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TGOBITTOTWACBM Chapter 4: Godhead of the Sky

In the Palace of the God King, Aphrodite stood calmly in front of the throne, the golden scissors in his hand dripping with golden blood.

On the throne of the God King, Kronos screamed, wailed and groaned in pain to the point of despair.

At Aphrodite’s feet, there was a lump of flesh stained with golden blood.

Aphrodite looked at Kronos. Kronos could not stand up because of the severe pain in his lower body and could only curl up on the throne and wail, but his blood-soaked, viper-like eyes stared at Aphrodite.

Aphrodite ignored him at all and created a wooden box to collect the piece of meat on the ground.

Kronos gritted his teeth with hatred: “Aphrodite—!!! Ah!!!!”

Aphrodite glanced at him coldly, raised the wooden box slightly, and loudly said :

“The God wandering in the sky–

Killed by a god in betrayal–


Your son Aphrodite is calling your name–”

The wind and clouds are changing color at this moment, the consciousness of the sky gradually awakens, and in the vagueness, a pair of eyes full of fury and darkness is flickering.

“The curse of the past will end today, the king who betrayed his father will be betrayed by his children.

The retribution of genital mutilation will also come to him.

My respected father, I am the child who has completed your curse. Give me the eye of the sky.”

A gloomy, cold ho ho sounded, full of joy and madness.

A diamond-shaped godhead with a pure black edge and transparent blue sky in the center slowly descended from the sky and hovers in front of Aphrodite.

The godhead of the sky is shaped like an eye, but that small godhead contains a mighty power second only to the original gods.

Aphrodite held the godhead of the sky tightly, and while intoxicated by its power, he couldn’t help but frown.

Aphrodite is not a god evolved from the godhead of the sky, nor has he passed the test of the world like how he obtained the godhead of beauty.

Even if he doesn’t want to, Aphrodite has to admit that his power is not compatible with the godhead of the sky. When this powerful ability is mastered by him, it will be like a rebellious wild horse, always struggling and resisting, not willing to let its power be lent to Aphrodite obediently.

Fortunately, Aphrodite also expected this situation, so he was not too panicked.

Aphrodite pressed the godhead between his eyebrows. The godhead merged into his body and turned into a vertical eye.

Just after the integration, that eye couldn’t wait to close, ignoring Aphrodite’s call.

Seeing this, Aphrodite no longer paid attention to this godhead. In the future, he will have time to slowly refine it and extract its power. The most urgent task now is the god-King Kronos, who is still twitching in front of his eyes.

Aphrodite looked down at him, the God King’s expression was in pain, as if the pain did not disappear with the passage of time, but worsened.

Aphrodite watched him coldly for a few seconds, raised the scissors that had shortened his genitals, opened them slowly, and slid them across his throat.

Seeing this, Kronos squirmed even more, Aphrodite calmly said: “Your Majesty, don’t pretend anymore. I know that with your divine power and healing ability, you should have gotten used to the severe pain.”

Kronos stared at him, Aphrodite leaned a little closer and asked with interest, “Your Majesty the King of Gods, do you want to use this pain to make yourself look tired? Then wait for Zeus and the others to appear, paralyze them, and counterattack?”

Kronos’ face twitched, seeing that his disguise had been seen through, he no longer concealed it and screamed madly. An endless void rushed towards Aphrodite, intending to devour and drown him.

He cried angrily: “Aphrodite! I curse you, I curse you…”

Aphrodite lowered his eyebrows indifferently, his expression extremely cold: “Your Majesty God King Kronos, I was just ordered to seriously injure you by God King Zeus. Without God King Zeus taking the lead, I would not dare to do such a rebellious thing to His Majesty the God King.”

The corners of his lips were slightly raised, and he said casually: “Don’t get the target of the curse wrong and hurt me, this innocent poor god.”

“Zeus… God King…” Kronos murmured softly with scarlet and violent eyes.

Aphrodite said with a smile: “After you are defeated by him, Zeus will replace you as the new God-King. This is a matter of course, isn’t it?” Kronos panted, as if pissed off by Aphrodite.

