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She couldn’t remember well, but she had enough information to answer the question roughly.

Charlize’s tightly closed lips opened gently.

“Tia is a girl loved by everyone. On the contrary, she is kind and has a strong tendency to save someone. That’s how her connections got better. What else?”

This is the only thing that came to her mind.

Ian tried to interrogate Charlize, asking if there was any more, but no more information about Tia came out of her mouth.

“I’m not particularly interested in my sister. That’s all I know.”

“Even if you don’t like her, isn’t there too little affection you have for her? Ordinary human sisters care for each other a lot, but Charlize is too cold.”

Charlize shrugged at Ian’s surprise remarks.

“We sisters don’t get along very well. I think Tia left the house because of me. I’m not sure.”

“Did you bother sister so much that she left the house? Well, I suddenly think that Charlize might be really evil.”

“Think whatever you want. I’m not such a good person.”

“Any human being would have the best demons around him. I think that’s why Charlize has my Father, the Great Devil.”

“It might be so.”

It’s my first time seeing such a dark villainess .

Charlize swallowed her last words and responded to Ian with ease.

“But when are your friends going to…”

Harrison and John appeared as the teleportation magic circle formed on the floor of Charlize’s room.

Harrison looked at Charlize and narrowed his brows seeing a new man sitting beside her.

“Charlize, who is that man sitting on your left?”

“Hi. Should I introduce you to him?”


“Or will you just get to know each other slowly?”

Harrison was embarrassed by Charlize’s question and couldn’t answer properly. John, who was next to him, smiled secretly noticing the Holy Sword around Ian’s waist.

‘Oh, they brought a Demon Hunter. I don’t think Charlize brought him. No way. Is it Eugene and Jeremy?’

Charlize happened to see John smiling insidiously, and felt that John had already recognized Ian.

Unusually, John laughed insidiously when he got information faster than Harrison.

Charlize immediately gave up her interest in John.

“Who are you?”

Harrison sat on Charlize’s side, pointing a finger at the man, who looked like Lua, and asked.

Ian answered roughly.

“I’m Charlize’s bodyguard.”

“Bodyguard? Who ordered you to come here?”

“Young Master Rebecca (Jeremy) commanded. I was commissioned to kill the unsealed devil Lady Charlize has. Oh, I’m Ian, a Demon Hunter.”

“Demon Hunter? Can you kill that demon who is attached to Charlize?”

“I can’t kill him right now, but I think I can kill him in time. But something more urgent came up. Charlize has become a half demon and I have to kill her.”

Ian told a white lie with an expressionless face.

It was the setting created by Ian that Charlize became the devil.

In order to do a play, each character has to have a setting.

They are tailored to that.

Because he wants to it to happen, too.

He was going to make a rough setting and invite the rest of them to this skit except for Charlize and his father, Lua.

Jeremy, who has already been invited to the play, has played his role well.

“Charlize should die? Why?”

“There is a unique case in where humans turn into demons. If you want to save Charlize, who has not become a complete demon, you have to kill her. Then you can spit out the blood of the devil and become a human again. It’s easy, isn’t it?”

Harrison asked Charlize angrily at Ian’s absurd remarks, asking if this was true.

Charles nodded in affirmation.

“Yes. The Demon Hunter told me that I was becoming a demon. So I died once in the morning and came back alive.”

Harrison swallowed his dry saliva, feeling somewhat creepy how Charlize mentioned her death with a big smile.

‘You crazy thing. Are you saying she was really dead?’

It was definitely yesterday that she asked for a friendly relationship. And she is thinking about dying again?

How dare you?

Charlize’s impudent attitude towards him raised his blood pressure, but he had the patience to endure this easily.

It was all thanks to Charlize.

He is grateful to Charlize for this.

He always had a short temper.

Harrison sighed deeply and said as if he were giving orders to John.

“John, please summon Louis.”

“Why summon him?”

“Who will save Charlize if she dies again.”

“She has Eugene and Jeremy. Do we really need to save Charlize from our side?”

“…but just in case.”

“I don’t need that kind of protection, Your Majesty.”

Charlize flatly refused Harrison’s effort.

It’s been a while since she thought it was her destiny if she couldn’t survive.

“Just call my brothers. Oh, Brother Jeremy would be great. You don’t have to call Brother Eugene. I saw Brother Jeremy saving my life by himself this morning.”

“…do you mean Jeremy let you die?”

Harrison’s eyes suddenly turned ugly.

No matter how much he hates Charlize, he never thought he’d kill her. Jeremy, has gone crazy too.

Harrison frankly said that Charlize was contemptible, but not to the point where he wanted to kill her.

Well, there was some influence from Tia.

Furthermore, he was worried about the safety of Charlize because he had hated her while fighting with her so far.

What if she tries to kill herself again?

He thought she has calm down for now, but if she does that again.

He had a premonition that he was going to lose his mind.

Perhaps he is treating Charlize with all his heart.

As his.

Harrison grabbed his confused mind and approached Charlize and advised her.

“Charlize, take care of yourself.”

“Your Majesty is not someone who should care about me. Mind your own business.”

“Wow, you’ve also become friends with the Emperor. That’s great, Charlize.”

Next to her, Ian joined in the conversation of Harrison and Charlize and looked at them alternately.

“How tactless is he?”

Harrison’s mumbling was small enough to be heard by Charlize, so she responded.

“I don’t know. I think he’s smarter than Your Majesty.”

“Are you siding with him in front of me?”

“Why shouldn’t I, Your Majesty?”

“You’re going to be my fiancée in the future. I mean, you should only side with me.”

“I’m only a fiancée in name. I don’t think I have to side only with Your Majesty for this reason. Don’t you think so, Lua?”

Lua, who was like a quiet puppy on her right side, answered Charlize’s question with a nod.

“That’s right. In the first place, Charlize doesn’t belong to anyone. The human Emperor. Don’t be mistaken. Charlize is just engaged to you, but she won’t give you her heart.”

“You devil!”

Harrison rose angrily and raised his right hand up to hit Lua, but slowly lowered his hand.

No. If he reacted violently, he would be only doing what Charlize wants.

Don’t show any weakness to Charlize.

‘Charlize is not an ordinary bet. I’m sure she will use me like a puppet for this.’

Silly Harrison didn’t know Charlize, but he knew enough about Charlize.

Charlize was not that interested in people around her.

In the first place, it was Charlize who didn’t even want to mingle with Tia’s men.

However, Charlize reached an agreement with Tia’s men on the pretext of finding Tia.

“Your Majesty, by the way, I have found out about the whereabouts of Tia.”

Charlize shared the information Ian told her.

It was a matter of course.

Because they were people who were united for Tia.

“Where is it? Hurry up and tell me. Charlize.”

Charlize quickly shifted her attention to John’s sudden response.

“I asked the Demon Hunter if he had ever seen or heard of anyone similar to Tia, and he said he had.”

“So where is Tia?”


“Don’t waste time and tell me. Before I rip off that mouth.”

John, who usually smiles at her, only reacted sharply when he heard about Tia.

This is because all the original male characters were saved by Tia, the original female protagonist.

In fact, John is the only Great Wizard in the world, but he had a rough journey to get to that high position.

Because he was cursed and couldn’t come out in the outside world.

The more powerful a person is, the more severe the curse. And in more severe cases, it leds to death.

And most of all, people often fainted when they saw John’s cursed appearance because most of the cursed people were ugly.

However, Tia, who was divine, released the curse.

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