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Charlize, who had no idea that the Dark Sorcerer, Ellie’s soul had fled, was observing Tia with a bored expression. Tia healed countless sick people in the temple very quickly.

It’s already been half a day.

Tia was constantly receiving sick people, without being tired.

She had a lot of patience.

‘I think I’d have snapped in less than an hour.’

Charlize couldn’t help but admire Tia again.

A Saintess, and a patient character.

Charlize suddenly thought that she was lucky that she hadn’t possessed a Saintess.

“Now, the next person.”

Tia continued to treat the sick quickly without a break.

She had to leave this island soon. So she wanted to treat as much sick people as possible before she left.

It could be dismissed as sympathy.

But how does she truly feel when she sees patients who are happy thanks to her treatment?

Pride is very addictive.

It was an addiction that she couldn’t stop once she tasted it.

More than any crazy drug.

Still, Tia decided to leave the island of the sick because she had greater compassion for Charlize.

Tia finished treating the patient and glanced at Charlize, who was glancing at her from time to time sitting next to her.

She was still beautiful.

How nice it would be if she could be the only one to see her pretty sister.

Should I lock Sister up?

‘No, Sister wants freedom.’

Tia wanted to do something bad for the first time.

What do you mean confinement?

It was a word that didn’t really suit her.

‘I guess my desire dominates me because I like my sister that much.’

Tia was a little worried that she was going crazy, but she thought it was okay.

If only she could be by Charlize’s side.

Imagining Charlize, who gained freedom, and living without interference with someone.

Tia’s lips trembled slightly.

In a moment’s blissful delusion.

If Charlize finds out about her delusion, she may reject her.

‘Let’s hide this unacceptable feeling as much as possible.’

Tia hid her longing heart in the corner of her mind.

So that Charlize wouldn’t know at all.

Tia planned her life with Charlize for a while and quickly returned to reality.

“Next person.”

Tia’s eyes moved quickly from Charlize to the patient.

“What happened?”

The next patient was a woman.

And also a woman who covered her whole body with a robe.

“Are you the patient?”


Tia felt a strange sense of alienation from this patient.

As if she had seen her somewhere before.

I must be mistaken.

The face was half covered with the robe’s hood, so it couldn’t be properly identified who she was.

Therefore, Tia just casually thought, ‘She must not want to show her sick self.’

She held her patient’s hand to treat her quickly with divine power.

If the woman wouldn’t tell her what sickness she has, she had no choice but to find out by herself.

The moment she took the woman’s hand, Tia was briefly surprised.

Her entire body was weakened in an instant, and all of her muscles relaxed to the maximum.

She felt so relaxed that she couldn’t even move in this state.

This patient was likely to have quite a lot of magic.

Usually, most of the people on this island were infected by the plague.

The general patients came just in case after hearing the rumour of Tia. Because they were infected by a serious disease, they just come in case they could be saved.

These common patients were as many as 1% of the island.

Isn’t everyone afraid of the plague?

Or did she think it was her last chance?

Tia, who could not understand the patients’ minds properly, wanted to applaud the courage of ordinary patients who came to the island from outside.

However, she didn’t know if this general patient could be cured with magic.

There was a patient whom she couldn’t cure with her divine power.

Of course, it was before she awakened as a Saintess.

Before awakening as a Saintess, she was unable to take care of many patients due to limited divine power.

Maybe only 5-10 people per day.

Nevertheless, there was one person who couldn’t be cured by Tia’s divine power.

It was a patient infected with plague with the power of evil energy in his body.

In another word, he was not only suffering from a plague, his soul was also embedded with evil energy and cursed by a demon.

It was a very rare case, but patients with this case have come to her very often and clinging to her for treatment.

She knew it would be hard, and she also wasn’t sure if the patient would die in the process. But the patient insisted.

He put his life on the line of gambling.

Even though she knew she couldn’t cure him, Tia respected the patients’ opinions.

But in the end, those who had the demon’s curse died, spewing blood through their mouths as soon as they came into contact with her divine power.

It was a vain death.

