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TDOASM Chapter 9



Izu glanced at Ina with his eyes seeming to ask how he could do such a thing. 

“What’s the matter?” 

[It’s…so cute…] 

“That’s a monster.” 

[…It’s a monster? That rabbit?] 

“Yeah. We inside the dungeon in the first place. There are only monsters here.” 

Even after she said, Izu hesitated. In the end, Ina urged him. 


[…I got it] 

Izu made droplets the size of the rabbit and blew them to it. In an instant, the rabbit became trapped in the droplet and struggled. 

And a little later. 


The rabbit opened its mouth and revealed its sharp shark-like teeth. 

Izu muttered with a shocked face as he watched the rabbit brush its teeth against the droplet as if it were going to tear it off. 

[The rabbit…was like that…” 

“It’s just a monster. More importantly, they’re coming.” 

Ina said, looking at the rustling bushes. 

After a moment, rabbits baring their sharp teeth wide open sprung out of the bushes and Ina commanded the two spirits. 

“Rika, use the wind to keep the monsters away. Izu, drown the monsters that have been blown away.” 


Even though it was their first time doing this, the spirits acted well according to her orders. 

When Rika blew away the monsters, Izu sent them his water droplets as they faltered. 

And soon after, they were surrounded by sprawling monsters. 

⌜ Ring! 

You succeeded in attacking the F-class dungeon, “Don’t let your guard down.” 

 You are the first person to attack the dungeon singlehandedly, you have earned the title of ‘The Unguarded (D)’. 

You’ve earned the ‘Wand of Fury (D)’ 

You have earned 2SP.⌟ 

“The reward is bigger than I expected, is it because I’m capturing it alone?” 

Class F dungeons were usually used for beginner hunter education. 

Therefore, more than two people often entered with the shooter hunter just in case of an emergency. 

In the case of a senior hunter, there was no reason to enter a F-class dungeon with low compensation, so she seemed to be the first person to target the dungeon alone. 

Ina opened the title window. 

“Calling window.” 


⌜ title window 

1. <Those who are not careless (D)>⌟ 

There was only one title that I got, so that was the only one that appeared. 

Ina clicked on the title without hesitation. Then the explanation appeared. 

“The ability to increase concentration by 10% and suppress fear by 20%?” 

It was a very useless ability right now. 

Ina read the description window with boredom in her eyes, but this time she opened the stat window. 

“Stat window.” 


⌜ Stat window. 

Muscular strength: 15 

Physical strength: 18 

Agility: 16 

Mana: 80 

Remaining SP: 2⌟ 

Everything remained the same, but the number of remaining SPs had changed. 

SP stands for ‘Stat Point’. Four stats could be raised using SP. 

Of course, I knew all these facts because news was always raving on about hunters. 


But Ina turned off the window without raising the stats. 

‘You don’t have to use it now.’ 

It was only two points. I think it would be much more beneficial to use it in consideration of the situation later than now. 

Above all, I don’t want to get out of my normal life. 

The bitter Ina said to the two spirits poking at the dead monsters. 

“Izu, Rika, mana stone must have come out of the monsters’ bodies. Collect them all.” 

[Got it!] 

After a while, Ina’s pocket was filled with F-class mana stones. 

Perhaps because it was an F-class mana stone, it was small in size and the color was murky. But it was still better than nothing. 

Ina took two out of the mana stones out of her pockets and held them out to Izu and Rika. 

“Good job. Eat one each.” 


The two spirits buried the mana stones in their mouths and beaks. Then the spirits who’d swallowed it tilted their heads. 

[Huh? This doesn’t make me that full.] 

“You guys don’t feel full in the first place.” 

[That’s true, but…when I ate this before, I got full of energy. I gained a bit of strength from this, too, but it’s really just a bit.] 

“It’s just F level. And it wasn’t just one or two mana stones you ate at that time. It’s only natural that you don’t feel satisfied.” 

Ina, who zipped her pocket, walked towards the gate. 

[Are we going home now?] 

“No, let’s move on to the next dungeon.” 

[Next dungeon?] 

“Oh, next is a C-class dungeon.” 

The second grade had moved up, but the two spirits who weren’t familiar with these terms just followed Ina, saying, “I see.” 

Ina was a little nervous, but this decision was the result of rational thinking. 

‘The F-class dungeon was not as difficult as I thought.’ 

In addition, her spirits were fine even after attacking the dungeon. They didn’t use up much of the mana they’d accumulated by consuming that big amount of mana stones. Their bodies that didn’t reduce in size was the proof of that. 

‘I think I can do it.’ 

In addition to the power of the spirits, I can use my mana. 

Ina entered the C-class dungeon with confidence. 

