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Charlize was ready to leave but Harrison quickly stopped her.

“Don’t you need any luggage or something?”

“I don’t. The dress I’m wearing now is enough. Why would I take my luggage when I’m not going to stay there for long?”

“I’ve seen a lot of cases where other Young Ladies pack up just to tour on the street.”

“I don’t need it. I just pray that Tia is there.”

“You are praying for Tia?”

Harrison was amazed by Charlize’s words and actions.

“I was always praying. May Tia return unhurt. I’m not the one who kicked Tia out. Your Majesty.”

“Yes, I can ask Tia in person as to whether you are the one who kicked her out or not.”

“John, we don’t have time. Let’s ignore Your Majesty’s words and go to the island of the sick.”

“I’m done with the array. Now we will be able to go to the island. Everyone, come inside the magic array.”

What a fancy teleportation array.

Charlize thought so and stepped onto the magical array as she was taken to the island of the sick, trapped in the arms of four large men.

Under the impression that magic is convenient.


The island of the sick.

The island is said to be no different than living in hell.

It was a place full of patients with the plague, so the priests were also reluctant.

It was an island with hundreds of people who were only patients.

There was no head of this island.

It’s just one of the oldest islands according to history.

Because of the unknown plague, the number of patients entering the island reached dozens a day.

But a few months ago, an unidentified woman was able to cure this plague.

The rumor spread throughout the continent.

It is said that a new building has been created to fix patients who have a plague or disease that has no cure.

So even those who were not patients with the plague were flocking to the island of the sick.

The soldiers guarding the area around the island were in trouble.

Usually, soldiers guarding the island were soldiers who could use some healing power.

In other words, they were healing soldiers.

There were several soldiers who applied because they had some ability to heal their bodies from birth and did not catch the plague, so they were also paid five times more than ordinary soldiers.

They were soldiers with some self-healing ability, but they did not go deep inside.

No, they couldn’t.

Last time, there were only three soldiers who were complacent about the plague and went deep into the island and died of the plague.

Because of that, the soldiers only guarded the area around the island.

Then something big happened.

A large magic array was created at the entrance of the island, and people who should not be here were seen.

“……Your, Your Majesty?

They saw Harrison wearing royal clothes and John, Harrison’s exclusive great wizard, appearing all of a sudden.

“Haa. I never thought I’d ever come here.”

Harrison sighed repeatedly and hesitated in front of the island of the sick.

“You have to experience new places, too. Your Majesty.”

Charlize teased Harrison with brighter energy than usual, as if the island of the sick was not scary.

“Oh, I’m tired. Somebody give me a piggyback ride. Your Majesty.”

“……Are you ordering me, John?”

“Ah, this is how Your Majesty’s dedicated Great Wizard dies.”

John pretended to die and whined to carry him on his back.

Harrison was forced to carry a man on his back.

He thought only Tia and Charlize could touch his royal back.


Charlize, who saw Harrison helping John, clapped quietly and said sarcastically.

“Wow, Your Majesty and John look great together.”

“Charlize, do you want to die on this island?”

“I’m always ready to die. Your Majesty.”

“I really can’t make jokes or communicate with you.”

“If you have time to joke with me, please find Tia with that time. Your Majesty.”

With a straight face at the end, Charlize tried to pass Harrison and John and enter the island through the entrance.

However, the soldiers guarding the entrance of the island stopped Charlize’s moving feet.

“You can’t go in here carelessly.”

“Charlize Rebecca.”


“It’s my name. Charlize Rebecca. Don’t you know the Duke of Rebecca?”

Charlize asked, glaring at two soldiers with her arms folded proudly.

The two soldiers had heard the name ‘Charlize Rebecca’.

They heard that she was a scary person.

It’s their first time seeing her in person.

The two soldiers were overwhelmed by Charlize’s deathly glare and looked at each other.

“I have business on this island. So please let me in.”

“If you enter this island, you’ll catch a plague. So we can’t.”

“You can’t? Was there a law like that? The law says only patients can enter the island of the sick.”

The two soldiers were embarrassed by Charlize’s provocation and were drawn into her pace.

“Well, there’s no such law. However, it was ordered that ordinary people who are not sick are not allowed to enter. You’d really die, Miss.”

