TGOBITTOTWACBM Chapter 5: The God of the Abyss Comes

The reign of Kronos came to an end with the rebellion of the gods, and with him came his supporters, some of the Titans, and their sons and daughters.

When the battle on the Mount of Olympus ended, Tartarus, the god of the abyss, one of the five primordial gods, wore a heavy and thick black robe and came to Mount Olympus leisurely.

His purpose here is to take away the defeated Kronos’ pantheon and imprison them in the dark prison of the abyss.

At this time, the gods of the Zeus’ pantheon are cleaning up Mount Olympus, trying to restore this sacred mountain, which was destroyed by war, to its former glory and prosperity.

The arrival of Tartarus surprised the gods, everyone was equally astonished.

The gods of the Zeus’ camp originally planned to send the gods in the Kronos’ pantheon to the abyss of Tartarus, after all, it was the safest place in the realm of the Greek gods.

Only with Tartarus himself will the gods of the Zeus pantheon not worry about the escape of Kronos and the Titan gods.

However, sending the gods of the Kronos Pantheon to Tartarus by themselves and Tartarus personally coming to take away the gods of the Kronos Pantheon is a different situation.

At least Tartarus showed his position—

As a primitive god, he doesn’t mind that Kronos is overthrown, which at least affirms the political correctness of the Zeus’ pantheon.

Aphrodite was the first to discover Tartarus’ arrival. Tartarus, as a primitive god, is powerful and secretive. If he didn’t show up on his own initiative, it would be difficult for other gods to find him.

But no way, Aphrodite has a cheat.

The second that Tartarus stepped on Mount Olympus, the mysterious voice in Aphrodite’s godhead of love and desire, which said that it will never appear again, rang intermittently once more, and then told Aphrodite:

[The God of the Abyss, Tartarus, has set foot on Mount Olympus. This god is cold, mysterious, and powerful. Befriending him may save you some trouble in the future. ]

For some reason, Aphrodite could hear a hint of schadenfreude in this voice.

Aphrodite raised his eyebrows slightly and asked: [For example? ]

The voice of unknown origin said leisurely: [Mother of the gods, goddess of the earth, Gaia.]

[Trust me, your origins, and the fact that you cut off the genitals of her son, Kronos, must make that primordial goddess hate you.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to that goddess, for your beauty’s sake, maybe she will love you very much and dote on you. ]

Aphrodite said lightly: [Although I don’t care about chastity very much, I won’t sleep with gods or people I don’t like.]

The voice sarcastically said: [It’s a pity, you offended this goddess to death. ]

Aphrodite said nothing, and after a few seconds of indifference, got up and walked down the mountain.

Areinte who was running around diligently beside him and was trying to please him, was stunned for a moment, and quickly followed up and asked, “His Royal Highness Aphrodite, where are you going?”

Aphrodite’s footsteps paused slightly. He stopped, glanced at Areinte lightly, and said indifferently: “Areinte, do your own thing, don’t linger around me.”

Areinte hesitated, Aphrodite felt the little dolphin’s attachment to him, and his tone became a little heavier: “Areinte, don’t make me angry with you.”

Areinte’s handsome face suddenly turned pale, and he quickly said: ” Your Highness Aphrodite, please don’t hate me. I won’t follow your steps. I-I’ll stay and set up the temple for you.”

After the Zeus’ pantheon defeated the Kronos’ pantheon, the temples on Olympus were divided up by the gods of Zeus’ camp, and Aphrodite was also given a temple originally from the former god of sun Hyperion, which was beautifully decorated and atmospheric.

However, some details are not very pleasing for Aphrodite, so Aphrodite is redecorating the temple with his slave god Areinte.

Seeing that Areinte was obedient, Aphrodite’s face softened a lot. He stretched out his hand and squeezed Areinte’s chin, causing him to raise his head and look at himself. He coaxed Areinte in a low voice: “Very good, after a while, I may have to go back to the ocean where I was born to take a look. When I come back, I will bring some fresh seawater to build a sea pool for my little dolphin to play and have fun, okay?”

Areinte’s dull eyes instantly lit up, he looked at Aphrodite with anticipation, and asked excitedly, “Really, Your Highness Aphrodite?!”

Aphrodite rubbed his chin with his fingertips and said calmly, “If you are obedient.”

Areinte couldn’t help but to ask for more: “Then can I beg His Highness to build my sea pond outside His Highness’ residence? I want to see His Highness all the time…” I also want His Highness to see me all the time.

Aphrodite repeated lightly: “If you are obedient.” This little wish can be fulfilled.

