TDOASM Chapter 7


“That is right, I hope you can let this go.” 

Seo-joon held his hand and said. Only then did Baek Do-ha let go of the hand that held his collar. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“That’s alright.” 

“It just ends like this?” 

The bewildered Ina burst into laughter. 

Meanwhile, Baek Do-ha turned to go back. 

“Let’s go back now, Alan! ……Alan?” 

Baek Do-ha turned around again. His partner Aran wasn’t with him. 

His eyes widened when he finally found Alan. 

“Alan? What are you doing there?” 

Alan came before Ina and was staring at her. As a result, Ina was embarrassed by the two eyes that were focused on her. 

“What is it?” 

While Ina was questioning the situation, Aran approached her and smelled her. Then he rubbed his face against her stomach. 


“What… do you want me to pet you?” 


Ina hesitatingly stroked Alan’s head. The tail of the white tiger waved as if it found the gesture pleasant.  

Alan then laid down on the floor on his back, showing his stomach. 

“Oh, my. It’s pretty….” 

It was hard to leave it alone, so Ina rubbed Alan’s stomach with an awkward touch. 

Seo-joon and Baek Do-ha stared blankly at her. 

“……Now that I see it, you two make good companions.” 

“How could that be? He never follows anyone but me.” 

Baek Do-ha’s eyes finally reached me. 

“Who the hell are you? Why is Alan behaving so well with you?” 


Actually, I had a rough idea. Perhaps Alan felt the power of the spirit in her and approached the familiarity. 

Nature would be a friendly place for Alan, too. 

However, she could not answer like that, so Ina instead pretended not to notice Baek-Doha’s glaring gaze. 

“Oh, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” 

Eventually, Doha came to Alan himself. 

“Hey, Alan! Let’s go!” 


Alan cried sullenly now as if she didn’t want to go, hiding behind Ina. 

Doha’s glaring eyes turned to Ina as he opened his mouth, but Ina only felt it was unfair. 

‘What did I do wrong?’ 

Anyway, she’s in trouble too. She can’t go home like this. 

In the end, Ina had to try to soothe Alan. 

“Hey Alan, now, your master…….” 

“Not owner, but partner.” 

“……You should follow your partner.” 

Alan looked up at her and eventually headed to Doha with his tail hanging down. 

I felt somewhat sorry to see that appearance, so Ina added. 

“See you next time.” 

At the words, Alan’s gaze darted back at Ina. He looked at her with anticipation. 

[When will we see each other again?] 

Said Iz, the spirit sitting on her shoulder. 

The spirits could communicate with animals, so it was understandable, but it was difficult to answer. 

“Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?” 


[See you tomorrow!] 

“……yes, tomorrow.” 

Seo-joon and Doha looked at her as if they were amazed by her communication with Alan. Ina scratched her cheek when she felt like a madman for a moment. 

Instead, Alan wagged her tail happily and approached Doha. 

Doha, who had been staring at her, approached her. 

‘No, why are you coming this time?’ 

Ina faltered, but Doha held something out for her. 


“……what is this?” 

“A token of the guild. If you show someone this, you can enter the Cheongo Guild.” 

“But why are you giving me this..….” 

“I heard you say you’re coming to see Alan.” 

Doha frowned and said as if it was annoying. 

Ina also tried to frown, but she received the token calmly without making it obvious. 

“……I’ll take it for now.” 


Doha glanced back at her before he rode on Alan’s back. 

“……a strange fellow.” 

Then he disappeared in a flash. 

Looking blankly at his back, Ina heard Seo-joon muttering. 

“Now that I see it clearly, Ms Yu Ina is also a special person.”  

I don’t want to be like that. 

Ina put up with what she wanted to say. Instead, she looked down at the guild’s token that Doha gave her for a long time. 

“Should I really go?” 

I didn’t want to stand out, but I already told Alan that I would go. Tomorrow. 

Ina didn’t bother to stop a sigh. 

Somehow I felt complex with all these troublesome things happening. 


Ina decided to go the Cheongo guild the next day. It was because I had suggested it, but also because I felt as if they would come to pick her up if she didn’t go.  

Of course, her two spirits, Izu and Rika, were together with her. 

[Is this where the tiger from yesterday is?] 

[I miss the tiger!] 

Ina left behind the cries of the spirits and presented the security guard with the token of the Cheongo Guild. The guard then opened the door immediately. 

‘It’s a lot bigger than I thought.’ 

The Cheongo Guild was quite spacious- as well as the building of it. In particular, the plants and trees were abundant everywhere like a garden in various places. 

Baek Do-ha seemed to have paid a lot of attention for Alan. 

While Ina looked around curiously because of the smell of fresh grass inside the building, s cry was heard. 

“Hey, Alan!” 

As I turned my head to the side where I heard the voice, I saw Doha with his eyes wide open in the distance. 

And Alan was running away from him to Ina. 

“Wait, if you run like that……!’ 

