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Harrison, who was not so squeamish at normal times, followed John and vomited his gut out.

As such, the filthy smell of the island of the sick became heavier.

“Damn, where is this Charlize? Use your magic to find her, John.”

“Your Majesty. I can’t use magic right now.”

“Why? You’ve recovered quite a bit.”

“I don’t know. I’ve been trying to use magic, but something is hindering me.”

“Are you giving excuses now?”

“It’s true. Look at this.”

John tried to use magic by muttering magic spells, but traces of magic only fluttered on his palm like a flash of light and disappeared instead.

Harrison sensed something strange when he saw it.

The Great Wizard can’t use magic?

Only on this island?

But the magic worked in front of the island.

It’s very suspicious and strange.

Suddenly, Harrison came across a woman who was a little familiar.

The woman came out of an alley and was huffing and puffing while looking around.

Harrison tapped John’s arm and quietly pointed his index finger at the woman.

“Don’t you think we know this woman?”

“Your Majesty. We should look for Tia, why are you looking at other women?”

“You’re mistaken. Isn’t she the maid that Tia always keeps beside her?”

At Harrison’s words, John looked at the place where Harrison’s finger was pointed.

It was dark, so he couldn’t see properly, but as Harrison said, the woman with a familiar appearance who was looking around was the maid of Tia.

She looked like she was being chased by someone.

“Oh, as Your Majesty said, I think that really is the maid of Tia that she cherishes.”

“Then does that mean that Tia is here?”

“We can only confirm through her.”

Harrison and John ran fast in front of the woman, Ellie.

For a moment, Ellie was shocked when two men were seen running to her.

‘His Majesty and the Great Wizard…?’

‘Why are they in this shabby place?’

‘Did Lady Charlize bring them here?’

Things were getting completely messed up.

Ellie was soon surrounded.

By Harrison and John.

However, she couldn’t even run away.

They were the men at the top of the hierarchy.

There was nothing a maid could do.

“You’re Tia’s maid, right?”

Ellie trembled at John’s outspoken question.

‘How do they remember my face? It is natural if they forgot about me because they are different from ordinary people.’

Ellie ran away from Charlize and was in trouble.

“……yes, that’s right.”

Ellie answered quietly, lowering her head.

Harrison and John, hearing Ellie’s answer, gave her a ferocious look.

Harrison leaned forward to the maid, Ellie and sniffed.

At that moment, a familiar scent was smelled.

It was the scent of Tia.

That scent that he hadn’t forgotten for months.

The scent was emanating from the maid.

That means that the maid was with Tia.

“Where is Tia? Come on, tell me the truth. If you lie, I will kill you.”

Ellie was crushed by Harrison’s threat and fell on the floor begging for mercy.

Harrison repeated himself again, looking down at Ellie with arrogant eyes.

“Where did you hide Tia?”

“……I am not sure where the Lady is now.”

John gritted his teeth in Ellie’s vague answer.

He needed Tia now.

Because the curse was acting up.

Tia was absolutely necessary to get rid of this curse.

Not only that, but Tia was his savior.

He shouldn’t, couldn’t lose her.

“You don’t know where your master is? Really?”

“I… met Lady Charlize and ran away. Perhaps Lady Charlize has taken Lady Tia away.”

Ellie said it all fearfully.

It was a true confession without a lie.

“Charlize is interfering again. Haa.”

Harrison sighed and swept his dry face.

He thought Charlize wouldn’t cause any trouble now because she was quiet for a while, but he felt like he was hit in the back of his head.

But why did the maid run away when she saw Charlize?

Shouldn’t the employer protect the owner?

Harrison narrowed his brows and asked Ellie again.

“Why did you run away, abandoning your master?”

“I don’t know what Lady Charlize will do……. Because she’s a scary person.”

“So she scared you?”

“It’s not that.”

“I don’t need to know why you escaped, tell me where is Tia now?”

John cut Ellie’s words because he thought it would be more profitable to find Tia in time for a quarrel.

“I’ll show you where Lady Tia is staying.”

