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Especially that damn insensitive face.

When did Charlize ever laugh properly?

Jeremy suddenly looked in his memory for the day when Charlize gave a pure smile.

“Charlize, My princess, you are so pretty.”

“Hehe. Thank you.”

It was when he overheard a conversation she had with his Mother, Duchess Rebecca, while he was passing by. At that time, Charlize smiled with a gentle, innocent smile, without causing any trouble. But since his Mother became sick, Charlize started to behave crazily.

That’s when she started bullying Tia. Taking Tia’s stuff, slapping her in the face was the norm. She also tried to take Tia’s life by pushing her down the stairs. Not only had she done evil to Tia, but also to the people around her.

Jeremy once honestly blamed his Mother for picking her up.

Why did she pick up such a thing possessed by trash? Tsk.

“Charlize, you’re so lucky. Since the moment you entered our family, you have had a good life, enjoying good food. An orphan of unknown origin is on the windfall. So don’t act as you please, and think about the other person’s mind.”

Jeremy raised one corner of his mouth and sarcastically said to Charlize.

But it sounded too familiar to Charlize. How can she have a peaceful mind without feeling anxious with so much nagging? She couldn’t help but think ‘Charlize’ was really great to endure such mindless blabbering everyday.

“I’m thinking about the other person’s feelings, Brother Jeremy.”

“You can’t leave the family, Charlize. Don’t be stubborn.”

“Is the will that important?”

“It’s important. You don’t know the history of my family, so you don’t know how important the Duchess’ will is.”

“I don’t know, so tell me. Why can’t I leave the family, and why is my Mother’s will important?”

Jeremy, who had been nagging loudly, replied with an irritated look at Charlize.

“The Rebecca family can gain strength by fulfilling the wishes of the dead. So if we keep our Mother’s will well, our ability will become stronger. How did you come up with the idea of becoming a member of the Rebecca family without knowing this?”

“I was adopted in the first place, so I don’t know much about the Rebecca family. I’ve never had a tutor.”

Yes, Charlize was just raised as Duchess Rebecca’s doll. It was natural that she had no knowledge about the outside world. No one even taught her family heritage, history, or culture.

The Duchess did not treat Charlize as a person either. A pretty doll she liked at a glance.

That’s all she thought Charlize was.

‘That’s why ‘Charlize’ rebelled. Since the Duchess adopted her, she should think of her (Charlize) as a family member, but she didn’t treat her( Charlize) like a person, so she (Charlize) went in the wrong path. The Duchess was the only one who was by her side, but she disappeared suddenly, which made ‘Charlize’ anxious.’

Suddenly, she felt pity for ‘Charlize’.

And when she remembered the scenes in her dream where ‘Charlize’ attempted to suicide, she seemed to have had quite a severe depression.

‘It’s a pity to be possessed by ‘Charlize, who was cursed like that.’

Jeremy glanced at Charlize, who suddenly turned silent, and felt strange.

It’s the standard of Charlize Rebecca to usually start speaking with her hands.

Charlize, who was thinking about something without doing anything, felt unfamiliar to Jeremy.

“Aren’t you going to slap me in the face?”

Charlize’s eyes turned to him at Jeremy’s absurd question.

“I’m going to try not to hit you or others from now on.”

‘Charlize, you really like to beat others.’

‘Otherwise, why would everyone ask you to slap them?’

“You? You won’t hit people?”

Jeremy wondered if he had misheard. When someone told something to Charlize she didn’t like, she would slap the person first before talking. But he couldn’t believe she wouldn’t hit anyone anymore. Can a person change like that?

Jeremy frowned at the sense of alienation.

“Are you pretending to be nice now? Why don’t you just hit me? That’s how you are.”

Charlize had a headache because of the people who kept asking her to hit them whenever they saw her. She answered in a friendly tone, her lips gleaming into a smile.

“I’ll do what I want. Please mind your own business, Brother Jeremy. You won’t be able to help me leave, but you’re talking a lot as if you would.”

Saying this, Charlize simply passed by Jeremy.

