TDOASM Chapter 6


Then the mana slipped out of her body and her body floated in the air. It was the power of Rika’s wind. 

Ina spoke to Rika, anxious that she might be caught by the people below her. 

“Rika, let’s go.” 

[All right!] 


I told her to hurry up and she went really fast. The sound of cutting through the air penetrated my ears. 

And finally, Ina’s feet touched the roof of her house. 

“Good job.” 

[Yes! Hehe] 

Rika’s wings fluttered. Her compliments seemed to have been good. 

Ina, who was looking at her, opened her mouth while looking in the air. 

“Stat window.” 


Stat window 

Muscle strength: 15 

Physical strength: 18 

Agility: 16 

Mana power: 80 

※ Remaining SP: 0⌟ 

“……as expected.” 

Ina, who was looking at her stat, murmured. 

Muscular strength, physical strength, and agility were all of the average adult’s capability. But the magic on top if alone was special. 

“No wonder it wasn’t hard to give it away to you…….” 

Magic was a generic term for the amount of mana and the ability to handle mana. 

Of course, it wouldn’t take much a lot of mana to cross over to a building, but it was strange because it went too smoothly. 

It was all because the horsepower level was high. 

“Did the power of my previous life come with me?” 

The power of spirits that people in this world cannot possess and even high mana levels. It was hard to understand unless the power of her past life passed over. 

Still, I was a little relieved to see the stat window. 

“Then the Stat level should be about level B.”’ 

No matter how high the characteristics and skill level are, if the stat grade is low, the overall grade cannot be high. 

That won’t happen, but the probability of annoying things happening was slightly reduced even if she was an awakened person. 

“Is the reason why I gained L-class characteristics because I am a spirit messenger? That’s a relief.’ 

Originally, there should have been no spirit on Earth. But I woke up as a spirit messenger. 

Perhaps because it was the singular most unique ability in the earth, it would be better if she was graded L just because of that. 

Looking at the system window, Ina casually turned it off. There’s nothing wrong with her, whether or not the power of her past life has passed over with her. 

Ina immediately opened the rooftop door and went down to the floor where her house was. 

There was no one in the building because of last night’s happenings. Only the sound of her echoed rang in the hallway. 

‘It feels weird having everything be so quiet.’ 

Thinking so, I opened the door and the two spirits entered the house faster than her. 

[Wow! It’s home!] 

[My house!] 

“When did it become your house?” 

Ina sighed and walked to the air conditioner and pressed the power button. 

Checking that the air conditioner was turned off and nothing else was left on, Ina packed some chocolates and told to the spirits. 

“Let’s go now.” 

[Huh? Already?] 

“We can’t come in here yet.” 

[It’s our house!] 

“That’s true, but…… Not now. I’ll be in trouble if I get caught.” 

Meanwhile, Ina peeled the chocolate wrapper off and put it in the mouths of the two spirits one by one. The two spirits, who were chewing in their mouths and beaks with expectations, soon looked disappointed. 

[… This is weird.] 

[I swallowed it, but it’s weird. it didn’t taste like anything and disappeared from the inside.] 

The Spirits were nature itself. Perhaps the chocolate melted away in Izu’s body and disappeared in Rika’s body as if it were scattered in the air. 

Ina couldn’t hold back the laughter that squeezed out of her lips and laughed. 

“I knew it.” 

[I’m disappointed.….] 

[Me too…] 

Ina put on her shoes at the front door after comforting the two disappointed spirits moderately. 

“Let’s stop being disappointed, and let’s go back quickly.” 

Ina opened the door without hesitation. 

“At this rate, I will come out first…”

Ina stopped talking and stiffened as she opened the door. Looking down at her, the other person smiled. 

“You can’t come in here on your own.” 

“Oh, that’s… This is my house…….” 

Ina glanced back. Fortunately, the two spirits went transparent the moment they saw an unfamiliar opponent. 

As she felt relieved, the other person also glanced inside her house. When Ina saw the spirits coming out, she slammed the door shut. 

“Isn’t it rude to peek into someone else’s house?” 

“Oh, excuse me. It felt as if someone was there.” 

“As you can see, there’s no one.” 

“I see. That’s weird. I was sure I heard the sound of words spoken by someone.” 

“……I was just talking to myself.” 

Ina, who narrowed her eyebrows, glared at the smiling man in a jacket. 

“By the way, who are you?” 

“Before that, I need you to answer my question. How did you get in here?” 

“I just came in. Secretly.” 

“Secretly? Where the cops were standing guard, you came in alone?” 

The man’s eyes narrowed. It was not obvious, but Ina felt like swallowing her saliva. 

‘You didn’t see me flying in, did you?’ 

My mouth was dry, but Ina replied calmly. 

“The security was worse than I thought.” 

“Well, I see.” 