However, because of Aphrodite’s interruption, Kronos did not continue to speak of his curse on Aphrodite.

Kronos’ eyes full of hatred glanced at the wooden box in Aphrodite’s hand, he propped up his body in pain, and pulled Aphrodite violently.

Aphrodite’s beautiful brows frowned, but instead of resisting the wrathful God-King, he pulled him to lie down on the throne.

Then Kronos pressed him up.

Aphrodite didn’t look panicked, he looked at Kronos very calmly.

Kronos asked angrily: “Aphrodite, do you think that because my genitals were cut off by you that I can’t do anything to you!”

Aphrodite smiled lightly, He glanced at the door of the temple, his voice was calm: “I am a god who controls sexual desires. Of course I know there are many ways to possess gods. It’s just…”

Aphrodite’s brows were stained with a smile, sighed softly: “But… Does Your Majesty think you still have time?”

Kronos’ eyes froze, and in the next second, thunder, storms, boulders, etc. were wrapped together, violently breaking the gate of the Temple of God.

The rays of light fell behind Zeus and other gods, and the rays of light that reflected them were infinite and boundless.

Zeus and the other gods were also stunned after seeing the scene in the temple. Kronos was like a wounded and exposed lion, his clothes were covered with blood.

He pressed Aphrodite under him crazily, holding his neck tightly with both hands.

Aphrodite smiled lightly, his expression calm and not flustered. In contrast to Kronos’ crazy appearance, he was like a beauty dancing leisurely beside a beast. The two were the ultimate contrast.

So the mad became madder, and the beautiful became more and more gorgeous.

After seeing this scene, Rhea cried out in heartache. She looked at Kronos in disbelief and asked sadly: “Kronos, what are you going to do to Aphrodite? Aphrodite is a real god, unlike our poor children, who you swallowed up before the godhead was condensed! If you kill him, you will be a real god slayer! Kronos, must you first make your mistakes insufferable before you are willing to admit your sins!”

Kronos was stopped by Rhea, and his heart became more and more resentful.

His golden hair was extremely messy at this time, like fluffy weeds, covering his cheeks. His scarlet eyes were hidden behind the pile of hair, and the states of madness, fatigue, and weakness were all mixed together, but his sight gave people a sense of prying just like a poisonous snake following secretly.

Kronos let go of Aphrodite, sat up straight, and looked down at Rhea condescendingly. With a ho-ho sneer in his throat, he said arrogantly: “My stupid and blind wife, you betrayed your husband who loved you so much, and then took pity on such a despicable and vicious god. If you knew what he had done to me, you would never show any mercy to him again!”

The gods couldn’t help but look toward Aphrodite, they were actually a little curious about how Aphrodite had hurt this mighty man and provoked him into this—

Aphrodite put away Kronos’ genitals, and Kronos didn’t want others to know his embarrassment, so the gods have not figured out how Kronos was injured so far.

Hearing Kronos’ accusation, Aphrodite was silent, lying on his back on Kronos’ throne, and stated, “I don’t think what I have done to you is an unforgivable act. Sterilization is my vocation, my behavior towards you belongs to my vocation, and I also got your permission before implementing it.”

Kronos said out of control, “But you didn’t tell me, you used this kind of way to sterilize me!”

The gods were at a loss, and Rhea asked anxiously: “Aphrodite, what have you done to Kronos?”

“Aphrodite, shut up!”

Aphrodite ignored him and said directly: “His Majesty the God King Kronos is afraid that the curse of the God King Uranus will be fulfilled. I suggested to God King Kronos to let me sterilize him. And God King Kronos also accepted my suggestion…”

The gods were stunned, and Rhea couldn’t help asking: “How did you sterilize…”

“Rhea! Aphrodite!” Kronos shouted furiously.

Aphrodite’s casual exposure to all the gods of an unbearable trauma caused an unprecedented blow to Kronos’ self-esteem.