Like a complete stranger.

Jeremy turned his back to catch Charlize and stretched out his arm in the air, but could not even reach her black hair.

‘The damn thing keeps catching my eye.’

Jeremy quickly lowered his arm in the air and watched Charlize go.

She’s good at annoying people.

Jeremy pored over Charlize and headed to Eugene.


Charlize, who entered the mansion, quickly headed to her room. She wanted to hide in the room before the maids saw her.

Fortunately, she didn’t run into anyone while climbing the stairs.

All she happened to run into was Jeremy.

If she ran into Eugene on the way there, he would have clearly gotten angrier. In comparison, Jeremy was just obsessed with his real family.

In fact, in the game, Jeremy cared for the female protagonist Tia like a treasure, but he has always looked down at Charlize, who was not his family, and said harsh things without hesitation.

So Charlize felt inferior and went on to bully Tia and become a villain.

She may have claimed to be a villain all the more because no one has ever properly treated the Duchess’ doll, Charlize properly.

As she climbed the stairs, she saw the familiar door of Charlize’s room.

When cool air mixed into the stuffy room came to her, Charlize breathed out calmly to see if she could breathe.

“What should I do to escape?”

Three years later, the female lead Tia will return. It is also the day Charlize died. Tia, full of vengeance, asked the male protagonists to kill Charlize.

And Charlize dies an absurd death.

‘Alas, can’t I avoid the dead flag?’

‘Can’t I go back to the original world?’

She didn’t want to be killed by someone in this game in vain.

However, the only way to live well in this game seems to be to escape, but no one is helping her.

Run away, you’re going to be back anyway.

It was like saying this.

Charlize shook her head and thought she was still dreaming. Because she wanted to deny this reality.

Judgment clouded over again.

‘Wouldn’t the game be over if I took my own life? In fact, the game went smoothly after Charlize died. I’m afraid to die, but I can’t help it. This body is not my body. I can do it.’

Charlize quickly searched the drawer and found the sleeping pill she had seen in her dream. She stuffed a lot of sleeping pills into her mouth. Cough, there was a sound, but it went through her throat regardless.

And like that dark memory, Charlize lay flat on the bed.

‘Would this work? There aren’t many ways to escape from this game. Returning to my world by dying seems to be the only option.’

Charlize smiled faintly and fell into a dream she could not escape.



As soon as she felt her blocked breathing was running smoothly, she quickly got out of bed and looked around. When she realized that it was a modern room, not the medieval one, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m back.”

Yeah, death it was.

She really came back after she died.

Kim Daneun* unlocked her smartphone and turned on the app of the damn harem game, [Let me go, please.]

[T/N: I don’t know if I translated the name right. You can let me know through the comment if there’s any name like this in Korea.]

Then she saw an illustration of Charlize.

Dark, long, black and lustrous hair, pale skin, and golden eyes slightly dark as if they were merged with gold bars, a small, thin frame.

It was Charlize Rebecca, whom she had just possessed.

Looking at it like this again made her feel uneasy.

Why did she possess Charlize?

It was very ironic.

Kim Daneun thought she had a nightmare.

That’s what she thought.….

She fell asleep again and fell flat on the floor.

‘It hasn’t been long since I woke up. Am I already tired?’

Her eyelids closed slowly. It was so heavy that she couldn’t block her eyelids from drooping.

And the darkness came upon her.


As soon as the birthday party was over, Eugene heard that Jeremy had entered the mansion – and went into Charlize’s room without the owner’s permission, in a state full of anger.

‘Charlize, how far are you really going to fall?’

Eugene gritted his teeth when he saw Charlize lying in the bed.

She is sleep peacefully?

After ruining Tia’s birthday party like this?

Eugene strode up to Charles and tried to wake her up.

“Charlize! Get up!”

He shouted and pulled Charlize up by the collar. Oddly enough, her neck fell to the side helplessly. Eugene’s purple eyes trembled slightly. He took his index finger to her nose and felt her breathing was almost as if it were about to die down like a wisp of smoke.

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