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HMLWCJ Chapter 10


In a blink of an eye, the environment around Sylvia was completely different.

She and the Saint next to her were standing next to a large fountain with clean and clear water gushing out. A small rainbow could be seen if you looked at it closely.

In front of it was a cathedral, and this was where the believers who normally came up through the statue would appear.

And Sylvia simply skipped that step because of the Saint.

Just after the two regained their footing, the Pope brought Adonis and the others over to their side.

However, because of the large area, even if there were so many people all at once, Sylvia did not feel crowded at all.

“Your name is Sylvia, right?”

“Yes, my lady.”

Sylvia bowed her head slightly to show respect. This time she seemed to have made a quite a fuss. What the hell was this God of Light trying to do?

Is it possible that He was not only a face con but also a lolicon?

A hint of deep meaning flashed through the eyes of the Saint, “Work hard. I believe we are destined.”

This is a very straightforward statement.

Even though Sylvia made a lot of commotion just now, she was still only a saint candidate.

The words of the Holy Maiden were almost saying that “I am optimistic about you, and you will definitely become a Holy Maiden.”

What’s the difference between this and an emperor saying, “I think you can inherit my throne.”?

But Sylvia was not happy with the recognition. Instead, when she heard this, her heart froze. The old ancestors had said it well. The tallest tree in the forest is destroyed by the wind.

As long as she hadn’t become an official saint yet, anything could happen. Right now, the Saint’s words had put her on the hot seat.

She could even feel that the gazes on her were a little hotter, but what could she do?

The little girl who could only pretend that she didn’t understand anything, smiled and said, “I will try my best to live up to your expectations!”

Then, the Saint nodded to her and disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, like it was planned, the Pope adjusted his glasses, smiled encouragingly at her, and also disappeared.

Watching the two biggest bosses leave, the remaining people probably felt that they couldn’t be too eager, and they also left one after another.

Only a few people who probably knew Adonis left after saying words of congratulations.

Soon it was only the three of them left beside this fountain, oh, and Ann, the cub lying on her shoulders.

At this time, Adonis finally took the opportunity to stroll and approach Sylvia. He lowered his head and gently pinned a strand of Sylvia’s blond hair behind her ear, “Sylvia, you must work hard if you want to live.”

Like a devil’s murmur, and like a mother’s advice, Adonis’s words made Sylvia’s smile brighter, and those beautiful eyes were even more shining.

“Sylvia will definitely live to be a hundred years old~ Lord Adonis, what do you think?”

“Of course, the Lord will protect our Sylvia.”

The two looked at each other and quickly moved away. Probably only they knew the real thoughts in their hearts.

As one of the saint candidates, Sylvia had a special accommodation arrangement in the Holy Land. Daisy could live with her, but Adonis would return to the place where the bishops lived.

“The other two candidates have arrived, and you should be able to meet them soon.”

After taking Sylvia there, Adonis didn’t say anything else. He just took a deep look at her and left.

“Lady Sylvia?”

As soon as Adonis left, the iron door opened from the inside, and a middle-aged man in a butler suit walked out.

“My name is Burton, and I will be in charge of some of your daily affairs for a while, Lady Sylvia. Please come with me first.”

This man named Burton exuded seriousness, and was steadfast in his speech. He happened to be the type of person that Sylvia found difficult to deal with.

“Okay, Mr. Burton.”

Sylvia followed behind him obediently, stepping into the small manor step by step, just like stepping into a whole new world.

It was said to be a small manor, but from Sylvia’s point of view, it was actually not small, and it had everything that should be there. From below, the palace did not seem to occupy a large area, but she didn’t expect it to be completely different.

Was this magic again?

She was looking forward more and more to the time when she could formally learn how to use the power of light.

Burton didn’t take Sylvia around for too long, but after a basic introduction to the manor and mentioning some taboos in the Holy Land, he said that he would let Daisy follow him to receive “training” first.

And Sylvia was taken to her room.

“You can ring this bell if you need anything, and we’ll be there right away.”

“You can take a good rest, and there will be a formal meet and greet party in the evening.”

After a few more instructions and seeing that Sylvia had listened, Burton took Daisy away. It looked like he was really floating as he walked away without any sound.

Sylvia quickly closed the door, grabbed Ann who was on her shoulder and put him in front of her eyes, “What happened just now? Tell me in detail!”

Ann: “Hiccup—”

He had eaten too much, and being shaken by Sylvia like this, he couldn’t help but want to puke.

The corner of Sylvia’s mouth twitched, and when she saw the table next to her, she placed him on it and sat down herself. It seemed that she was going to have a good “talk”.