Ina stepped back. The momentum of Alan’s running was outstanding. 

I think my body will fly and hit the wall at this rate. 

“You can’t do that!” 

Ina reflexively reached out one hand in front of her and shouted. 


Surprisingly, Aran stopped running in an instant and stood in front of her. 

Looking at Alan tilting her head, Ina hesitated and said. 

“……sit down.” 

Alan sat in place as if he really understood her. Doha and his staff stared blankly at the scene. 

“Oh, my God.” 

“I can’t believe that Alan is obeying someone other than the guild leader.” 

I felt awkward because I felt like I was getting too much attention, so I wore my hat more tightly. Meanwhile, Doha approached me. 

“It’s amazing even when I look at it again. I’ve never seen Alan follow anyone but me.” 

“Is that so?” 

“Are you awakened?” 

Ina replied with a straight face. 

“No, I’m not.” 

“Never mind then.” 

Doha, who shrugged his shoulders, jerked back and said, 

“Follow me.” 

“Where are you going?” 

“Stay here if you want to stay in the spotlight.” 

He laughed as if he had grasped her tendency in a short time. Eventually, Ina followed him and his secretary. 

[Wow! There are so many plants here!] 

[Ina, can we take a look around?] 

The spirits asked her excitedly. She watched the others and secretly nodded, and the spirits flew away with joy. 

Looking at their parting figures, Ina entered the guild room with the two people guiding her. Only then did the eyes that were on her disappear. 

As Ina sighed as if she was tired, Doha laughed. 

“I guess you’re really not an awakened person – especially If you can’t handle those kinds of gazes.” 

“No, I’m not.” 

My conscience hurt, but the lie came out easily. 

Ina asked, stroking Alan’s head while he rubbed his face against my side. 

“What should I do now?” 

“What do you mean? Just play with Alan like you are now. You came to see Alan.” 

That said, it was very nerve-wracking. Because he was staring at her. 

“Don’t you have anything to do?” 

“Anything to do? A lot.” 

“Then do your business. I’ll be playing with Alan.” 

His eyes changed in bewilderment. Then his secretary, who was watching the situation, cut in. 

“That’s right, guild leader. There’s a lot of work for the guild leader right now. I’ve organized everything, so please check it out.” 


Doha frowned at the pile of documents he pointed to. 

Doha looked at her sharply when she laughed because it was funny. 

“Are you laughing at me?” 

“I was just laughing in general.” 

When Ina, who erased her laughter, turned her head as if she was playing with Alan, a terrifying gaze pierced the back of her head. 

Then the secretary’s words flew in again. 

“Guild leader.” 

“Let’s take a little more rest. It hasn’t been long since I came back from the dungeon” 

Doha said pitifully, but the secretary shook his head. He was about to cry when he heard a knock. 

“Guild leader.” 

“What is it this time?” 

Doha was annoyed and the door opened. A Cheongo guild member poked his face through the door and said carefully. 

“Well…we have a visitor.” 

“Send it back.” 


“Let me tell him.” 

Ina raised her head at the familiar voice. A man walked past a guild member and came inside. 

For a moment, Ina and his eyes met. His eyes grew wide when he saw Ina. 

“You are…” 

“Hey, what brings you here?” 

At the sarcastic voice, Celestial Guild leader Si-hyeon took his eyes off her. 

His bewildered gaze faded and a bothered look was drawn towards Doha. 

“Cheongo Guild Leader.” 

“Why? Did you finally decide to fight with me?” 

Doha asked as he pulled out the glaive from his inventory. It was already a public-known fact that he considered Si-hyeon to be his rival.  

However, Si-hyeon sighed deeply as if he was just annoyed. 

“That’s not why I’m here.” 

“Then what is it? Otherwise, I have nothing to talk about with you.” 

“I came here because I had something to say about the upcoming A-class dungeon in Namyangju.” 

“Namyangju? That’s the dungeon that we’re going to attack in a week.” 

“I want us to attack the dungeon, instead of your guild.” 

Doha frowned. Instead, his secretary, who remained still, stepped up and spoke. 

“That’s difficult. I’m sure the Celestial Guild leader knows that the antlers of the dungeon boss, Centaur, are precious.” 

“That’s exactly the reason why. I came here to request for a transfer because I needed the horns. If you give me the transfer, I’ll pay the price thoroughly. How about 50 bundles of Avila herbs?” 

The secretary, who repeatedly tried to say no, paused. 

Avila herbs showed excellent effects on external wounds such as bruises. It was not a offer for the Cheongo guild, where many hunters fought front-line and dealt with swords and spears. 

Doha spoke up while the secretary felt troubled. 

“I don’t need that.” 

Cheongo guild might be translated as Blue Tiger guild in the future, I’m just not sure right now. I changed Heavenly guild to Celestial guild since that seems more accurate and Si-hyun to Si-hyeon. I’m not sure if i should just write it as Sihyeon – but I’m content with what it is right now.

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