thoughts and knew her biggest secret.

Now that she could talk to him so calmly, she really wanted some answers.

“You know, this is my residence. I’ve been here for a long time, and you suddenly broke in!” He responded with a slightly aggrieved tone.

“Where is this place?”

“My home.”

“What should I do if I don’t want to come here?”

“No!” Hearing this, the man became anxious, “I waited for so many years for someone to talk to so don’t leave!”

Sylvia really felt that she would go bald before she got old, and that it was more difficult to talk to this person than to talk to Ann.

After talking for a long time, she got no useful information regarding how she came here, where this place was, who he was, and how she could leave.

“You might despise me now but let me tell you something. When you get to the Holy Land, you will like me. It’s super quiet there, and you won’t find anyone to talk to.”

Seeing that Sylvia was still silent, the man continued to promote himself, “Although I don’t know who I am, I know a lot about other people!”

“You can’t get rid of me anyway so let’s chat every day while you’re praying.”

Sylvia opened her eyes immediately and soon only the sound of rain remained in the space.

A slender figure hid behind the hazy rain curtain, watching Sylvia who thinking about something with her eyes open.

The man turned around and walked towards the depths. He was curious. Was the so-called game console from her memories of another world really fun?

He needed to ask more carefully next time.

[Conversation with God: God’s Curiosity Point +1]

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