TDOASM Chapter 8


“But Guild leader…….” 

“If you face me, I’ll pass over the dungeon.” 

The secretary opened her mouth wide. Si-hyeon sighed, frowning. 

“Can’t we just pay for it?” 

“I don’t need that. All you have to do is compete with me. But I won’t hand over the dungeon before that.” 

The secretary restlessly looked over to Si-hyeon. 

Ina gulped down as the atmosphere became murderous in an instant. 

‘I want to go home…’ 

Meanwhile, Alan didn’t read the atmosphere and kept flirting with her so Ina just awkwardly scratched her neck. 

The door slammed open just in time as if her wish had been heard. 

When everyone’s eyes set upon him, the guild member who came in paused. But he soon came to his senses and shouted. 

“Guild leader!” 

“I’m busy right now. Later.” 

“But we’re in trouble!” 

“What is it?” 

Doha asked the intruder, annoyed. Then the white-faced guild member shouted. 

“All the mana stones in the warehouse are gone!” 


“What do you mean…!” 

Doha and his secretary looked at the guild member in disbelief. 

However, the guild members only beckoned at them in frustration. 

“Hurry up and come! I’m telling you!” 

“Ha! Seriously…!” 

Doha took the secretary and disappeared after him. 

And only Ina and Si-hyeon were left in the room. 



Ina, who had been standing still for a while, was embarrassed and fiddled with Alan’s fur. Alan wagged his tail in a good mood. 

Si-hyeon, who was watching her, finally opened his mouth. 


“Is there anything you want to say?” 

“We’ve met before, right?” 

Ina blinked her round eyes. It was because she didn’t think Si-hyeon would remember her. 

She hesitates and nods. 

“What’s this? Argh!” 

Doha’s cry came from afar. 

Surprised, Ina looked outside, and Si-hyeon passed past her and said quietly. 

“I’ll talk to you later.” 


Again? Why? 

Ina questioned, but Si-hyeon had already gone to Doha. 

Ina, who was curious, took Alan and went there too. 

People from Blue tiger Guild gathered in front of what appeared to be a warehouse. Ina squeezed through the gap and looked inside. 

And froze. 

“Thi- this, how did this happen?! Huh? Secretary Kim! Tell me!” 

“I don’t know….” 

The warehouse was empty. There was a trace of something happening, but it was empty now.  

But that wasn’t what surprised her. 

[I’m full!] 

[My body is full of energy!]] 

Inside the warehouse, Izu and Rika were floating. 

With a very stuffed face. 




“Raise your arms! Rika, won’t you raise your wings properly?!” 

At Ina’s scolding, the two spirits flinched and raised their arms and wings in a straight line. 

Ina said, struggling to contain her bubbling anger. 

“You guys are crazy. You don’t know what that is and yet you eat it so recklessly! It’s someone else’s stuff, too!” 

Now the Blue Tiger Guild was making a big fuss. This was because all of the Mana stones, which were supposed to be in their Mana stone warehouse, disappeared. 

And the culprits were none other than her spirits. 

IIna’s unending rant was cautiously interrupted by Izu. 

[Well, that’s… Unlike the chocolate from last time, I felt I was gaining a lot of energy. So I couldn’t stop after eating just one…Hehe…] 

“Are you laughing right now?” 

[…I’m sorry] 


Ina sighed deeply and collapsed on the sofa. Izu and Rika, who were looking at her, flew to her side.  

Her palm-sized spirits had become as big as her own body due to the huge mana stone intake. 

Izu folded his arms around Ina’s arm and said in a winsome voice. 

[Ina, I think I can do anything because I’m so energetic. Do you want me to do the laundry? Or wash the dishes.] 

[I, I can clean up, too!]                                 

Ina looked at the two spirits alternately with salty cold eyes. 

“Do you think that’s the problem right now? Do you think your accident was that simple? ….No, let’s not talk.” 

Izu and Rika became sullen. In the meantime, Ina rubbed her head full of complicated thoughts. 

The mana stones were needed to defeat the centaur, the A-class dungeon boss of Namyangju city. 

However, the Blue Tiger guild, which lost all of it’s mana stones, could not defeat the centaur. So in the end, the dungeon was handed over to the Celestial guild, Si-hyeon’s domain.  

Instead, they were transferred the right to attack other dungeons.  

They handed over an A-class dungeon so they could attack a B-class dungeon just to fill up on mana stones – so the damage suffered by the blue tiger guild was beyond description. 

And the cause was on her, so Ina was about to die from feeling sorry for Doha. 

“I should just slit my stomach.” 


[You can’t do that!] 