And as she expected, the two spirits easily captured the C-class dungeon. 



“It’s me.” 


Ina woke up and opened her eyes at the sound of a knock. 

As she rubbed her eyes, she heard Lee Han’s voice again. 

Na, are you still sleeping?” 

“No, brother. I’m up.” 

Ina, who came to her senses a little late, yawned and opened the door. 

“Hah…what’s the matter?” 

“You still sleep a lot.” 

Lee Han smiled at her. He was neatly dressed when he went to work. 

He glanced at the clock and spoke. 

“I’m going to work now. I’ve prepared side dishes, so take them out and eat them.” 

“Yes……I see.” 

“Tomorrow is the weekend, so should we go out together for the first time in a while? Of course, I don’t have work.” 

“Good. Have a safe trip.” 

Ina waved her hand to see Lee Han off. Likewise, Lee Han waved back and closed the door. Ina murmured. 

“You poor association employee…” 

Unlike other jobs, the Hunter Association had no distinction between weekdays and weekends. People just took a break when they were free.  

The reason was simple. You never know when or where the dungeons will explode. 

Instead, Hunter’s association staff were guaranteed high salaries and additional allowances. 

Ina, who was half asleep, sat on the sofa and stared blankly into the space. the spirits approached her as usual. 

[Ina, wake up!] 

[Right! Don’t sleep!] 

“……this is all because of who.” 

I usually slept a lot, but I was especially sleepy today. It was because she attacked two dungeons last night. 

Although they were easy targets, the time spent on them could not be ignored. 

Ina eventually came in at dawn yesterday, and when Lee Han asked where she had been, she had to answer that she had met a friend for a while. 

Lying to my family was heartbreaking, but I couldn’t help it. 

[Ina, are you going to go into the dungeon again today?] 

“That’s right. We’ll have to move quickly from day to day to make up for what you’ve done.” 


The spirits spread out their arms and looked excited. They seemed to be having fun using their abilities in the dungeon. 

Ina, shaking her head, lifted her ringing cell phone just in time. Ina’s eyes were round as she was looking at it, thinking it would be a spam text. 

“…I’m afraid today’s dungeon will have to wait a little.” 

[Huh? Why?] 

Instead of answering, Ina read the text message on the screen with her eyes. 

[Hello, I am Lee Si-hyeon. We met at the blue-tiger guild yesterday. Do you have time today?] 


[Where are we going?] 

“To see someone.” 


“The one who saved me when I was being dragged by a monster.” 

[it was me who saved you then!] 

[Right! IZ saved you!] 

“All right, all right. Then the person I met then.” 

When Ina vaguely answered, Izu straightened his shoulders with satisfaction. 

Ina, looking at the sight, went into the café. 

“We were supposed to meet here…….” 

Then someone who stood out came into her eyes. To be exact, she followed other people’s eyes and found him. 

“Isn’t that hunter Lee Si-hyeon?” 

“That S-class hunter?” 

“What is he doing here?” 

Ina pressed her hat down impatiently. 

Why are you sitting in such a prominent position?’ 

The place where Si-hyeon was sitting was a window seat in the corner. 

In fact, what stood out was not the seat, but Si-hyeon himself, but Ina grumbled a little and headed towards him. 



Si-hyeon, who saw her, got up from his seat. 

“Hello. I’m sorry to invite you when you’re busy.” 

“Yes, well.” 

She wasn’t very busy because of the stability vacation, but Ina answered roughly and pressed down on her hat even more. 

It was because people’s eyes turned to her after him. 

Si-hyeon must have felt it too, since he said with an embarrassed face. 

“I’m sorry. If you’re bothered by the eyes, we can go somewhere else…….” 

“No, let’s just finish it quickly.” 

Ina glanced around and stopped talking. Then Si-hyun nodded. 

“Okay. I just wanted to ask Ms. Ina something.” 

“What is it?” 

“Are you an awakened person?” 


Ina looked flustered by the unexpected question. 

Si-hyun, who stared at her face, continued. 

“Do you remember the dungeon break happened a few days ago?” 

“……I remember.” 

“That day, something strange was found in the monster who dragged you to the gate.” 

Ina stared at Si-hyeon, feeling her mouth dry up. He took a sheet of paper out of his inventory and put it down on the table. 

“I cut the monster, but it was already suffocated before that.” 

“Is that so?” 

“Yes. Do you know anything about this?” 

“I’ll tell you, I’m a regular person.” 

She answered calmly, but the suspicion in Si-hyeon’s eyes did not disappear. 

“Do you mind if I take an awakening test?” 

“Awakening test?” 

“It’s simple. You just need to put your hand on the awakening device.” 

Damn it. 

Ina uttered abusive language in her nervousness. 

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