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It’s time to solve the problem that he imagined only in his head.

Eugene faced Harrison, holding his Mother’s will in his arms.

“Please deliver this will to Charlize and tell her that she must wear it like a talisman.”

“Okay, I’ll pass it to her.”

“Oh, and I heard that Charlize had become half-demon. We’ve recruited a Demon Hunter for her. Take the hunter, too. If the Great Devil is known by the public, the people will get wary.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Lastly, sorry for asking so much, but please take good care of Charlize. She’s a useful girl even if she’s a pain in the neck sometimes. In her own way. She’s good at everything once she puts her mind to it.”

Eugene began praising Charlize all of a sudden.

Everyone thought that the sun may have risen in the west, but they finally understood Eugene’s last words.

“You all know it. That Charlize is a smart girl. Everyone was caught off guard by Charlize’s pranks the other day. I only hope you are not being played by Charlize’s pranks again this time.”

“I don’t think she’s joking this time. As far as I know her, she wouldn’t joke about Tia.”

John has been watching Charlize changing little by little with magic beads since Tia disappeared.

She wasn’t what she used to be.

Something in her has changed dramatically.

Her murky soul felt more murky.

Therefore, it did not seem to be like Charlize who would pass this situation as a joke.

Her soul has changed.

Living as a great wizard, he could sometimes see people’s souls.

He happened to see the soul of Charlize twice.

A golden soul before Tia disappeared, and a black soul after Tia disappeared.

It became a completely different soul.

John didn’t tell this to anyone else, but he only knew it himself.

Because that’s the rule of the Great Wizard.

There are two cases of soul change.

One is to throw away the soul for what you’ve done in your life. The other one is for another soul to enter the body.

However, Charlize’s actions didn’t seem to have brought in another soul in her body.

It just seemed like a change of heart.

At least in John’s eyes.

Anyway, this was the moment when they needed Charlize the most.

She said he would help find Tia, so he believes she won’t lie a little bit about it.

John, who completely hates others except Tia thought so.

“Your Majesty, let’s hurry up and go to Charlize. There is no time. It’s dangerous if Tia is really trapped on the island of the sick.”

“That’s right. Let’s go. Oh, I’m grateful to the Duke of Rebecca. For understanding us.”

Eugene bowed his head and answered politely.

“No, it’s my pleasure.”

It’s not that I’m understanding because I have a big heart, but because Tia is involved. Your Majesty.

Eugene hid his black thoughts inside and waited for the office door to close.


Eugene’s head slowly went up as the door closed.

And he looked at the door for a while with no expression on his face and returned to his place again.

He had a very mysterious character.

The current Duke of Rebecca was out of the ordinary.


Charlize’s room was packed with men.

Despite the large room, the room looked cramped as it was filled with four men with huge bodies.

“So I was allowed to go outside, Your Majesty?”

“Of course. What do you think I am?”

“I thought you were just a fool who would give his life for Tia.”

“…Are you being sarcastic, Charles?”

“I’m not being sarcastic, I’m complimenting you. Your Majesty.”

“Oh. Duke Rebecca asked me to deliver this to you.”

Harrison took out the will of the former Duchess that Eugene gave him and pushed it to Charlize.

“What’s this?”

“It’s said to be the will of the former Duchess.”

“Why are you giving it to me?”

“It is the request of the Duke of Rebecca to keep it on your body like a talisman.”

“Have a will on my body like a talisman? Brother Eugene is a man who does everything for the sake of the family. It’s scary that he thought for my well-being.”

“If he does everything for the family, aren’t you a family member too?”

“That’s true, but Brother Eugene cares a lot more about the honour of the family than me. He wants me to disappear, a pain in the ass.”

“He didn’t say that.”

“Your Majesty, would you say such a thing openly, like a fool?”

Charlize sarcastically folded the will in half, put it in her skirt’s pocket, and jumped out of bed.

She was glad inwardly that she was finally given a little freedom.

