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‘Was he married?’

Charlize stared at Lua with a curious gaze and opened her tightly closed lips.

“Lua, were you married? When?”

“Marriage? I’ve never been married, Charlize.”

Lua narrowed his brows slightly, asking what she was talking about.

When Charlize argued back, “Didn’t Lua say you had a child?” he finally made an excuse with a surprise.

“It’s a misunderstanding, Charlize. I’m not married. I only have a child.”

“You don’t have to make excuses. I’m just asking because it’s surprising. Even the devil can get married.”

“Haa, that’s not it. Originally, the demons can make their child born from power. Whatever gender it is.”

“How is that possible?”

“Demons are a completely different species from humans. Originally, a child was made with the intention of connecting his or her power to me. That’s why I made it.”

“Then what happened to the child?”

“He abandoned me as a parent and disappeared, saying he liked humans. It’s because of him that I was captured by the Duke of Rebecca. He set a trap. He had the intention to kill me.”

“Did something happen to you two?”

Lua began to reminisce his memories with his child at Charlize’s question.

“Why did you make me?”

“I need my successor.”

“Do you like me?”

“I don’t like you or hate you.”

“Does Father like humans?”

“……… Not much. Ian. Don’t get entangled with humans. They would use you and throw you away.”

Was it from that day?

His only child, Ian, had been playing among humans.

He just let Ian be happy.

“I’m going to kill you with my own hands.”

“Ian. Stop joking around and come back to me now. You’ve played enough with humans, haven’t you?”

“Father isn’t as affectionate as humans. It’s not fun.”

“That’s how demons are.”

“I don’t want that. I want to be on the side of humans.”

“Ian. The game is over. Stop it and come back.”

“Sorry, Father. It’s so much fun playing with humans. So I don’t think I’ll ever step into the world of boring demons again.”

And Lua was betrayed by Ian, who he thought was his only child, and lived in the underground prison of the Duke of Rebecca. His hatred towards humans took root that way.

But the hatred was quickly resolved by Charlize.

This was because Charlize’s evil energy comforted himself, who was so cold and tired.

It was for this light reason that Lua came to like Charlize.

It was so light that he thought he shouldn’t be caught by Charlize.

At the same time, Lua briefly understood the heart of her child, Ian.

He knew why Ian loved humans. Because they had this kind of heart.


Charlize shook Lua’s shoulders, who said nothing and was absent-minded. Then his gray eyes focused on her.

“Nothing really happened with him. I think he just went astray because we didn’t agree. Now that I think about it, I understand a little bit how he feels. Just a little bit.”

“So you’ve never met with your child?”

“Yes. I’ve been locked up in this Duke of Rebecca’s underground prison and confined in a sealed state, so it’s been a while since I’ve been outside. After that, I met Charlize and got my freedom.”

“Did he ever come to you?”

“He didn’t.”

“I see.”

Charlize’s hands, which were on Lua’s shoulders, slowly climbed up and touched his pale cheek.

“Charlize, can I kiss you?”

“No, you can’t.”

Lua was sullen at Charlize’s first refusal. He couldn’t believe the day had come when he would get rejected by her. At this rate, there will be a day when she would abandon him like him.

He felt uneasy for some reason.

Lua is anxious.

However, the anxiety quickly disappeared by Charlize’s actions.

“Because I’m going to kiss Lua.”

Charlize’s two red lips touched Lua’s lips.

Lua trembled as the warm body temperature felt intense on his lips.


Lua felt suffocated by Charlize’s rough kiss. But he didn’t want to stop this kiss.

The half-closed, brilliant gold eyes of Charlize were staring at him and looking at his reaction.

While each other’s tongues were tangled and dug deeper, Charlize’s eyes did not shake.

On the other hand, Lua’s dull gray eyes shook wildly.

Because it looked like she was testing him.

But he didn’t feel bad when he saw her looking at him like that. So.