Now there was a reason why Tia thought of such a patient.

It was because this woman right in front of her has the same case.

The power of evil was felt vividly in her body.

Tia let go of her hand for a moment.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can cure you.”

“…help me.”

The woman’s clear and beautiful voice trembled.

“Please, help me.”

“A person who is cursed by the demon dies instantly on the spot when he or she comes into contact with my divine power. I’m sorry but you should give up.”

Tia made a strong decision this time and refused directly.

It was because she didn’t want to see a situation where another person died because of her divine power.

She is selfish, but she didn’t want to see people die because of her. They’re human beings too.

It was okay as long as she had the experience.

She didn’t want to witness it anymore.

“I may die. Please save me. Please.”

The woman begged for help.

Tia again made up her mind and expressed her intention to refuse.

“I’m sorry.”

“I must live. By all means.”

“It’s out of my power to cure you.”

“It’s okay if I die, so please….”

“I’m sorry.”

“Please, cure me.”

The woman’s stubbornness was unshakable.

She never backed down on Tia’s refusal.

Rather, she pushed Tia, who had a troubled expression, and expressed her intention strongly.

Tia’s blue eyes shook greatly.

It meant that her resolve was getting weaker and weaker.

Charlize, who saw this situation, decided to help Tia with a small sigh.

The patients in the back would die if this continued.

“That’s enough. Think of the person behind you.”

Charlize threatened the woman, blocking Tia’s way.

The woman shivered slightly when Charlize appeared.

Like she saw a monster.

“I must live.”

“The patients in the back should live, too. And Tia can’t cure you. What can we do? Just go back.”

Charlize’s heavy threat made the woman cry.

“I must live for my sister.”

The woman began to beg on her knees despite the uproar of the people standing behind her.

Charlize grabbed the woman by the wrist to kick her out as if she had no choice.

“…I got you.”


When the woman saw Charlize grabbing her wrist, she showed a devilish smile.

Charlize narrowed her brows and tried to kick the woman out of the temple.

“My plan will be perfect if you disappear.”


Suddenly, a strong gale took off the woman’s hood naturally.

Charlize was greatly surprised by the woman’s appearance.

It was because she looked exactly like Tia.

The way Tia was before she awakened as a Saintess.

Shoulder length platinum-blonde hair waved in the air like waves along the wind, and the clear, soft blue eyes looking at Charlize were as beautiful as Tia’s.

Her skin was fair and beautiful, almost transparent.

It was like she was looking at Tia.

Charlize blanked out for a moment when she saw the woman’s appearance for the first time.

‘Was there an extra who looks like Tia, the original female lead? No, there wasn’t.’

Charlize recalled the information from the original game as she groped back the memories of her previous life.

‘No extras or supporting characters with the same appearance as Tia appeared. Then who is this?’

Charlize couldn’t help but be curious about the woman.

Who is it that has the same appearance as the original female protagonist?

Charlize asked the woman without letting go of her guard.

“Who are you? Why do you have the same appearance as my sister?”

The woman laughed at Charlize’s question.

The corners of the mouth, which went up smoothly, were filled with joy.

“My name is Lena.”

“Le, na?”

Tia, who was behind Charlize, muttered slowly, calling the woman’s name.

Tia’s expression was ridiculously stiff.

Like she saw someone she shouldn’t see.

“Sister Charlize, the girl named Lena. Is she not Ellie’s sister…?”

“I think they have the similar name.”

“Oh, do you know my sister?”

Lena smiled fascinatingly at Tia.

With a face still of no interest, Charlize dragged Lena by the wrist and threw her out of the temple.

Charlize threw her with all her might, and therefore lost her energy.

Lena, who had fallen on the floor of the temple, looked up at Charlize with a mean smile.

“I’ve heard a lot from Sister Ellie. You are the murderer who killed my sister.”

Despite Lena’s provocation, Charlize did not even blink.

Rather, she smiled and encouraged her.

“Say more.”

T/N: Can’t anyone still understand why Tia killed Charlize in the original game? 👀

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