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TFWL Chapter 5


There was a sense of hostility behind the kindness of meeting an ugly enemy.

“Why are you silent? Say something.”

Charlize breathed heavily, which she had stopped for a while.

‘Why am I meeting someone who has a similar personality to Charlize?’

The man frowned at Charlize’s face. He smiled at her appearance before saying.

“Charlize, thank you very much for making the party a real shit.”

He was the Emperor of the Evansky Empire and a tyrant to his subjects.

Harrison Reose Evansky*.

[T/N: I changed his middle and last name a little. His real name by MTL is Harrison Reese Ibarkney.]

He hated Charlize the most among the male leads.

“Your Majesty.”

Charlize called Harrison in a low voice.

“Let me make everything clear.”

Harrison raised his eyebrows as if asking her to speak quickly.

“I’ve never kicked my lovely sister out, and I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

Charlize smiled with a distinctive viciousness. Somehow she had to act. To get over this situation.

‘I have to get out of this place somehow and run away.’

But Harrison tilted his head with a knowing face.

“You are still the same.”

“I don’t change, Your Majesty. Rather, Your Majesty is the one who kindly called me ‘Dear Charlize’. I’m worried if Your Majesty has gone crazy.”

Harrison laughed in vain and answered, pointing his index finger at his cheek.

“Did you forgot you also slapped me on the face? The cheek hit by Charlize still hurts. After all it was our dear Charlize who slapped me. The shock may have been so great for me to go crazy.”*

[T/N: I changed this paragraph a little in accordance with the previous chapter.]

It sounded like an apology for slapping her on the face?

But Charlize was not discouraged by this.

She couldn’t do anything because she was surprised by the male lead that suddenly popped out of nowhere, but now it’s different.

Her intention is to get the hell out of here.

She had to get out of this damn game and fix her short-lived fate. So that she could live a long and peaceful life.

To do so, she had to change this crazy development first.

If Charlize disappeard too, the situation would it be even more chaotic.

It was impossible to change the herd of male leads’ mindset.

But it was impossible for them to love her.

Moreover, it was even more impossible to slap him on the cheek again.

Charlize didn’t like to talk in a roundabout manner. She was straightforward to no matter whom.

She just hoped this ends soon.

“Your Majesty, I, Charlize, would like to ask something from you.”

“Shall I listen to it?”

“Which is the best way to get out of here? North? South? West? East? Or that high sky?”

“Our Charlize should be held captive in a cage, not kicked out of the family, but what should I do about this?”

Harrison added with a fake tearful face.

“I have no intention of letting you go.”

Oh, my God, this is crazy.

Charlize almost uttered abusive language for a moment.

Just as expected, the male leads were very difficult to approach.

‘It was a stupid idea. I had to make a U-turn, not go straight.’

Charlize also showed a tearful face like Harrison and said with a sincere look.

“Won’t let me go? Did Your Majesty suddenly wants to get my attention? But I’ve kicked Tia out, so she can’t easily steal my spotlight. You all have been paying her lot of attention.”

Charlize somehow sounded uneasy about the ‘a lot attention’. She made a strong point of her opinion regardless.

“Your Majesty, peace will come when I am gone…. You like peace.”

“I don’t think so. I like hell, not peace.”

“Hell is too scary.”

“No, I can’t be afraid of hell when my angel is gone because of you.”

As expected, it’s not easy.

Charlize answered with a deep sigh.

“Once again, I’ve never kicked Tia out. My naughty sister suddenly hit puberty and ran away from home. I’ve never kicked Tia out. Please correct what you said earlier. Your Majesty.”

“Oh, so she ran away from home. Interesting. Then shouldn’t you be the one to find your naughty sister?”

“I don’t think it’s something for me to do. There are older brothers for this.”

“You said you never kicked Tia out. Then you should go and find her.”

Harrison, who had seen Charlize atrocities vividly in front of his eyes, provoked her.

‘I have to cut off the conversation. If this continues, I’m going to die in a year, not three years.’

Charlize rolled her eyes. Then she suddenly picked the flower next to her and put it behind Harrison’s ear.