God knows how excited Areinte was at this time, and flames rose from his lower abdomen. At this time, he wished he could tightly wrap around Aphrodite and release his desire. But when he saw Aphrodite’s indifferent eyes with a little scrutiny, he remembered that Aphrodite asked him to be obedient.

Areinte tried his best to restrain his rising desire and stand still, he did not want to lose his temper in front of Aphrodite.

Areinte gave a trembling smile and said repressedly, “I will, Your Highness Aphrodite.”

Aphrodite patted his face, frowned, and said, “Fix it yourself, I hope you’ll be back to normal when I come back.”

Then he left Areinte and went out of the temple.

Areinte, who was instructed by Aphrodite, could no longer restrain his desires. He walked to the seat of the god where Aphrodite had sat in a daze. He did not dare to sit on it, so as not to blaspheme the Lord God.

Thus he was blindfolded, curled up beside the steps under the throne like a puppy, breathing lightly and dreaming.

Aphrodite didn’t care about what happened in the temple. After Areinte was enlightened by him and conferred the priesthood, he knew very well what kind of character he was from the gods.

To be honest, Areinte has been around him all day, and it has surprised him that he didn’t go out of his way to flirt.

But it only stopped in surprise.

After Aphrodite left the temple, he walked towards the foot of Mount Olympus.

There was only one way towards the Temple of the King of Olympus, and Aphrodite is sure that he would meet Tartarus halfway there.

As he walked, he pondered how he could befriend this mysterious primordial god of the abyss, gaining his friendship without making their relationship cross the line.

Aphrodite doesn’t want to provoke too many Shura fields¹, because his current strength is not very strong. If he provokes too many Shura fields, it will be easy to endanger himself off and become the bane of a certain powerful god.

After walking for a while, a figure finally appeared in front of Aphrodite.

The man was hidden behind the deep fog and was wrapped in a thick black robe from head to toe. His black eyes seemed to fall on Aphrodite secretly through the layers, but he couldn’t perceive it because of the haze.

After Aphrodite saw him, he confirmed that the person in front of him was Tartarus, the god of the abyss.

Because his whole body revealed danger and unfathomable depth, which was in line with the characteristics of the abyss.

Aphrodite and Tartarus both stopped and looked at each other in the eyes.

After a while, Tartarus said: “I know you, Aphrodite, not long ago, there was a will of law that called me to set my eyes on you.”

Tartarus may seldom speak, his voice is somewhat husky, but it has a particularly charming temptation and appeal.

Aphrodite was slightly startled by his words, Tartarus said intentionally or unintentionally: “Your beauty moved the abyss, so I affirmed your beauty. Congratulations on getting the Godhead of Beauty.”

Aphrodite’s expression became more and more strange, and his light purple eyes gradually deepened, becoming more charming.

Aphrodite heard the hints in Tartarus’ words—

One, Tartarus affirmed Aphrodite’s beauty;

Two, Aphrodite’s beauty and godhead are partly due to him.

Combining the two… Is Tartarus implicitly expressing his fondness for himself and asking credit from me? Aphrodite raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Tartarus with a hint of interest.

Aphrodite tentatively asked: “So that’s the case… Then I have to thank His Highness Tartarus. Is His Highness going to the Palace of the King of God? After the matter in your hands is finished, I wonder if His Highness Tartarus is willing to go to my temple and sit down?”

Tartarus’ voice was still calm, but he was glad to be invited: “You don’t have to wait for things to be over, we can go now.”

Aphrodite looked at him quietly, there was a hint of embarrassment on his face: “But the gods are still waiting for your arrival…”

Tartarus said: “Even if I don’t come, they will also send Kronos to the abyss. I came to the Sacred Mountain of Olympus just to express an attitude, it does not mean that I must go to see them.”

Is this the confidence of the Primordial Gods? willful and arrogant… very desirable.

Aphrodite, seeing Tartarus insisting, naturally didn’t insist anymore.

Aphrodite turned to the side, stretched his right hand forward, and made an inviting gesture: “Then I will take His Highness away.”

It is strange to say that Aphrodite is clearly extremely cold, but when he focuses or squints, his eyebrows and eyes will be instantly filled with a look that makes people feel hopeless.

Tartarus, who was hidden under the black mist, moved his Adam’s apple. The next second, he walked out of the black mist and presented his true body in front of Aphrodite.

He was wearing a slim black robe, the fabric concealing every inch of his skin. The robe also had a hood that covered the top half of Tartarus’ face, revealing only his perfectly shaped chin and thin, pale pink lips.

Tartarus lifted his hood, revealing the face that Aphrodite was looking for.

Aphrodite admitted that Tartarus was by far the second most beautiful god he had ever encountered.

Clear outline, fair skin, sharp eyebrows, high nose bridge, deep eye sockets.