The spirits besides her quickly moved away. 

When Ina glared at them, Izu hid behind a chair and said, 

[We’ll bring Mana stones!] 


[What if we go into the dungeon?] 

“What do you trust in to go into the dungeon?” 

The spirits became quiet. But Ina, who was lost in thought for a while, rose. 

“But it’s not a bad idea.” 




Ina looked back at them with her cap on again, the one she wore this morning. 

“You’re not the only ones who’s responsible for this.” 

This wouldn’t have happened if the spirits had stayed close to her in the first place. 

She was not without fault for releasing children who had not yet been educated free.  

“So let’s pay off our debt.” 


“What else can you do? Since you’ve eaten their mana stones, you’ll just have to return to them exactly what you took; mana stones.” 

Ina continued, taking out a mask and putting it on. 

“Even if we have to attack a dungeon.” 


I didn’t know exactly what grade and amount of mana stone the Blue tiger guild lost. 

However, Ina roughly raised the amount of damage the Blue tiger Guild suffered before coming out of the guild. 

“Is it about 50 billion won?”’ 

I couldn’t forget secretary Kim’s words because he reported it with a face that looked like he was about to die. 

What do you mean 50 billion won? It was an amount she wouldn’t get even if she saved a lifetime’s salary. 

However, if you go into the dungeon and collect Mana stone from there, the story will be different. 

“A palm-sized A-class mana stone was worth around 5 billion won.”’ 

Ina, who had roughly guessed the amount of money from what she heard while watching the news, broke out into cold sweat. 

“I’ll have to jump between two jobs.” 

Working at work during the day and Hunting at night. 

Of course, this fact should not be found out by anyone. In particular, if her brother Lee Han knew about this, he would fall on his back. 

“When you go into the dungeon, you have to cover your face as much as possible.” 

That was why I wore a mask as well as a hat. 

Ina stopped walking. Then the spirits that followed looked at something and asked her. 

[Is that the gate?] 


There was something like a portal shining blue in front of them. 

Gate. It was the entrance to the dungeon. 

It was dangerous if it turned red. This was because it meant that there would be a dungeon break where monsters will pour out. 

Just before entering the gate, Ina looked up at the high, transparent wall that blocked her. 

This was a magical boundary. It was intended to prevent ordinary people from coming in, so only awakened people could enter. 

Of course. 

“It doesn’t feel as good as I thought.” 

Ina was an awakened person so she would be able to enter easily. 

[Ahaha! Look at this!] 


The spirits had fun passing through the boundary. 

Ina shook her head and approached the gate. 

The gate fluttered with blue light as if welcoming her. It was a very unpleasant appearance. 

‘I didn’t expect a day would come where I entered the gate myself.’  

I let out a sigh. 

It’s not necessary, but you usually had to inform the association first to attack a dungeon. To do so, you have to tell them who you are trying to attack and where you belong. 

All were measures to prevent unnecessary sacrifices and disputes. 

However, Ina couldn’t do that, so she had no choice but to sneak in like now. 

Ina called the spirits, thinking about what life is all about. 

“Stop playing now and come here.” 


The Spirits came up to her side. Ina glanced at the spirits and asked. 

“You remember what you practiced earlier, right?”” 


[Of course!] 

The Spirits poked their heads back and forth. 

Before coming here, they simply practiced. How to attack monsters, how to defend against emergencies and how to evacuate. 

When the spirits shouted confidently, her nervousness eased. 

Rika looked at the gate with sparkling eyes and asked. 

[What level is this?] 

“Grade F. It’s the lowest dungeon.” 

The risk of entering a high-grade dungeon to quickly pay off the debt was too high. So I was going to start with the lowest grade F. 

Ina looked around. She was afraid there might be someone watching them. 

But she didn’t need to do that. Because Rika at her side spoke. 

[There’s no one around.] 


Spirits are useful in many ways. 

……and of course, there are many accidents as well. 

Ina suppressed her complicated mind and stepped into the gate.  

At that exact moment, she felt like her body was moving somewhere. 


The view has changed. 

Ina lowered her mask and looked around in wonder at the scenery that had quickly turned into a forest in an instant. 

“……even the smell of grass. It feels real. No. Is it real?” 

It was when Ina was looking around and thinking about nonsense. 


“……a rabbit?” 

A pink rabbit hopped out of the bushes. 

Ina, who was looking at the rabbit with her head tilted, called Izu, the spirit of water. 


[Wow! So cute! Huh? What’s wrong, Ina?] 

Ina spoke, pointing her finger at the rabbit. 

“Drown that thing to death.” 

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