She can escape from this damn room.

At last.

It’s been a few months.

Should she thank Tia?

Or should she thank the dark actors who can’t do anything out of the game’s plot?

First, Ian gave them a rough idea of Tia’s location.

He was not exactly sure.

But she couldn’t just wait for the original female lead for the next two years.

‘I’m not afraid to die anymore. I just want to get out of this shithole.’

If she wants to leave, she has to escape far away from the original characters or disappear.

That’s the villain’s way.

For the first time, Charlize let out a proper smile, not an oblique smile.

This is because small happiness has come to the impoverished life of hers.

“Charlize, are you okay?”

Lua asked anxiously at Charlize’s unseen appearance.

He had to suppress Charlize who didn’t know what she would do.

“I’m fine. By the way, Lua, haven’t the demons sent to the island of the sick come yet?”

“No. It’s a place that even demons avoid. There are no demons who like sick humans.”

“The demons must like young and fresh people.”

“Well, yes.”

“Then I think it’s our turn to go there in person. Lua.”

“Yes, Charlize. I’m ready to go wherever you want.”

“You’re very reliable, Lua.”

“Please don’t overdo anything, Charlize.”

“I will go there and decide whether to overdo it or not.”

In other words, she meant she could overdo it, so please take care of your own.

Lua was mad with concern for Charlize.

What was she thinking about going to the island of the sick?

It’s beyond surprising.

However, there was a rule that the contractor’s words should be obeyed unconditionally.

It’s what the contractor wants anyway.

He had to follow her.

“Even if you feel like you want to die, you really shouldn’t die. Charlize.”

However, in order to stop Charlize, who was always careless about death, Lua couldn’t stop but say something.

“That will happen if I feel like dying. Lua.”

This answer from Charlize was frustrating for Lua.

Harrison, who was staring at such sweet interactions of Lua and Charlize, was annoyed by unknown jealousy.

He thought Charlize was really possessed by that devil.

Damn it, Charlize.

If she was going to give her heart that easily, she shouldn’t have given it to the devil.

Why didn’t you give it to me?

Harrison grumbled inwardly and glanced at Charlize.

A scrawny body that felt like it wouldn’t be strange if she fell down at any time.

The glossy black hair lost its luster and was dull, and the always bright gold eyes looked dark.

It wasn’t that dark before.

Since Tia disappeared, the image of Charlize grew darker and darker and her gaze became duller and duller.

Nothing really seems to have changed.

“Oh. He told me to take the hunter, too. He said it is for surveillance purposes.”

“Oh, I can go, too? I’m here to catch the Great Devil, so it’d be right to follow him.”

Harrison narrowed his brows to Ian’s bright voice.

Come to think of it, why are there so many men around Charlize?

Tia’s men are nothing but annoying.

Charlize seemed to have the same luck as Tia with men.

Harrison felt uncomfortable when he saw the devil and the Demon Hunter were stuck with Charlize.

This is because Charlize, who only they knew, felt increasingly different when she was around other people.

“Then, John, aren’t you going to tell the others?”

“I’ll tell them later. Now we need to get to the island quickly and find Tia. I don’t care about the others.”

“Then don’t waste your time and just use the teleportation magic. You can quickly get us all to the island just once, can’t you?”

“It takes a lot of mana. I might faint.”

“I guess John doesn’t want to find Tia quickly.”

Charlize’s golden eyes were staring at John, who frowned at her thorny words.

“I’m the only one who wants Tia most right now.”

“It’s alright, John. If it consumes a lot of mana, you can calmly wait until we find Tia. We’ll find Tia anyhow. We’re friends after all. Don’t you think so, John?”

John raised both his hands and feet at Charlize’s remarks that caught him off guard.

That feeble girl.

“All right. All right. Let’s go now, we must find Tia. I’ve to waste my precious mana now.”

“Yes, yes.”

Charlize didn’t even pack.

This is because there was no luggage, and the dress she wore now was comfortable enough for her.

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