When Aphrodite first saw Tartarus’ face, he didn’t feel so amazing and handsome, but perfect.

He is like a statue carefully carved by the Creator, every part is perfect.

Tartarus stretched out his hand and stroked Aphrodite’s chin with his fingertips, as if he had read something from Aphrodite’s eyes, Tartarus said: “The appearance of a god is formed by a godhead, The stronger the godhead, the more perfect the appearance.”

“Only you are different, Aphrodite. Most gods are intentional, only you have a whole body full of natural style, all the gods will be moved by your beauty.”

Aphrodite said softly, “Thank you for the praise, Your Highness.”

Tartarus said seriously: “It’s not a compliment, it’s a fact.”

Aphrodite smiled and brought Tartarus to his own temple.

He pushed open the heavy wooden door covered with strange and exquisite patterns, and in front of him was a long red carpet, surrounded by bright and dripping flowers, fragrant and intoxicating.

There is also a long-haired young man with an excellent figure and a slender waist and upturned buttocks, holding a delicate small water bottle, and he shuttles among the flowers, taking care of it.

Areinte heard the sound and looked back at Aphrodite, his face was filled with surprise, but after seeing Tartarus beside Aphrodite, the surprise evaporated, and the beautiful face gradually turned into unease and bitterness.

Tartarus looked at Areinte coldly, then frowned and twitched his nose, and then said with a little disgust: “Someone is blaspheming in your temple.”

Areinte’s face instantly turned bright red, and then pale again, he looked at Aphrodite in horror, although the previous blasphemous behaviors had actually been approved by Aphrodite. But he was still almost speechless at this time.

Aphrodite walked to Areinte’s side, touched his hair lovingly, and said calmly: “If other gods did such an excessive thing in my temple, I would definitely be very angry. But if it is Areinte, then I will forgive him.”

Areinte looked at Aphrodite with tears in her eyes, and couldn’t help calling, “His Royal Highness Aphrodite…”

Aphrodite touched his hair again, Areinte quickly rubbed against his palm.

Aphrodite said: “Areinte is the god who controls sexual desire, and sexual desire is an instinct I gave him. You may not believe it, but Areinte is still a virgin god, and he works so hard on restraining his instincts, how can I bear to criticize him again.”

Areinte was almost moved to tears, how could his Highness Aphrodite be so beautiful!

Compared with Aphrodite’s understanding, Tartarus was much more disdainful of Areinte’s persistence, and he said indifferently: “Since sexual desire is his instinct, then he should obey his instinct. To do this pointless perseverance is just to torture himself.” It doesn’t matter if he tortures himself, the key is that his actions blaspheme the god he admires, which makes Tartarus very unhappy.

Aphrodite frowned slightly. Just when he was about to say something, Areinte said tremblingly, “No, that’s not the case, I’m not doing pointless persistence!”

Tartarus glanced at him in surprise, refuting the words of the Primitive God, one of the wills of the world, made Areinte fear in his heart to the extreme.

But with the belief in Aphrodite, Areinte said almost weeping: “His Royal Highness Aphrodite said, said, I, I am a god, I should control sexual desire, not to be influenced by its power and make me a slave to desire.”

“And, and, moreover, His Highness Aphrodite, he, he advocates union after love, I am His Highness’s god, and I must defend His Highness’s belief!”

Areinte almost shouted out the words in the later sentence.

Of course, Areinte softened after shouting and almost fell to his knees. Fortunately, Aphrodite supported him in time so that he didn’t become more embarrassed.

Aphrodite was a little moved. Did this little dolphin carefully write down what he said and did it? He couldn’t help but say: “Little fool…”

Areinte snuggled in Aphrodite’s arms, the tip of his nose was lingering with Aphrodite’s seductive fragrance, his body immediately became soft.

He immediately called sweetly, “Your Highness…”

Tartarus was surprised by Areinte’s words at first, and slightly changed his opinion on the weak god in front of him.

Unexpectedly, just after thinking this, this little god desperately squeezed into Aphrodite’s arms as if in estrus.

Tartarus’ face turned black immediately, and he felt that he and Aphrodite, who believed in this god’s nonsense, were like idiots!

The author has something to say:

Aphrodite: Just say you are stupid, don’t bring me, I’m very sober


Shura Field- [修罗场], Shura Field, mostly refers to a scene in which interpersonal relationships are complicated, and the people present have multiple relationships with each other or have unequal identities. More often used to describe a romantic relationship, in which many people appear on the same occasion. The word is originally a Buddhist term, referring to the bloody battlefield where Emperor Shitian and Asura fought in Buddhist legends, It is also now used to refer to very hard ordeals and challenges, but this usage is less common.

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