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“Lady Charlize is always angry. Will she be more angry with a note from Miss Tia?”

“That’s true.”

“So don’t worry and rest on this island. You wanted to come to this island, too. You said you wanted to cure all the sick people on this island. Do you want to go back home now after coming here?”

“My sister will slap me in the face if I go back home now. As usual.”

“I’m sure. Lady Charlize must be very angry.”

“If she slaps me, I would want to run away again. Leaving my sister and brothers.”

“Miss Tia is too soft! Try to rebel against Lady Charlize at least!”

“Then should we go back? But what if my sister is already thinking of punishing me?”

“Then you can just ignore her.”

“Ellie, if I do that, my sister wouldn’t like me anymore.”

“Why do you even care about that! That wretched girl!”

Ellie shouted, punching herself in the chest, as if she was frustrated. Tia smiled with a face that she couldn’t help it.

“I can’t help but notice and worry about Sister Charlize all the time. Even when I look at other guys, I can only see Sister Charlize. I think I’m going crazy. That’s why I ran away from her, and asked you to take me here.”

“So why did you like her? That villainess girl!”

“My Sister was a fool for Mother’s love. I remember the day when my Sister, who only knew my Mother, talked to me for the first time. The weather was as bright and beautiful that day as it is now, and she looked even brighter under the sun.”

“……Now you’re even openly saying that you fell in love with Lady Charlize at first sight.”

“Ellie is the only one who knows me best. It doesn’t matter who I like. No one knows much about me anyway. The people here think I’m just a priestess who heals people.”

“Miss Tia, I think we have to be careful now. There are too many sick people visiting this island so suddenly. I think we should avoid the people that came from outside as much as possible.”

“They also came to this hellish island to live on, but if I ignore them, won’t it be injustice?”

“But if they find even a little bit of your traces, they will drag you back to the castle. My life will probably be taken away. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“Our Ellie. I know you’re going through a lot. I told you over and over again. I’ll save your life even if I’m discovered. We’ve already written a contract, but you don’t trust me so much.”

“You are so naive. Fool!”

“Yeah. I’d rather be a fool. If I become a fool who doesn’t know anything, my Sister will naturally forget me.”


Tia’s eyes looking at the distance were faint.

‘Would Sister find out I’m here?’

Tia expressed her wish that Charlize would find her.


John dragged Harrison and burst into Eugene’s office.

Jeremy was there too.

Jeremy bowed quickly to John and Harrison with a rather cheerful face and behaved in a polite way.

Eugene was briefly surprised by Harrison and John, who suddenly came in.

“Why did you two come to see me?”

Then Harrison coughed loudly and talked about the purpose of finding Tia to Eugene.

“I vaguely found Tia’s whereabouts.”

“Is the information accurate, Your Majesty?”

“It’s just a rumor, but I don’t think it would be bad to visit the place at least once. But can I ask you a favor?”

“Say anything. Your Majesty.”

“I need Charlize to find Tia, so please let her out of this house. I’m sure you’ll allow that.”

“Did Charlize ask you to do this?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say no.”

“Then it’s dismissed. I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

“Is there a reason why you can’t do it?”

“It’s because of my Mother’s will. If Charlize leaves the mansion, everything in the Duke of Rebecca will collapse.”

“I know your Mother’s will is important, but is Charlize that precious?”

“She’s more troublesome than precious. Did Your Majesty forget the misdeeds of Charlize?”

“I know she did some unforgivable things. No, she only picks on our business and makes us crazy and very angry.”

“So don’t try to have any kind of relationship with Charlize and give up. That would be best for everyone.”

“But I’m about to get engaged to Charlize now. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you before. Duke of Rebecca.”

“……you’re abandoning Tia and getting engaged to Charlize? Your Majesty, have you gone crazy?”

“We’ve reached an agreement with Charlize.”

John intervened in this conversation.

At John’s words, Eugene narrowed his brows and opened his eyes wide, asking what it meant.

“Charlize made some arrangements with us to find Tia. Although it is not a mutually beneficial arrangement. I thought I could let this go for Tia.”

“John, did you also fall for Charlize’s enticement?”

“Charlize must have fascinated us rather than enticing. I can’t tell you everything, so let’s just stop here. Charlize found Tia’s whereabouts. So let us take Charlize. Is it too much to ask?”

“Haa. Charlize did something crazy again.”

“Doesn’t Duke Rebecca miss his lovely youngest sister? I’m going crazy because I miss her terribly.”

John gritted his teeth because he wanted to get out of this situation quickly.

He wanted to stop this cumbersome conversation and leave quickly to find Tia.

However, Eugene’s stubbornness was no joke.

“I can’t allow you to take Charlize. I’m sorry.”

Harrison strode to Eugene and gave a coercive order.

“It’s my order. Let Charlize leave the mansion for a few days. It’s not that we’re kidnapping or killing her. You know that right?”

“Why is everyone trying to take Charlize? Charles is a very distraught kid. You know that. This could all be a trap she set.”

John, who couldn’t resist anymore and lost his patience, became angry for the first time.

“Then do you know the whereabouts of Tia? Charlize told me. Why are you making a fuss so much when Charlize wants to take the lead in finding Tia because she knows where Tia is. Tia can be in danger!”

“……May I ask where Charlize said Tia is?”

“She said she may be on the island of the sick in the South. Of course, she’s not sure. She said it’s a rumor she heard.”

“Isn’t the island of the sick a place where only plague patients are kept in custody, Your Majesty?”

“As far as I know, yes. If Tia is there, it could be the reason why she hasn’t been found up till now. It’s hard to trace the island of the sick. No one wants to enter the island, saying it was hell. And we also investigated everywhere except for that island. Charlize’s words cannot be said to be unconditionally wrong.”

Harrison explained, and Eugene sighed, thinking he couldn’t stop them from taking Charlize now.

It would be more dangerous to have Charlize on the island of the sick than Tia.

Oh, Charlize.

Can’t you just stay still?

Eugene inwardly swore at Charlize and finally gave permission.

Jeremy opened his eyes wide next to him and tried to signal Eugene with his eyes, but to no avail. Perhaps because there was a lot of talk about Charlize and Tia going on in society, the honour of Duke Rebecca was falling.

He had no choice but to find Tia as soon as possible.

He wanted to find Tia, who was no different from an angel in society, to raise the honour of the family again, and to start anew by punishing Charlize.

This was Eugene’s goal now.

He was annoyed because he kept getting disturbed in his business because of Charlize.

It was also a bit strange to remain a family member because of his Mother’s will.

According to his Mother’s will, if Charlize disappears from this family, he will lose the power of the family, and everything.

It will fall apart.

Eugene had no intention of keeping Charlize for the rest of his life anyway.

Until now, he had been stuck in this office and thought a lot about how to eliminate the ability of the will left by his Mother.

It was practically a gamble, but he imagined what would happen if Charlize didn’t hold his Mother’s will.

His Mother’s will was made only for Charlize. So he even came to the conclusion that if he carried the will on his body, there would be no side effects.

However, among the diaries left by the previous Duke, he found one related to his Mother’s will. It was a way to preserve power by handing over a will to a specific person if the specific person was written in the will.

He will just lose his power for a second if he does that. And over time, the power will be restored, and the power of the mansion, which will be destroyed, will be perfectly defended and revived.

Of course, it wasn’t without any problem.

It was a problem that he was very worried about because he had never tried it before.

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