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“I saw Lady Charlize. On this island.”

“That can’t happen. Why is she here? No, my location shouldn’t, wouldn’t be discovered.”

“I know! It’s a place where you shouldn’t get caught!”

“Ellie must have seen it wrong. How can Sister come to this island?”

“I’d love to think that, but Lady Charlize’s appearance is too noticeable. There’s no beautiful lady with a mysterious black hair and golden eyes besides Lady Charlize.”

“Are you sure it’s Sister Charlize you saw?”

As soon as Tia’s voice was over, Charlize quickly entered the old woman’s house and spoke from behind Tia.

“Tia. Were you looking for me?”

At her question, Tia stopped treating the patient and turned her head.

Tia’s face turned dark as soon as she saw Charlize.

Thus, Charlize finally found the original female protagonist who ran away.

It was a very difficult journey.

She had had a dogged humiliation to find her.

Charlize’s mouth was smiling, but her eyes were cold.

Because she thought Tia wasn’t just happy to see her.


Charlize, who thought that this was enough to reflect on her past memories, opened her tightly closed mouth to Tia, who was waiting for her reply.

“I had help. I found you thanks to that person who helped me. What a good helper.”

Tia was puzzled for a moment.

Charlize was a villain that everyone in the world hated.

But there was someone who approached her with a good heart…?

There are people who don’t dislike her?

Tia showed a strange expression.

Charlize smiled slightly at Tia’s reaction.

“My helper is not human. He’s a demon, The Great Devil. He has enough power to find you.”

“…The Devil? The Great Devil?”

Tia’s brain stopped spinning for a moment due to Charlize’s vain remarks, and then slowly began to work again.

‘Devil, if that’s Great Devil, isn’t that the demon who was imprisoned in the underground prison of our house? How did Sister meet that Great Devil, and how did she sign a contract with it?’

Tia was full of questions.

‘No, how the hell did Sister even meet the Great Devil in the underground prison! No way, did Brother Eugene put her in the basement? Otherwise, it doesn’t add up.’

Tia asked Charlize bluntly.

“Sister, did Brother Eugene put you in the underground prison?”

Charlize answered with a smile.

“Yes. A few months ago.”

“……Brother Eugene locked you up in the underground prison where the Great Devil is?”

“Yeah. Why are you surprised? I’m good at making trouble. You know, Brother Eugene doesn’t like me very much. Besides, there are not a few people who say you disappeared because of me. It’s just my punishment.”

“Why are you being punished?”

“Because I made you run away. So that’s why I have this question, why did you run away?”

Tia was choked with Charlize’s question.

“Well, well.”

Tia repeated the words as she stammered and hesitated to say the reason.

Charlize sighed before encouraging her to speak.

“Don’t tell me you ran away because of me. Then I’ll get punished again if I go back to the mansion.”


It was actually right in a way that Tia ran away because of Charlize.

However, it was difficult to give the exact reason in front of her.

Because Tia is worried that Charlize will suffer because of her.

Because she’s scared.

Because she didn’t want to see her loved one suffer in person.

It was a selfish act.

“Sister, I’m sorry.”

Tia held back the pouring tears and pulled Charlize’s sleeve.

“Sister. Stay with me. I’ll protect you here.”

“Why would you protect me? I have someone else to protect me.”

“No, it should be me who’ll protect you from now on.”

“Okay. Suit yourself. But, don’t disappear from my side ever. Tia.”

Tia’s heart began to beat like crazy at Charlize’s careless words.

“Yes, okay. From now on, I will continue to appear in my sister’s view.”

“Good thought, Tia.”

Charlize was a little pleased with Tia’s obedient response.

Actually, if Tia was scared of her or cried, she (Charlize) wondered if she (Tia) would run away again seeing her.

She didn’t know what’s going on, but she was just relieved that the original female protagonist was listening to her.

“Ellie, we have to find Ellie.”

“Why do you want to find her?”

“Ellie is a kind girl. She’s the one who helped me escape from home.”

“She’s the one who helped you run away? If they find out about Ellie, she’ll surely die.”