“Oh my, Your Majesty is so beautiful. I’ve put the flower in you ear, so I think I’m done with my business in the garden.”

Harrison stiffened his face at the unexpected behaviour.

“Flower? Ear?”


Harrison loosened his hand that had been holding Charlize’s hair and touched the flower that tickled his ears.


“So I’ll leave first.”

Charlize quickly got up, taking the chance of Harrison’s absent-minded appearance. Before walking toward the entrance of the garden, she twisted her body slightly and whispered quietly toward the frozen Harrison.

“You look pretty good with that flower, Your Majesty. Then I’ll take my leave.”


In the dark background, the sound of Charlize’s shoes were heard as fast as a cheerful dance.

Harrison, who was left alone, looked bitter, sweeping up the bangs covering his forehead.

“Our Charlize has grown up a lot.”

His silver-gray eyes were fierce.


Anxiety was revealed on Charlize’s face, who escaped from the garden. She was afraid of the retaliation of the tyrant male protagonist, who hated her the most. It gave her a headache to think that two older brothers would peck at her when she went back to the mansion.

‘Be calm. Brazenly.’

Originally, Charlize Rebecca was a thick-skinned wicked woman.

Her shrunken shoulders were straightened. Charlize, who walked like a lady in a modest gray dress with her hands clasped together, was at one point like an angel.

However, she was infamous for her evil nature.

Now she had to plan what to do. Charlize’s feet, moving to the mansion, seem to be heavy as if they were shackled. She could hear the sound of the heels repeatedly hitting on the ground, which she wanted to stop.

‘Obviously, Charlize Rebecca was the object of love and hate for the main characters. A one-dimensional villain created just to maximize the heroine’s emotions. That was Charlize.’

Unfortunately, Charlize had no one she could rely on.

No one reached out to her, except for the dead Duchess Rebecca. The Duchess cared for Charlize like her own daughter. Charlize developed anxiety and hyperventilation shortly after the death of the Duchess, whom she relied on.

‘I’ve seen many illustrations of Charlize falling down in front of male characters. And in the book setting, it is said that Charlize was a mad villain with depression.’

The depression of the Duchess’ absence became so severe that her body became fragile. So Charlize always had plain porridge on her table.

Charlize swept her thin arms, touching the protruding bones.

‘What if I starve to death?’

First of all, she needs to eat well.

Charlize’s body was so fragile that it seemed necessary to take care of it.

Charlize’s footsteps, who were walking slowly, stopped moving.

Someone was waiting for her to come back. Jeremy, who looked furious, stood at the door of the mansion with his arms crossed.


“… Brother Jeremy?”

As soon as Jeremy saw Charlize, he began to get angry, shouting out loud.

“Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you? Huh? If your mouth isn’t stuck together, at least make an excuse.”

“I informed you that I was sick.”

“Do you think that’ll make an excuse? You ruined Tia’s birthday party.”

Jeremy sighed deeply and folded his arms. He raised his chin arrogantly and looked at Charlize as if asking if she had anything else to say.

“It’s not my birthday party anyway. It’s Tia’s birthday party.”

In other words, it was a party that was ruined by the person for which it was held. It wasn’t Charlize’s fault but the female lead. That way, she ruined the birthday party that her two orca brothers struggled with.

“This… really. We’ve never been in peace and harmony since someone like you came into my family. Whenever I talk to you, I can’t help my voice from getting loud because of you. It’s annoying.”

“That’s why, I’m leaving this family. Brother Jeremy.”

“Are you still talking about that nonsense? Are you secretly out of your mind? You can never get out of here because of Mother’s will. Do you understand? You should be tied to our family forever.”

“Why? If I stay here, the prestige and reputation of the family will fall.”

“It’s already fallen to the point of no return. Look back on what you’ve done so far. There’s nowhere else for you to go.”

Jeremy always thought there was no benefit in fighting that damn thing. They often fight to know Charlize’s thoughts, but he couldn’t figure out what the hell she was thinking for wanting to leave the family.

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