Ellie didn’t want to die here and vowed to trap those two great men.

Using her own black magic.

“Of course you should. Go ahead and guide us.”

At John’s brazen attitude, Ellie jumped up from the ground and glanced at him.

‘Normally, I wouldn’t use magic, but it seems that the black magic would work well on them since they don’t have any protection spell on them.’

Ellie smiled faintly behind the two’s backs.

Black magic didn’t work on Charlize.

But it worked on Tia, who was full of holy power.

Ellie couldn’t bear to die now, it wasn’t the time for her to die yet.

She has to save her sister.

So she could never die before that.

With that heart, Ellie took Harrison and John to the ‘trap’.

“Lady Tia is such a sweet and kind person.”

While Ellie took the lead and took them to the ‘trap’, she suddenly began to tell the two about Tia.

“Lady Tia listened to me very well. Unlike the violent Lady Charlize.”

“That’s true.”

Harrison nodded as if he agreed with Ellie.

Ellie smiled and continued to talk.

“I asked Lady Tia to run away first. Then Lady Tia said yes, and we ran away.”

At Ellie’s sudden revelation, Harrison and John briefly shut up.

“She said she wanted to run away. With me, she wants to run away from this world somehow. Lady Tia showed tears in front of me. So I made up my mind. I will protect her.”

The girl who looks just like my sister.

Ellie swallowed the last word.

She took the lead and suddenly stopped walking.

They were almost at the ‘trap’.

Harrison looked around because Ellie, who suddenly stopped walking, looked somewhat strange.

“Is this really where Tia is staying?”

“Of course, My Lady loves this place.”

It was when John began to feel the energy around him had suddenly changed.

Black magic poured upon them.


A great wind swept through Ellie’s body.

Ellie turned around and smirked at the two, who had disappeared under the shadow.

“I’m sorry. I can’t die like this. Lady Tia is absolutely necessary to me. To save my sister.”

Ellie rolled her right hand like a snake and smiled devilishly as she looked down at the rising black shadow.


Tia tried to take Charlize to the place where she was staying for now.

But she got lost.

The road she used to take looked different.

“Tia, is this the right place?”

“Sister. This is the right way, but the road has changed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. It’s definitely the way I’ve been going all the time…….”

Charlize did not think that Tia was lying when she saw Tia looked really embarrassed.

That means they are really lost.

Lost on this island after months of living?

It was weird.

“When I went with Ellie, I never got lost…….”

“I guess you’re on good terms with this Ellie.”

“Yes. She’s my favorite maid.”

“But you must have run away with her because you believe in her.”

“That’s right.”

“Whatever. Now that I’ve found you, that’s enough.”

It didn’t go like the original, but it’s okay.

Charlize did not let go of the hand that held Tia’s, and suddenly clung tightly to Tia’s side.

At the sudden action of Charlize, Tia’s head seemed to be spinning for a moment.

“Oh, Sister?”

“It’s cold. Why is it so cold here in the South?”

“……Maybe it’s because it’s an island.”

“You lived in a place like this so well.”

“I have an aim.”

“What, to treat all the patients on this island?”

“Yes. You know my personality well. I’m too noisy.”

When Charlize actually played this reverse harem game previously, she found the female protagonist frustrating.

There were a lot of scenes where she meddled in a lot of things and got caught up in troublesome situations.

“Well. You never passed by poor people. Unlike me.”

The original villain, Charlize, was a character who already felt sorry for herself and did not think about the poor people at all.

She was a one-dimensional character, but when she, Kim Daneun was possessed by ‘Charlize’, she understood there was a big reason for her becoming a villain.

It was because her situation wasn’t shown in the original game.

Now she thinks ‘Charlize’ is the only one who is the most victimised in this game.

The unwanted adopted child.

The undesired malice.

The unwanted resentment.

Charlize was so paranoid that she was not used to dealing with people. She was just hungry for affection.

She thought that if people got angry, they would complain against her, and she would get attention that way.

Now living as Charlize, she seemed to realise the reason for her wrong doings because of Charlize’s memories.

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