“……Ellie is not at fault. Sister, please help me protect her, okay?”

“The sun has set. It’s too late to search for her, Tia. Let’s look for her tomorrow.”


“Are you disobeying me now?”

Charlize asked and hugged Tia with a face that seemed to tempt her to listen to her.

Tia’s heart pounded even faster and she was almost out of breath.

The thought of finding Ellie gradually disappeared, and only the hope that this heart would not be heard by her sister rose.

It’s been a few months since she met the only person she liked, so the reaction was almost instinct.

Tia closed her eyes tightly as she melted in Charlize’s arms and apologised to Ellie in her mind.

‘I’ll be sure to pick you up tomorrow, Ellie. I can’t control my emotions right now because I met my sister. I’m so sorry, Ellie.’

Tia was intoxicated by the scent of Charlize as she repeatedly apologised to Ellie.

“Let’s go to your place where you’re staying. I’m sleepy, Tia.”

“Yes, sister.”

“We’ll find Ellie when it’s bright tomorrow morning.”


Tia couldn’t forget Charlize.

No matter how much she tried to forget Charlize while treating the patients on this sick island, she couldn’t forget her.

She was longing for her.

“Sister Charlize, I miss you. Heuk.”

“Lady Tia?”

“Ellie, I can’t forget Sister. Never.”

“No, Miss Tia. I’m sure you can forget her.”

“How can you forget someone you see when you close your eyes?”

“…but you ran away from Lady Charlize.”

“What’s the point of running away? I think I’m going crazy thinking about her all day.”

“You managed to run away from Lady Charlize, so everything will be okay. Please don’t cry, Miss Tia.”

Tia briefly recalled her days with Ellie while staying on the island of the sick.

She tried so hard to forget about Charlize.

But with her sister in front of her, all that effort went nowhere.

‘I love you. I love you a lot. I can’t forget my sister. Never. Ellie, I ended up with both hands and feet tied to my sister. I’m sorry for the past events.’

Tia began to mourn for Ellie with a dark look on her face.

She was a child who worked hard for her happiness.

Tia still remembered her first meeting with Ellie vividly.

She was different from other maids.

“You have a face that wants to run away somewhere. Just like me.”

How many maids say such things on their first meeting with their owners?

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You’re so bold.”

“Lady. Do you want to run away with me?”

“You’re saying weird things. Aren’t you afraid of my brothers?”

“They aren’t scary at all. They just look like you.”

“Keep talking if you want to be punished.”

“Lady, would you like to go see the stars with me?”


Tia thought she was a weird child.

A very strange child at that.

The first impression of Ellie looked like she was dying.

For some reason, she was attracted.

As a friend.

So when Tia was proposed by Ellie to run away for the first time, she thought she wanted to run away.

Like a fool.

“I missed you, sister.”

Tia escaped from the past and faced reality.

It’s true that she ran away.

It’s also true that she did something that would make everyone hate Charlize.


She wanted Charlize to forgive her for everything.

Even this weak confidence.

“I missed you too, Tia.”

Charlize replied to Tia’s words with equal genuinity.

It’s true that she wanted to see Tia.

She missed her to death.

She has been looking for her for months, because she missed her only sister to death.

Yeah. Now with this original female lead back, she can get out of hell.

Charlize looked tired in Tia’s arms.

‘I’m tired. Will everything go back to normal now?’

Charlize had a little hope.

“Sister, you can sleep in my room.”


Charlize grabbed Tia’s wrist and followed her.


It became dark very quickly.

The sick island grew louder at night.


Ugh! Eueuk!

The sick patients were strangely more distressed at night.

Rather, it was quiet in the morning or day when the sun rose.

As if the pain had disappeared.

Harrison and John were looking for Charlize, smelling the disgusting scent around.

“Ugh, the smell makes me dizzy.”

“Your Majesty, I’m going to die.”

“You, get off my back now.”

“But I haven’t restored my magic back yet.”

“I’m dying.”

“Your Majesty, indeed, is weak in the sense of smell.”

John, who came down from Harrison’s back suddenly vomited.

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