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TGOBITTOTWACBM Chapter 3: The God of Reproduction and Sterilization

As the gods fell silent, Zeus finally gave Aphrodite the answer.

He grabbed Aphrodite’s hand enthusiastically, looked at Aphrodite with a mixture of worry and encouragement, and said deeply: “Then this task is left to you, Your Highness Aphrodite. Just remember to protect yourself. You are so beautiful, it would be a pity to lose you for a despicable god.”

Aphrodite raised his lips without any emotional fluctuations, and slowly but firmly pulled his hand away from Zeus’ frivolous but secret caress.

Aphrodite took a step back and pulled away from Zeus. He raised his chin slightly and glanced at Zeus, which made him look very proud and beautiful.

Aphrodite said coldly: “I don’t need His Highness Zeus to remind me. I will do it. As the god of love, I will guard my chastity until my love comes.”

The gods’ expressions become very strange.

It is normal for a goddess to guard her chastity, and some goddesses are also preparing to be virgins. But Aphrodite is a male god!

It’s strange having a male god say he needs to be chaste…

Especially, Aphrodite is still such a natural stunner, the gods didn’t take what he said seriously.

Aphrodite bowed silently and said softly, “Gentlemen, then I will say goodbye first.”

After all, Aphrodite was going to deal with their enemies, no matter what thoughts they had in their hearts, the gods will not show it.

Rhea got up and looked at the young man in front of her with complicated eyes. When she thought that it was her husband that he was going to seduce and assassinate, her mood became as complicated as a mixture of oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea.

Rhea gently held Aphrodite’s hand. She was more disciplined than Zeus, and her movements were very solemn, not frivolous.

In the end, Rhea’s preference for the beautiful young man in front of her and her resentment for her husband’s child-killing¹ prevailed. She stared at Aphrodite affectionately and said softly: “Your Highness, please take care of yourself on this trip. It doesn’t matter if you fail… Kronos is an evil god who can kill gods.”

In this realm, killing gods is a big sin. Although no god could judge Kronos due to his status as the God-king, the gods were already full of fear and rejection of him in their hearts.

Therefore, many Titans also rebelled and helped Zeus overthrow the rule of Kronos.

Aphrodite heard the love for him from her heartbeat, he looked at her a little strangely.

However, he hid it well and did not reveal his feelings.

Aphrodite bowed again to the gods and then walked out of Zeus’ camp. His slave god Areinte wanted to leave with him, but was rejected by Aphrodite.

Areinte did not dare to resist the order of the Lord God, so he could only stay where he was and watch Aphrodite’s figure slowly disappear with eyes full of reluctance and worry.

Aphrodite was about to march towards the temple of God King Kronos, but just after he took a few steps, the stone steps under his feet were swallowed up by the void space and turned into a bottomless darkness.

Aphrodite took a light breath and glanced behind him again, the path he came from was now covered with nothingness and darkness.

He felt it carefully, and here, even his connection with Areinte seemed to be cut off.

——Aphrodite confirmed that he had entered the space of Kronos.

The creator of time and space, the god of time and space, Kronos!

Aphrodite lowered his eyebrows, knelt down on one knee, and called out respectfully, “Your Majesty the King of God, Aphrodite, who is in charge of love and desire, is here to see you, and I would like to do everything in my power to solve the heavy troubles for Your Majesty.”

His thick and dense eyelashes were like crow wings, his golden crown shone with golden light, and his lustrous white skin exuded a jade-like radiance in the dark night.

While Kronos ignored him and did not respond, Aphrodite remained silent and submissive.

He is like the most perfect sculpture carved out of jade. He is silent, but he is the only light in this quiet night. The light of his crown kept flowing, and Aphrodite unscrupulously used the power of the god of beauty to sparkle in this dark and silent space.

Soon, Kronos couldn’t resist the temptation of the god of beauty, and couldn’t help showing his figure.

He frowned and looked at Aphrodite, and snorted coldly: “Solve my troubles? Just you? My troubles are my rebellious children and brothers, can you kill them all?”

Aphrodite raised his head and stood up. In the darkness, his extremely beautiful face was like shrouded with a halo, almost making people dare not look directly.

Kronos originally wanted to kill this god who went to join his son after he was born, but now…

Kronos thought coldly, that’s all, he’s just a god without fighting ability and quite stupid. Although his foolish young son Zeus was not strong, the thunder he summoned was quite powerful. Perhaps he used that to confuse the beautiful but not smart god in front of him.

Kronos thought arrogantly, he didn’t need to care about such a little guy.

Aphrodite was unaware of Kronos’ mood. He raised his head and smiled lightly. The perfect sculpture was given a soul in an instant, and the agile eyes were like deep lake water, enough to drown a god.

Aphrodite said: “Your Majesty, I am the god of desire, and I control the power of sexual desire. Reproduction is built on the basis of sexual desire, and only through intercourse can it be possible to produce offspring. So, the priesthood of reproduction also belongs to me.”

As Aphrodite spoke eloquently, the brilliance of the godhead in his heart circulated, and the priesthood of reproduction came into being, turning into a solid-colored gold ring and wearing it on his right index finger.

God of reproduction, Aphrodite!

Kronos was a little surprised with Aphrodite’s ability to comprehend the original godhead and actually developed a priesthood casually.