“I’m sick, too. I’m a patient.”

“…What? What are you talking about?”

“I’m sick. I’m a patient. If I say I’m a patient, I’m a patient. Don’t you think so?”

“Well, yes!”

“You fool, you have to say no!”

Two soldiers stared at each other and began to fight.

Charlize watched the two for a while and quickly went into the island.

Harrison was used to Charlize’s crazy antics, not once or twice but many times.

“Your Majesty, is that okay?”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Charlize makes everyone speechless. She’s a real talent. Don’t you think so, Your Majesty?”

“Charlize, that crazy thing. Tsk.”

Harrison went in front of two soldiers fighting.

“Stop fighting and don’t reveal to others that we’re here. Never. If you reveal it, I’ll destroy your three generations. Do you understand?”

The two soldiers, who were the island gatekeepers of the sick, stopped fighting at Harrison’s death threat and bowed their heads.

“Yes, yes! Please go in. Your Majesty.”

“You have to be careful. Your Majesty. You should be really careful because the epidemic is so severe that you can get infected.”

“I see. I’ll be careful.”

Thus, the island’s gatekeepers let Harrison and John in.

Then Harrison suddenly had a question.

“But where did Charlize’s demon cub and the Demon Hunter go? I think they disappeared after arriving on this island.”

“They must be with Charlize as usual. Your Majesty, why do you care about the devil?”

“No. Just. I feel uncomfortable.”

“Everyone is like that when they’re associated with demons.”

“Is that so?”

“If I had more magic, I could find Tia quickly. But too bad.”

“Where did Charlize go, by the way? John, I don’t see Charlize.”

“Your Majesty. We didn’t come to find Charlize, we came to find Tia. Wake up.”

“That’s true. However, we are partners.”

“Oh, the trouble maker, Charlize.”

John fell asleep with his face buried in Harrison’s shoulder, as if he could no longer speak.

A wizard who uses up his magic powers too much can fall asleep right away.

It was an act to fill in mana.

If it was a forest of demons, Harrison and John would be two great preys to demons.

Harrison felt his heavy back and was annoyed.

“Damn you all.”

He doesn’t see Charlize, and John is asleep.

I’m going crazy.


Ellie, who was looking around the crowded island and checking if she knew anyone, saw someone.

A beautiful woman with black hair and dull golden eyes.

Her figure was so noticeable that she recognized her at once.

‘It’s Lady Charlize! Why is she here? Oh, this isn’t the time to think about it. I need to let Miss Tia know soon!’

Lady Charlize should never find her!

Ellie’s footsteps running Tia’s place were fast.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Charles did not notice her.

The Duke of Rebecca was magnificent enough so they had many maids working for them.

So it wasn’t possible for her to remember Ellie.

However, if she finds Miss Tia, everything’s over.

Ellie found Tia, who was treating the daughter of the old woman, the oldest person on the island.

“Miss, we’re in trouble!”

“Ellie, be quiet. I’m taking care of a patient.”

“Forget about treating her. Something more important has happened, Miss.”

At Ellie’s unusual appearance, Tia quietly asked, “What happened?”

Ellie whispered quietly to Tia in her ear because she obeyed Tia’s words that she should be quiet when Tia is dealing with patients.

“I saw Lady Charlize. On this island.”

As soon as Ellie finished talking, Tia’s hand, which was treating the patient, stopped.

“That can’t happen. Why did she come here? No, my location shouldn’t, couldn’t be exposed.”

“I know! It’s a place where you shouldn’t get caught!”

Ellie has been quietly upset and frustrated by the twist of her plan.

“Ellie must have seen it wrong. How can Sister come to this island?”

“I would like to think that, but Lady Charlize’s appearance is so noticeable. There is no beautiful girl with mysterious black hair and golden eyes besides Lady Charlize.”

“Are you sure it’s Sister you saw here?”

Tia treated the patient again and asked Ellie to confirm.

“Tia, were you looking for me?”

However, an acrimonious voice, not Ellie’s voice, came from behind.

This voice.

Tia looked up in a hurry.

Then Charlize waved her hand at Tia and greeted her.

“Hello, Tia. I’ve had quite a hard time because of you.”

Tia’s heart sank down with a terrible feeling.

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