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Tia forgot that she was treating a patient and murmured with her eyes fixed on Charlize.

“Tia, I think you should treat the patient first and then talk.”

At Charlize’s words, Tia quickly bowed her head.

The thought of showing her disorganized appearance in front of others.

Tia came to her senses and focused on the patient.

She thought she’d rather do that.

As she kept looking at Charlize, her heart exploded and she felt like she was going to die.

Charlize was a poison to her.

Charlize, who did not know Tia’s mind at all, looked down at Tia healing the patient in a relaxed manner.

‘Did I come too early? No, I can do anything for my freedom. Besides, as Ian said, Tia was hiding on the island of the sick.’

The corner of Charlize’s mouth, which was a straight line, was twisted for a moment.

The fact that Tia was on her palm brought a blissful feeling to her.

Charlize leaned against the wall and waited while Tia healed the patient.

She has a lot of time left.

Waiting for Tia wasn’t that hard.

When she thought about the freedom she was about to receive, everything seem tolerable.

Perhaps Tia’s treatment was over, she got up from her seat and advised the old woman quietly.

“I’ve healed your daughter’s health. Now she can live as long as she is free from disease.”

The old woman burst into tears when Tia said that her daughter was coming back healthy.

“Thank you, Miss.”

Tia returned the words with a bitter smile and escaped from the old woman’s house.

Charlize chased after Tia.

“Was she the only patient today?””


“Don’t you have a lot to talk with me, Tia?”

“Not particularly.”


Charlize sighed and blocked Tia, who kept talking with her back to her, as if she was annoyed.

“Why don’t you look into my eyes when you talk to me? I feel like you are going to take me back all the way seeing just your back and the top of your head.”

“……I don’t deserve to see Sister.”

“Then come back home for me. There are so many people who want you.”

“……it’s still too early to go back. I’ll only go back home after I treat all the sick of this island.”

“Are you saying you’re going to treat that many patients by yourself?”

“Yes. That’s why I’m hiding here.”

“What a saint like remark from the daughter of the Saintess.”

Charlize crossed her arms and said sarcastically to Tia.

As if she didn’t like Tia’s behaviour.

“Sister, I don’t mind staying here, but you’re at high risk of catching the plague.”

“I’m not going to die, so stop worrying about me.”

“What are you talking about?”

Tia was surprised at Charlize’s ominous remarks.

“Literally what you heard. I don’t die. I’ve become someone that can’t die even if I want to.”

Tia had no choice but to question Charlize’s implications.

What has happened to her Sister so far that she makes scary remarks without changing her expression?

It bothered her for no reason.

Then Tia looked around because she couldn’t see Ellie around her.

“Sister, didn’t you see Ellie?”

“Who is Ellie again?”

“The maid who was with me.”

“I don’t know. I was only looking at you.”

Tia’s face flushed at Charlize’s words.

Her sister is always like this.

Her sister always says these things to her without hesitation, causing pain in her chest.

Tia shook her head and pulled herself together as if she didn’t like her heart reacting to her sister like that.

“We need to find Ellie.”

“Who is she anyway?”

“She’s the one who helped me get out from the house.”

“Oh, she’s the one who made you run away?”

When Tia saw Charlize’s expressionless face frowning, she raised her hands and waved them while saying.

“It’s not that, Ellie is a good girl. So please don’t say anything to her. Okay, Sister?”

“Whatever. But, Tia. I’m not the only one on this island, you know. Your four precious men came with me too. Isn’t it fun? I’ve been through all the hardships your men created. The men stuck to me to find you and then came here with me.”

Charlize laughed like a devil.

Tia responded exceptionally loudly to Charlize’s words, “Four Men.”

“They came to this island with Sister? Even His Majesty? All by themselves?”

They shouldn’t have.

This island is in critical condition right now.

Tia’s head was full of headaches.

It’s really dangerous if she’s not the only one here.

