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Just in case Ian saw her, Charlize described the appearance of Tia to him.

“She’s an extremely beautiful girl with shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name is Tia. Have you ever seen her, Ian?”

“I’ve never seen a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Did I ever pass by? No. I don’t think I have.”

“Really? Ian hasn’t seen her either?”

Where the hell is Tia hiding on this continent?

The original female lead is really incredible.

She couldn’t believe that the talented male characters of the original work couldn’t find her even though they poked the whole continent.

And hiding away from the devil’s eyes.

It was almost natural to say, “She’s really talented.”

“Oh, I think I’ve heard some rumours. I heard that a girl was healing people somewhere.”

Healing? Girl?

The only person who could save people is the Saintess*, who is the original female protagonist in this reverse harem game.

[T/N: I’m thinking of using the word ‘Saintess’ instead of ‘Saint’ since it’s more appropriate.]

There’s a healer, but that’s Louis. But he’s a nobleman.

Charlize urged Ian to explain more, but he only knew that much information.

Oh, at least I was lucky enough to know where she was.

“I heard it was an island in the South, but I don’t know if this rumor is real. Charlize. It could be a false rumor from someone.”

“Do you know where the Southern island is?”

“No. I couldn’t tell because it was too comprehensive. Besides, I was hibernating at that time. I can’t even remember well because I heard it by chance.”

“Do demons need to hibernate?”

Lua solved Charlize’s curiosity.

“Charlize, it’s not that you don’t sleep because you’re a demon. Even demons hibernate when they feel tired.”


Lua wasn’t hibernating because it’s fine spring now.

Charlize gained one more knowledge about demons.

No, she needs to know about Tia, not the demons.

“Then, we have no choice but to search all the Southern islands to find Tia.”

Charlize was in a hurry. Although Ian said not to believe the rumours completely, but they didn’t have the exact information either.

To live alone as a villain in this tight world, she had to find the female lead.

“Okay Charlize, I’ll have the demons search the Southern islands.”

Lua paused before adding, “It may be a false rumor, but since Charlize said so, let’s check if there is a girl on the Southern island who heals people by my demon subordinates.”

Charlize calmed her urgent mind down and nodded to Lua that she understood.

“By the way, what are you doing in your room everyday?”

Ian, who wondered what Charlize had been doing in the room since morning, looked around her room and asked.

Charlize shrugged her shoulders and replied.

“I just meet with the people that come in my room. People will come to visit me soon.”

“People come in your room to meet you?”

Charlize added a brief explanation for Ian, who didn’t know anything yet.

“They are Tia’s men. I become friends with them. And we’re going to find Tia, who’s missing together. They come to my room almost every day. They should appear soon.”

“I see. Charlize is very popular.”

“It’s not that I’m popular…… I have too many enemies.”

Charlize laughed awkwardly.

It was the first time in her life that she heard that she was popular because she was evil.

“But I heard you have a lot of friends. Then you’re popular.”

“There are no people who like me.”

“People don’t like Charlize?”

“I’m not a good person.”

Ian learned a little about her in response to Charlize’s flood of answers.

He deduced the conclusion that she is popular but has brought a lot of human resentment upon herself.

Well, to be honest, he didn’t have much interest in Charlize.

Still, he showed a little interest because she was a human being who played a very important role in making him a human.

Ian has made people come on his side for his benefit or just for pure fun.

Though the humans hated by Ian were not treated very well by him.

Still, Charlize was an interesting human being to him.

She’s his Father’s contractor, and she’s the first person to be possessed by a demon and making a deal with another demon.

“My Father once said he despises humans. But he’s sticking like glue to Charlize.”

“Because she’s my contractor.”

“I didn’t know my father could lie like this either. I can’t believe that you, who can act like a pet next to a human being, said once that you hated humans. But now you like her because she’s your contractor?”

“Ian. The current situation is not a situation to fight with me.”

“That’s right. Do the fight between you, the father and son duo when I’m not there. I don’t want any more trouble.”

Charlize sighed deeply.

If she has enough patience, she can find Tia in one year, not three years later.

After finding Tia, Charlize just wants to get out of this stuffy routine.

Death is the only way out of that routine.

She has to die to get back to reality.

However, the death had to be long, so it was obvious that even if she died, she wouldn’t approach reality.

But she didn’t know.

Because she didn’t know her future.

Maybe development of the villain with the extras along with the original male characters was also caused by not knowing the future of everyone.

Charlize smiled grimly and leaned her head back.

She saw a ceiling covered with flowery wallpaper.

“You know, Ian. I have a favor to ask. Will you kill me again when my friends come?”


“Death is what can help me leave this prison-like life for a while.”

“Charlize! No!”

Lua was dead set against it this time, but couldn’t break Charlize’s stubbornness this time either.

“I don’t care. I’ll do it if you like it.”

“The opinions of a different partner are so different. Lua, please treat me like Ian without thinking. You are supposed to be like that, okay?”


“Lua, please just listen to me and grow up well as a greater devil. Just like Ian wants my blood and to grow up well as a human being.”

“Charlize is the craziest human being I’ve ever seen.”

Ian was amazed by the tremendous energy of evil that came out of Charlize’s body and whistled.

Charlize replied with a smile to Ian’s compliments.

“You have to be crazy to survive here. I’m not in my right mind.”

“I heard that Charlize is a pain in the neck of Duke Rebecca. Is that right?”

“I don’t know where you heard the rumor from, but you pointed it out exactly. That’s right. I’m a human being who needs to be removed from the family of Duke Rebecca.”

“Well, Charlize is someone special.”

“Where am I special? Does Ian think I’m special because I’m a person who is calm about death?”

“That may be the case. But I’m surprised my Father managed to sign a contract with such a strange human being.”

“Because Charlize saved me.”

“Did I save Lua? All I had in mind was using Lua.”

“……The release of the seal is proof of my salvation. Charlize.”

“Oh, I see.”

Charles nodded in agreement.

Salvation. She didn’t know what it was to be honest.

But that’s what Lua said.

Charlize also had considerable respect for Lua.

To a certain extent.

“But when are Charlize’s friends coming?”

Ian asked, sitting on the empty left seat of Charlize. Perhaps he was bored, he asked with his face resting on her shoulder.

“I don’t know when they will be coming. But it’s almost around this time, so they might come soon. No, they might not come. They are noblemen after all.”

“Wow, did Charlize become friends with such great men?”

Ian clapped a meaningless applause and admired her.

Charlize was not particularly responsive to Ian’s reaction.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s all because of my sister Tia that we became friends.”

“What kind of person is Tia?”

Ian became curious about Tia, whom Charlize had mentioned so many times.

He only knew that she was the great Saintess this time, but he had no idea what kind of person she was.

He couldn’t even get enough information about her.

As if big walls were protecting Tia.

He couldn’t know about Tia.

He just knew that she’s the second daughter of Duke Rebecca.

But Charlize says she doesn’t like her.

He doesn’t understand.

So Ian asked Charlize about Tia, who seemed to know her very well.

The demons like to get information.

In particular, information that they do not know.

Charlize had to ponder Ian’s question for a moment.

In fact, she has never seen Tia while being possessed by this game.

She only saw her in an illustration in the game inside her phone.

Oh, and on the book setting.

She saw someone posting a guide book in the community to clear the game as quickly as possible while looking for a strategy.

Only the female protagonist’s face was there.

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