The stagnant space erupted in an instant, and boundless darkness spread in an instant, wrapping and swallowing all the gods.

There was a flash of indifference in Zeus’ eyes, the thunder scepter was raised, and the purple thunder fell from the sky, slashing above the space, splitting the space in an instant, and countless lights penetrated through the cracks.

Kronos raised his head and looked at his fragile space. His eyes were full of surprise and astonishment. He couldn’t help but say, “How could…”

There was a queer smile on Zeus’s face, with arrogance, contempt, and schadenfreude, and he said, “My father, can’t you feel your weakened body? Do you think…you are still in your prime??”

Silence and death gradually spread over Kronos, Aphrodite glanced at Zeus inadvertently and tutted lightly.

It was Aphrodite who cut off Kronos’ genitals and caused his strength to decline. If there is no accident, Kronos will put all his hatred on Aphrodite.

Aphrodite had anticipated and prepared for this, compared to the benefits of obtaining the godhead of the sky, he felt that he could bear the consequence of the curse.

It’s just that Aphrodite didn’t expect that Zeus would taunt Kronos at the last minute…

Was Zeus afraid that Kronos would miss him when he cursed him?

The gods who were swallowed into space by Kronos were completely irritated. After they got out of trouble, they no longer hesitated. They all used their strongest magical powers to overthrow the God-King who tried to kill the gods and let Him repent his sins under Tartarus, who had never seen the light of day!

Under the various attacks, Kronos may have foreseen his future. He no longer wasted his divine power to fight against the gods, but used all his divine power to attack Zeus and Aphrodite with a curse!

“Zeus– the next king of the gods after me! What I suffer today will be on you tomorrow! Your throne is destined to be overthrown by your son, your *****¹

Kronos’ voice was extremely low, and he passed it vaguely.

Zeus raised his heart² because of Kronos’ last sentence, ignoring the strange whisper that followed.

Kronos turned his head to look at Aphrodite on the throne of God, and said with a low smile: “Aphrodite, if you can also give me that ‘thing’ from Zeus, I can give you everything that Uranus has given you too.”

Aphrodite hooked his lips and smiled mockingly, and he asked back, “Your Majesty the King of God, do I look like a fool?”

Kronos stared at him coldly, and Aphrodite said lightly: “Uranus can give me his godhead because your father was killed by you. But the future God-king will not be as reckless as you are, killing your father and killing gods, your destiny is more likely to be the endless Tartaros.”

“If you don’t die, your godhead will always have a master, how will you fulfill the reward you promised me?”

Aphrodite looked in the direction of Zeus and the others, and said with a smile: “To be honest, your provocation method is very low-level.”

Kronos was silent for a long time, and then he stopped talking and just fought against Zeus and the others. Even if losing was doomed, he would try to make Zeus and the others pay the greatest price possible.

As Aphrodite said, no matter how much he did, Zeus wouldn’t dare to kill gods anyway, would he?

The chaos was still spreading, and while Kronos had no time to take care of himself, Aphrodite tidied up his clothes and returned to Zeus’ camp.

This beautiful and dangerous god was warmly welcomed by the pantheon of Zeus, and the gods cheered him on his ingenuity over the evil king of Kronos.

After the war lasted for ten days, Kronos did his best to issue his last curse:

“The god of love and beauty – Aphrodite!

You use your beauty to bewitch the Gods, you use love to play with the heart of a God;

You arrogantly trample on everything you have, I curse you, I curse you –

One day, your beauty will be desecrated by the ugliest people in the world, and your love will be trampled to death by others.

Playing with love, you will also be played by love in the end!”

Aphrodite frowned, and there was a hint of consternation on his delicate and perfect face.

Aphrodite thought that Kronos would curse him to lose his genitals. Unexpectedly, Kronos cursed him to be played by the one he loved…

… He really looks like a pitiful person who can be hurt so much. Aphrodite thought coldly.


  • Your *****- not a mistake or anything, Zeus just didn’t heard this part cursing him about his y’know (◠‿◕)raised his heart- become nervous

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