Now, rumors have spread on the island of the sick, and even patients who were not infected by plague were pouring into the island.

It was soldiers who controlled it, but the soldiers could not control the situation inside.

This is because several soldiers died from the plague while under internal control.

‘I’m suffocating.’

Tia was frustrated by the people around her who were obsessed with her.

She just saved them from a good heart.

They looked so sad when they were in pain.

There was no grandiose reason.

Charlize, who saw Tia sighing for a long time, suddenly hugged Tia.

Tia’s eyes grew like a rabbit at the sudden action of Charlize.

‘……the scent of my older Sister that I haven’t smelled in a while.’

The scent that she always missed passed through Tia’s nose.

Tia didn’t have the power to take off Charlize, who looked fragile.

Charlize rarely gave her a hug or a pat on the head.

She rather slapped her often.



“Tia, I hate you so much.”

“Sister, you…”

“I hate you. I hate you. You disgust me, Tia.”

She could never communicated with Charlize or understand her feelings with these harsh conversations.

When the thought came to mind, Tia suddenly remembered something that she forgot for a while.

‘Sister didn’t even like to touch me. But why…’

For some reason, Tia, who had a strange feeling, asked Charlize quietly.

“Sister, didn’t you dislike touching me?”

Charlize answered Tia’s question with little regard.

“Just, I hugged you so you wouldn’t get away from me.”

“Sister was very disgusted with me and despised me a lot. Why are you saying that now?”

Tia whined softly and recalled the old Charlize.

Her sister who always had bad things to say about her.

Her sister who goes crazy whenever she sees her.

Her sister who ignores her like an invisible person.

Fake Charlize, or Kim Daneun, who did not know the real Charlize’s past well, made a rough excuse for Tia’s words.

“I reflected on myself for months without you. I found out that I couldn’t do anything without you.”

Fake can’t be real, but can act like real.

No matter how much she hated her situation, she’s the only villain in the game.

Tia was greatly shaken by Charlize’s sudden words that her heart fluttered.

After entering the island of the sick people, she made great efforts to forget Charlize.

She doesn’t think of anything when she takes care of patients.

So, she overworked her body by receiving 10 patients a day even by force.

The healing ability that Tia could use in a day was definitely limited.

This is because the healing ability called divine power was not infinite.

Healing five people a day overloaded the body little by little and deteriorated health.

This was a weakness and a shortcoming that Tia had.

But no one know this weakness of hers.

That’s because she has never shown signs of hardship in front of Ellie or in front of patients.

If she showed signs of hardship, people around her would quickly became anxious, so she acted well even by overworking herself.

It’s like a nice person complex.

Perhaps her good heart is what that destroyed her peaceful life.

No, she ruined it herself.

Even so, not seeing her sister as a family without any drop of blood was already twisted and bothering her mind.

Tia wanted to hide her feelings.

“Sister, let go of me now. We have to find Ellie, and we have to find His Majesty and the others.”

Tia endured the desire that boiled from the bottom of her heart with difficulty.

But Charlize made Tia’s desire bubble.

“I even gave my life to find you. I’ll never fall for your words.”

For a moment, Tia wondered how Charlize was able to quickly find her on this large island.

On this island crowded with sick.

How was she able to find her right away?

Or did someone helped her?

“I have a question, Sister.”

“What is it?”

“How did you find me right away on this island?”


Charlize remembered for a moment what happened before she met Tia.


Charlize ordered Lua and Ian, the demons who removed the original male protagonists from next to her, to enter the island first and cast an invisible spell on themselves to be not seen by humans.

“Lua, Ian. Find Tia on this island quickly and let me know the location. I have to find Tia before everyone else.”

Lua, who obeyed the contractor’s orders, nodded and quickly looked inside the island with Ian, who was behaving a little lazy.

T/N: To the readers who asked in spoiler if Tia is a gay? No, she isn’t gay, she’s lesbian.😂

And a masochist too…🤦

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