But does this priesthood have anything to do with him?

Aphrodite smiled lightly and ignored Kronos, he said leisurely: “Reproduction means new life, but I am the god who controls reproduction, so the end of new life should also be managed by me–“

Kronos was stunned.

Aphrodite: “I am the god of reproduction and the god of sterilization.”

As his voice fell, the pure gold ring shone brightly, a silver light flowed on the gold ring and finally turned into a delicate pattern floating on the gold ring surface.

The priesthood of sterilization is a derivative of the priesthood of reproduction.

Kronos’ eyes widened involuntarily, and scarlet filled his eyes, looking at the ring in Aphrodite’s hand, with undisguised greed and desire in his eyes.

Aphrodite caressed the gold and silver ring casually, and said, “Your Majesty, as long as you don’t have any new offspring, and you really kill your few living descendants, what you are afraid of is not a problem and can be avoided”

“So, does this solve your troubles?”

Kronos’ Adam’s apple rolled indistinctly, and he couldn’t help grabbing Aphrodite’s right hand, obviously very excited.

However, he still barely maintained the majesty of the God-King, and did not express his desire.

However, he did not know that the god in front of him has the ability to listen to desires. At this time, Aphrodite’s mind was already filled with the words “help me, help me!“, which shows how intense the desire of Kronos is.

Aphrodite looked at him quietly, with a shallow smile on the corner of his lips. It was very beautiful. It was as dazzling as moonlight in the dark and silent space, but it also revealed an inexplicable coolness.

He looked at Kronos like this. It was obvious that Kronos is a powerful God-King, but at this time, Aphrodite seemed to be in a reversed position with Kronos.

At this moment, he is the God who is admired, worshipped, and prayed for, and Kronos is just a believer who longs for the redemption of the God.

Aphrodite turned his back on the titan, held Kronos’ hand, and rubbed the pulp of his finger lightly on Kronos’ fingers, he smiled lightly and said, “Do you really want me to help you? Kronos …Your Majesty the God-King.”

Kronos was keenly aware of a hint of danger, and he involuntarily pulled his hand back, but he did not twitch.

Kronos squinted at Aphrodite, his eyes were long and narrow, and this action made him look very cold and gloomy.

Aphrodite didn’t care, his crown shone brightly, exuding a beauty that would amaze the world.

The light of the crown makes Aphrodite gleam, and at the same time reflects the light of the two gemstone earrings.

The power of charm and confusion descended, and the God of conspiracy quietly bewitched the priesthood of Kronos.

However, these are just superficial forces. At Aphrodite’s chest, the godhead of Desire swirls wildly and shines brightly.

Kronos couldn’t help but lose his mind, and finally said to Aphrodite: “Help me—”

Aphrodite lowered his eyebrows: “Can you take me out of this space, I’m a little scared here.”

— Although there was no fearful expression on his face, Kronos, who was overwhelmed by the beauty, did not realize it.

Kronos will only think, why is this god so perfect, even his voice is so damn sweet.

Kronos responded casually and took Aphrodite out of the space.

After leaving Kronos’ space, Aphrodite’s expression relaxed a little.

The space of Kronos still put a lot of pressure on Aphrodite, and now, he can be considered free of that annoying prison.

Aphrodite thought happily, he was in a good mood and didn’t mind letting the God-King Kronos enjoy the last happiness before the punishment.

He held Kronos’ hand, turned back, and smiled at Kronos, and in a daze, Kronos was led by him.

Then he was pressed by Aphrodite on his shoulders and was sat on the throne of the King of Gods.

Aphrodite stood and looked down at him condescendingly with an indifferent light flashing in his eyes, but it was a pity that Kronos was fascinated by Aphrodite’s beauty, and could not see that a deeper terror was coming quietly.

Aphrodite put one hand on his shoulder, opened the other hand, and condensed a golden light on his palm.

Aphrodite lowered his eyebrows and asked again, “Your Majesty the God-King Kronos, do you need my help?”

Kronos’ Adam’s apple moved, his voice became hoarse, and he answered.

Aphrodite looked at him and raised the hand on his shoulder to cover his eyes.

Under the stimulation of darkness, Aphrodite’s clear and plain voice became more and more sweet and moving–

“Then don’t resist, Your Majesty, I’m going to do it.”

Kronos was a little nervous, the kind of nervousness with anticipation.

Aphrodite obviously just wanted to help him reject the arrival of new heirs, but his superfluous actions gave Kronos some illusions.

The corners of Kronos’ lips couldn’t help twitching a little, he sat calmly, waiting for the next sweet thing to happen.

He didn’t see that the golden light in Aphrodite’s palm condensed into small golden scissors.

And he didn’t see that hand raised high and stabbed into him–

On the other end, the gods on Zeus’s camp are anxiously waiting. Just a few seconds later, the screams of God King Kronos resounded through Mount Olympus, startling the waiting gods.

Surprise came after the fright. Zeus heard unprecedented weakness and pain in Kronos’ voice. A surprise light burst out in his eyes, and he lifted his thunder scepter—

Purple thunder roared out from the dark clouds, and the light shone on all the dust and gloom in the world.

The decisive battle of the King of Gods is officially here!


  • child-killing- [次噬子] can also be translated as.
  • child-devouring; refers to the cruelty of a parent to a child.

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