“Now it’s your turn to answer my question. Who are you and why are you here? According to you, you shouldn’t come in here without permission either.” 

“I’m this person.” 

The man pulled out his business card and held it out. Ina roughly took it and opened her eyes wide when she saw the words next to his name. 

“…… General-Director of the Hunters Association Headquarters?” 

“I’m Choi Seo-joon.” 

He grinned. 


Inna followed Seo-joon calmly out of the building. 

I wanted to say that I would go as if nothing happened, but it was not easy. 

It was because the Head of the Hunter’s Association was Lee Han’s senior. 

“You’re suddenly quiet” 

“I don’t want to be in trouble.” 

Seo-joon looked at her with as Ina replied and followed. 

“Director? How did you…….” 

“I just stopped by for a moment. Don’t mind me and continue what you’ve been doing.” 

“Oh, yes! I see.” 

Their eyes directed to Seo-Joon, then Ina behind him. Ina pushed her hat down her head even more. 

The two entered a nearby cafe. Perhaps because of Seo-joon’s lavish appearance, they were the center of attention. 

Unlike Ina’s uncomfortable look, Seo-joon leisurely smiled and put down a pen and paper in front of her. 

“What is this?” 

“We have to make a background sheet.” 

” … Aren’t you going to stop here? I didn’t make that big a mistake either.” 

“I’m a bit thorough.” 

Sighing, Ina picked up the pen. And after writing, ‘History File” in big letters, she began writitng the content. 

Seo-joon, whose gaze was on the paper as she wrote, said, 

“Your name is Ms. Yu Ina.” 


“Also write the reason for why and how you went home.” 

“I just came to turn off the air conditioner because I thought the electricity bill would be expensive…”  

It was an embarrassing reason to answer. 

When Ina wrote down the reason she said, she heard Seo-joon’s voice full of laughter. 

“I see.” 

“Are you laughing? Someone is serious.” 

Ina, who was murmuring in her mind, had to listen to the chatter of the spirits as well. 

[Why is he ordering you?] 

[I don’t like it!] 

‘I don’t like it either.’ 

I couldn’t answer the spirits in front of Seo-joon’s eyes, so Ina hurriedly wrote down the details. 

When she finally submitted the written report, Seo-joon read it carefully and nodded. 

“I think that’s enough.” 

“Can I go now?” 


Ina jumped out of her seat without hesitation. But Seo-joon followed her. 

“Why are you following me?” 

“I’ll take you.” 

“Where? To the Police station?” 

“Oh, my. Did you I get caught?” 

Seojun smiled. Ina, who was looking at the handsome face with a sullen look, shook her head. 

“I can go alone.” 

“Ms. Yu Ina, please.” 

“Now what happened?” 

“Are you an awakened person?” 

My heart rattled. But Ina kept her composure and replied nonchalantly. 

“If I was an awakened person, I would have walked in confidently. Would I have sneaked in like I did?” 

“That’s true. That’s true too.” 

Fortunately, Seo-joon nodded, perhaps convinced. 

Ina inwardly felt relieved and turned to really go home this time. 

“Then I’m going to…….” 

“Hey! Choi Seo Joo Woo!” 

Then a tremendously loud voice rang Ina’s eardrums. 

The sound came from above. 

As soon as Ina raised her head, something came crashing down on the ground. No, the expression ‘struck’ would more accurate. 

When Ina stumbled due to the rebound, Seo-joon grabbed her by the shoulder and straightened her up. 

As soon as Ina looked back at him, a big hand popped out and grabbed Seo-joon by the collar. 

“You punk! What’s this?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“This, this! You want us to compensate for the buildings that were destroyed fighting monsters! Isn’t it natural that some buildings break down when you fight monsters? This is the job of the association!” 

Ina stared at the man in front of her. Perhaps he was excited, but his eyes remained fixed on Seo-joon. 

Although it was a vague look, Ina recognized who he was at once. 

“Cheongo guild’s leader Baek-Doha, right?’ 

He was a famous hunter who used a glaive as his primary weapon. I didn’t know whether it was currently stored in his inventory, but I could still recognize him. 


It was because his trademark partner, Baek Aran the tiger, was by his side. 

Due to the fearsome spirit exuded by the two people and the tiger, the surrounding people gave them a weird look. Seo-joon, on the other hand, sighed. 

“Of course, it’s up to the association if the break down happened because of the battle, but the building on the document that the chief of the Cheongo Guild has given out is not broken because of that.” 


“The Cheongo Guild members who were cleaning up the scene at the time were drinking secretly and broke it because of the build-up excitement.” 


“Did you get the answer?” 

“Oh, my kids did that?” 


Baek Do-ha seemed to be speechless for a moment at the firm answer. 

After a while, he murmured savagely. 

“Those damn fools…….” 

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