“Hiccup—” After another loud hiccup, Ann seemed to want to rub his stomach, but his wings were a little weak, and they were always out of place.

He simply lay on his back, revealing his fluffy belly, “Massage me first, I’m dying.”

A delicate white finger pressed Ann’s belly, making him let out a satisfied sigh, “You were incredible just now.”

Sylvia paused, “Be specific.”

Ann didn’t give a shit, “You caused a divine descent to occur.”

A divine descent!

As soon as she heard these two words, Sylvia knew why there were so many people kneeling in front of her when she opened her eyes just now.

A divine descent, as the name implied meant that God himself had descended.

It was not the same as the miracle in Sylvia’s first test. At that time, it was just a blessing from God but this divine descent represented raw power. Logically, if Sylvia at that time was willing, it would not be a problem to destroy half of the Holy Land.

“What level was it?” Sylvia hurriedly asked.

“It looks like it’s level three.”


Sylvia breathed a sigh of relief. Divine descents were also graded. The third level was the lowest and the first level was the highest. It is said that from ancient times to the present, the first level of divine descent had only happened twice.

Every time it happened, it was a critical moment of life and death for the Light Church, and it was after the sacrifice of an unknown amount of believers.

But a third-level divine descent didn’t seem to be much better.

“Are you unhappy? As soon as this third-level divine descent happened, the position of the Saint was almost certainly yours.”

If a simple prayer of hers could trigger a third-level divine descent, it showed just how much the God of Light liked her. Unless she decided to change her faith, the position of the Saint could almost be said to be hers.

“That will only happen under the condition that I am still alive.”

Sylvia withdrew her hand and slumped on the table. Her dazzling blonde hair seemed to have lost its luster because of her mood. Now she was exuding messages such as “frustrated”, “trouble”, “horrible” and so on.

Ann was taken aback, and then burst out laughing, “Are you worried about this?”

Sylvia raised her head, her blond hair trembling as she asked, “Master Ann, what advice do you have?”

A devious smile appeared on the little divine beast’s face.

Ann’s wing pointed to his stomach and the meaning was obvious. Sylvia naturally massaged him directly.

Huh? Why did this scene feel a little familiar?

“Don’t worry, those old guys won’t let you die. In fact, they don’t dare to let you die. However!” Ann paused, “There will still be some tests that should be expected, and they will even be more difficult than usual.”

Although Ann’s words were not clear, Sylvia realized what he meant, and suddenly understood why the Holy Maiden did that just now.

Logically speaking, there was no conflict of interest between the two of them.

Unless, the test had already begun from that moment.

Because of her outstanding performance, the temple must also prevent her from being disobedient. A proper combination of carrots and sticks would make her more loyal to the temple.

Or they could use her to catch some bad guys.

In any case, she was a very useful “tool”.

Did that mean that Adonis also saw through this layer of things, and then suddenly “changed his style” when he said those words to her?

Otherwise, what was he implying?

“Ah! You will all make me bald!”

Sylvia suddenly lost her dream. She really wanted to be a salted fish waiting to die, but things kept happening one after another.

Dear Light God, just what interests you about me?

Can’t I change it?

Since it was a dinner party, there were still some necessary preparations, but because the Temple of Light did not advocate extravagance and waste, there was no noble styling. The clothes were all according to the standard that the temple should have.

Sylvia did not need to change her clothes as she wore the standard attire of a saint candidate. However, her hair and makeup needed to be adjusted a little.

This kind of thing was naturally left to the professionals.

Burton knocked on Sylvia’s door on time, and then returned Daisy. There was also another maid, and the two worked together.

Sylvia was soon done.

“Lady Sylvia, Bishop Adonis is already waiting at the door.”

Burton said this sentence after Sylvia had finished getting ready, making it impossible for her to say “Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

She just smiled briefly and said, “Okay, I see.”

It was said to be a dinner party, but Sylvia was the only one who could go there. Not even Ann was fit to go with her, so she and Adonis went together.


Adonis was standing at the door, holding a book in his hand. After seeing Sylvia, the book disappeared in his hand, and it should have been placed in his storage space.

“Bishop Adonis, the dinner is about to start, please come with me.”

Burton led the way with a stern face, while Sylvia and Adonis made eye contact in the back.

“Everything okay?”


“Don’t take the dinner party lightly.”


No one knew when she and Adonis had cultivated a tacit understanding.

The melodious sound of music came from a distance, and Sylvia and Adonis exchanged a last look. She looked straight ahead, took a deep breath, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

This was her official debut.

[Causing jealousy: danger value +3. Note: If the danger value exceeds 5, there is a small probability of minor injury accidents, and if the danger value exceeds 10, it may be life-threatening. Current danger value: 4]

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