He rather liked it.

He liked the way she indifferently looked at him and the way he looked at her.

Lua’s heart fluttered for a moment.

Lua, who gradually mastered human emotions and obsessed with Charlize, was slowly taking off his devil’s mask.

He was becoming human.

However, his contractor, Charlize, was becoming a demon who took off the mask of the devil.

She was becoming evil.

So he felt resentful.

Felt depressed.

He wanted to die.

These were the many emotions of Charlize that came to Lua.

The deeper the physical touch, the more he could consume the evil energy of Charlize, and the more her emotions accumulated in his mind.

Charlize’s feelings, which were piled up even more, were becoming a tower before he knew it.

Of course, this was also a phenomenon that was happening in Lua’s heart.

Charlize was a complete stranger.

Charlize just wanted Lua to mess up the world with his own power.

When Charlize saw Lua, she often thought that she wanted to touch him anyway.

She didn’t know if it was because she was possessed by the devil.

Touching Lua makes her feel comfortable.

She didn’t know why.

Just sharing deep kisses with Lua, giving Lua a big hug, holding hands with Lua and sleeping together.

The anxious and nervous mind became as comfortable as home.

It was a funny thing.

As a result, Charlize grew up a bit of a habit of touching Lua whenever she felt a little uncomfortable.

It was a bad habit.

If Lua isn’t next to her, this anxiety and depression would eat her and make her into a monster.

While continuing the deep kiss, Charlize overheard the sounds around her.

Her door creaked open and someone came in.

It was a man who looked so much like Lua.

Charlize’s golden eyes turned towards the man. Then she bit Lua’s lower lip and put her tongue into Lua’s mouth.

He said he was all hers.

She wanted to show it to that guy, too.

She wanted to let everyone in the world know.

Lua belongs to Charles.

“My father is also playing with humans.”

Lua, who did not feel Ian’s presence, hurriedly opened his closed eyes at Ian’s low-pitched voice. Then, he pushed Charlize’s shoulders slightly to separate the lips of each other.

Charlize was slowly pushed back by Lua’s hands.


“Father, I missed you.”

“Why are you here? You’re definitely–“

Lua turned his head and looked at his child, Ian, and became astonished. This is because Ian, who resembles himself, caught his eye. He (Lua) didn’t know he (Ian) grew up this much. He didn’t know that.

In this quiet atmosphere, Charlize carefully wiped her lips with the back of his hand and examined the situation.

‘Father? Ian? Is that guy Lua’s kid? I thought it was a child, but he’s an adult male. Is it because the passing of time between the demons and humans are different?’

Charlize looked at Ian. She met his sky blue eyes, which bent like a crescent moon when she opened her mouth.

“Whose invitation are you in this mansion? I don’t know who you are. Did my brothers call you here?”

“Oh, you’re their sister, since you are calling them brother.”

Ian replied with a sly smile.

“What the hell are Eugene and Jeremy up to? They haven’t visited me lately. So I have no idea what they are doing.”

“They want me to kill my father, ah. They entrusted me with a request to kill the great devil.”

Ian still kept a smile on his face and relaxedly answered Charlize’s curious questions. Charlize was annoyed and angry hearing what her brothers requested of Ian.

“Those two are done for.”

Charlize gritted her teeth and cursed at two other original male protagonists – her brothers – who were not helping her at all in her life.

“Ian. Did you become a hunter mixed with humans?”

Lua looked at the sword around Ian’s waist and asked.

That was a terrible man-made sword that said it could kill the devil.

It was a weapon called ‘The Holy Sword’, which was said to be able to kill a demon who goes crazy and runs wild.

It was a weapon made by humans to get rid of the demons that fascinate them.

The weapon was held by Ian, the Great Devil’s bloodline.

T/N: I hope the ‘intimate contact’ only goes as far as kisses and *cough* not more than that. Otherwise, I have no choice but to drop this novel.😭

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