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The development that seemed to appear in any romance novel was already being applied to the male protagonist no. 3.

Charlize was aware of this development for a long time.

This is because she read the development and ending of the male characters written in the guide book in advance.

She didn’t know that the action that started with the thought “There’s no harm in reading” would be so helpful.

Perhaps it must have been troublesome to deal with John’s sharp reaction without knowing anything.

‘Why is he getting angry?’

What on earth was the female protagonist doing with them? She didn’t know why the male protagonist was all out of his mind and cursed him inside.

However, Charlize viewed the unfortunate past of the male protagonists as a summary.

So even if John or Harrison reacted sensitively to Tia, she wouldn’t care.

The author had poor imagination.

Characters born for obvious narratives.

Charlize sometimes felt sorry for the male characters when she thought about their pitiful pasts.

The misfortune of the male protagonists were made solely for the female protagonist to nurture her fish farm well.

All of their misfortune was created for the female protagonist to get rid of.

What a pity.

Charlize was sympathising with the male characters in her mind.

I mean, they are very pitiful beings.

“Why aren’t you talking, Charlize? I’m really going to rip your mouth off. Are you going to tell me about Tia’s whereabouts or not?”

“Why are you in such a hurry, John? I can’t find Tia right now anyway. I just said it because I think I know where Tia is. It’s not the exact information.”

“So where is she?”

“I heard from the hunter that there is a woman who is healing people somewhere on the Southern island.”

“Wh, what? She may not be Tia.”

“John. Think about it. Tia is the only woman in the world who has the ability to heal people. There’s only one more person who has ability like her and that is Louis.”


“Tia is the only one who inherited the divine power of a Saintess. So it’s most likely that Tia is the woman who’s healing people somewhere on that Southern island. No, it has to be Tia.”

“So did you do some research on the Southern island?”

“I just gave Lua an order earlier. We haven’t got any good results so far.”

“We need to find Tia quickly. My body is starting to rot again.”

“Does rotting mean that the curse is acting up again?”

“As expected, you must know about curses, Charlize.”

“Tia once told me. I remember the days when she often went to John’s house to solve the curse. But wasn’t it completely healed?”

“……I don’t know why, but my body slowly began to be cursed from the moment Tia disappeared.”

“It’s a simple principle. Every day, John would be next to Tia so the curse on John’s body disappeard gradually. The curse is only acting up again because you aren’t receiving her divine healing power anymore.”

“How do you know so much about curses?”

“I don’t know much, but think about it. You’ve been next to Tia until now, and the curse started acting up from the moment Tia disappeared. Then the answer could be only one and that is what I said is correct. A very simple fact.”

“……then we must find Tia quickly. Your Majesty, hurry up and gather your soldiers on the Southern island.”

“Ha, if it were that easy, I would have already done it.”

“By any chance, what’s on the Southern island anyway?”

“The Southern island is a place where people infected with plague are gathered. It’s a place where you can’t enter or leave recklessly.”

“Are you saying that Tia is in such a place right now?”

“According to Charlize’s information, it seems to be so. That island of the sick is like a complete prison. Not to mention, no tracking. Everyone’s scared of the disease and can’t even approach it. At least the priests who went there voluntarily to heal the victims of the plague know about that place. But the priests also got sick, so the island is called the living Hell.”

Charlize thought hard about the things she heard for the first time about the Southern island and opened her mouth.

“How about I go to the island? I’m a mortal. And as the hunter said before, I’ve become half demon. If I go there, I won’t be affected by the plague, right? Because I’m not a human.”

“Charlize, that island is dangerous.”

“Since when have you cared about my safety? I’m only hoping that Tia will show up soon. I don’t think I can stop thinking about Tia unless I know where she is now.”

“Charlize, our engagement ceremony will be held this week. Where are you going at this time?”

“We don’t have to have a grand engagement ceremony anyway. If we just roughly stamp the engagement letter, won’t Your Majesty and I be considered engaged?”

“……right, but.”

Harrison stuttered and quickly came to his senses.

At this rate, it was clear that Charlize would do whatever she wanted.

Harrison rolled his silver-gray eyes and glanced at John. John blinked his eyelids at Harrison’s unwelcome gaze and closed his eyes to ignore it.

‘John you fool, how dare you ignore me.’

Harrison decided to listen to Charlize as if he couldn’t help it.

Anyway, he thinks that many are on Charlize’s side here.

‘Am I mistaken?’

“Okay. I’ll go with you too.”

“It’s my job to help Your Majesty, so I’ll come with you.”

“Then can you get permission from my brothers first? I mean, they don’t even listen to me anyway. If you, the Emperor, pressures them, my brothers will give you permission. Because you’re different from me.”

“If I don’t get permission from them, you have to stay here, Charlize.”

Harrison haughtily said Charlize in a commanding tone.

“I’ll wait for Your Majesty to get me out of here, somehow.”

This is really.

Harrison was taken away by John before he could start nagging Charlize.

Because John was worried what if something happens to Tia and dragged him away.

“Go ahead, Your Majesty. I’ll be waiting.”

Harrison breathed a long sigh at Charlize’s bright voice as he was dragged out of her room.

One really stubborn fellow is still a strong one.

Harrison came to visit Charlize secretly, but had to face her older brothers now.

Oh, of course, originally they needed to make an appointment first before coming, but everything changed because of Tia’s disappearance.

Tia’s men kept sneaking up on her, and Eugene, her eldest brother, gave them permission to enter the mansion at will.

Since then, Tia’s men have come to the Duke of Rebecca at will.

Without the knowledge of the Duke of Rebecca himself.


Platinum-blond hair fluttered in the air. A young woman with clear blue eyes that resembled the sky glistened like jewels, grabbed the hem of her dress and silently looked down at the kneeling old woman in front of her.

“Madam, please save my daughter. I heard you can heal sick people. I beg you…….”

The young woman, who had no expression on her face, tried to send the old woman back with a worried face at the old woman’s words.

“I need to treat those who came first. This is the rule. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t mind being late, so please at least look at my daughter…….”

“Then when I have time, I’ll go.”

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

The old woman took her hands off the young woman’s ankles, grabbed her waist, got up from her seat, and slowly went back the way she came.

The young woman looked at the old woman’s drooping back for a moment and turned her head coldly at the voice looking for her.

“Miss Tia!”

Her name was Tia Rebecca, the missing girl everyone was looking for.

The platinum blonde hair, which only reached the shoulder, became a little long and came down to the chest now. Her face, which was a little young, has matured over the time of a few months.

It’s only been a few months since she was accidentally trapped on this island, but Tia’s appearance has already changed a lot.

Of course, the beauty remained.

Not compared to Charlize.

“I told you not to call my name here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Rose.”

The woman who called ‘Lady Tia’ was the maid of Duke Rebecca who made Tia run away.

She was a clever maid who helped Tia, who wanted to run away from Charlize, escape without anyone knowing.

Duke Rebecca has a lot of maids, so it was unknown if there’s anyone like her.

Maid in the aristocratic family usually quit and got a job again.

So this maid also resigned from the Duke of Rebecca and took her angel, Tia, to this Southern island. She had fled to this island of the sick.

The island of the sick was a place where they could not easily enter or leave.

Those great men must be having a hard time finding her.

“Ellie, can I really stay here?”

“You can stay as long as you want. Because you’re an angel.”

“……What if everyone is worried?”

“It’ll be all right. I even wrote a note for you.”

“Wouldn’t she be more angry with that note?”

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