TDOASM Chapter 4


“Did you recharge your energy by looking at your sister’s picture?” 

“Can’t you do that?” 

“Wow. Just looking at my brother’s face makes me lose my appetite.” 

Lee Han, who laughed, put down the document and picked up the frame. The team members shook their heads at the very affectionate gaze. 

“The team leader is also a very affectionate person.” 

“Of course. She’s my lovely sister.” 

“Oh, I’m buying ears that I can’t hear from.” 

I was trying to focus on my work again because my hands and feet felt icky because of the cringeworthy lines, but the youngest employee who recently joined the company intervened. 

“She must be pretty enough to say that she’s lovely!” 

“She’s pretty.” 

“Wow. I’d like to you to introduce me to to her. ” 

This dim-witted jerk

When all the seniors shook their heads as if saying stop, the youngest employee looked even more curious. 

Then Lee Han’s dreary voice flowed into his ear. 

“You want me to introduce you?” 

“What? Yes, sir.” 

“Are you interested in my sister, Kim Woo-Rim?” 

Lee Han was smiling, but everyone could tell that was a fake smile. 

The youngest employee, Kim Woo-rim, had a pale face. It was only then that he realized that he had made a slip of the tongue. 

“Well, I just……!” 

“Team leader!” 

At the right timing, the employee of the next team came in short of breath. 

Everyone’s eyes went to him, and he shouted with a panicked look. 

“It’s a Dungeon Break!” 

“What? Where?” 

“It’s near Sinchon!” 

Lee Han, who was looking away from them because it wasn’t his team’s job, halted. He jumped up and ran to the other team. 

“In Sinchon? Which location exactly?” 

“Oh, that’s…The address is… ” 

Perhaps because he was a newcomer, he was flustered, but frustrated with watching him fumble, Lee Han eventually took the documents from him into his won hands. 

And when he saw the address where the dungeon break took place, his face went blue. 

“Team Leader Yu?” 

“…I’m going out for a while.” 

” What? Team leader Yu– Team leader Yu! ” 

Lee Han hurriedly left the association with his jacket. He took any taxi that drove by and shouted to the driver. 

” To Sinchon! As soon as possible! ” 

There was nervousness in Lee Han’s voice. 

Anyone would have it too, if they knew. 

The Dungeon break took place where Ina’s house was located. 


“Oh, I’m going to live now.” 

[Na, were you going to die?] 

“That’s just a way of words.” 

Munching on the candy from she had brought from the restaurant, Ina said. 

The two spirits who were staring at her shouted out of nowhere. 

[I want to eat it, too!] 

“Huh? Candy?” 

[I like everything! I just want to act like I’m eating!] 

[Me too!] 

Ina was in a bind. I knew they were curious, but I didn’t know they would be interested in eating. 

Of course, I could throw anything and ask them to try it. They won’t taste and feel full anyway. 

However, it took a little while to consider because it was clear that they would grumble if they were disappointed. 

‘It would be nice to have a Spirit Ore’ 

Spirit Ore was a by-product of the dungeon and was a stone full of mana energy. People here use it to make various tools. 

It took mana for the Spirit to use its strength. However, the spirit could not use even half of its power because there was no “core” in the body to store mana. 

So if you let it hold it, it could eat it and use its energy. 

“No, you’re already too energetic. What if you turn the house into a mess?” 

I got goosebumps. Ina swallowed her saliva and said, taking the candy out of her mouth. 

“I have chocolate at home, so eat that.” 

My ears hurting a little more is better than my house in ruins. 

Izu and Rika cheered at Ina’s words. 

[Argh! You’re the best!] 

[We’re eating now, too!] 

I felt like my eardrums were about to rip, and I suddenly felt the earth vibrating. 


“Is it an earthquake?” 

The people around her looked around suspiciously – leaving her to wonder if she was the only one who felt it. 

It was then that Ina saw something strange. 



It looks like a monkey, but it’s definitely not a monkey. 

No monkey is that big, and has big ears and long claws like a fox. 



“Ah! It’s a monster! It’s a dungeon break!” 

People began to run away in a panic. 

Ina also ran following the fleeing men. 

“What is this all of a sudden?” 

I feel flustered. Did a Dungeon break happen nearby? 

I was just out for a meal! 

Whatever the situation, I had to run away for now. Because I don’t want to die. 

Ina ran together in the direction of people’s escape and Izu asked. 

[Na, what’s that?] 



“In a word, it’s a monster. It hurts people.” 


The Spirit of Water Izu hid itself in the front pocket of Ina’s shirt. Rika flapped her wings vigorously at her fleeing. 

“Argh! Argh!” 

“Help me!” 

Then the cries of the monsters and the screams of the people rang out. 

Ina stopped running and glanced back. Monsters were dragging people into the gate. 

In fact, it was over the moment you were dragged in. 

“What the hell are the hunters doing?” 

It was when Ina gritted her teeth and started to run away again. Something suddenly jumped next to her and knocked her over. 



The monkey howled like a beast that had caught its prey.  

The monster lifted Ina’s body and hung it on one shoulder, trying to enter the gate. 

“Let go of me! Why don’t you let go?” 

I tried to resist, but it didn’t work. The monster was too strong for that. 

Ina turned to the energy she felt behind her back. 

“I’m screwed!” 

The gate to the dungeon was right in front of me. Ina’s face turned gray. 

‘Is this how this life ends?’ 

Perhaps because I had already experienced death once, I was not afraid of approaching death. It was just a little unfair. 

If I knew this would happen, I would have gone to that resort with the money I saved. 

[Don’t take Ina you bad boy!] 

Then I felt like something was pulling my collar, so Ina turned her head again. 

Each of the two spirits was pulling the monster’s rags and Ina’s clothes. 

Ina looked at them blankly and thought. 

‘Come to think of it, I’m also an awakened person, right?’ 

I didn’t get a Hunter certificate, but I was also one. 

And her weapon was right around her. 



For the first time, Izu, the spirit of water, made eye contact with Ina in a voice when she called his name. 

Ina looked at him and asked. 

“You can handle water, right?”” 

[Huh? Well…] 

“Then gather the water.” 

Ina grinned. It was the evil smile of a man had who became a hunter from a prey. 

“Drown him to death.” 

[Yes! All right!] 

Izu nodded and spread out his palms. On top of it, the water droplets that I had seen before began to form. 

When the water droplets reached a certain size, they headed to the face of the monster carrying Ina. 


The monster waved his hand at the water drops. He didn’t think it would be a threat. 

But the water droplets quickly blocked the monster’s breathing. 

“Kuru Rock?” 

When the water droplets tightened it’s breathing space, the monster tried to remove the water droplets. 

But this is water. There was no way you could get your hands on it. 

His hands only got wet, and eventually, the monster that reached its limit struggled. 

The rebound blew Ina’s body away. 

“This is going to hurt a bit…!” 

Ina closed her eyes tightly. Puck, it made a noise and her body hit somewhere. 

“Huh? It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would…’ 

It was hard, but it didn’t hurt. She opened her eyes in doubt. 

Then a strange voice came down to her. 

“Are you okay?” 

Ina leaned her head up. Then she made eye contact with a handsome man who she seemed to have seen somewhere. 

“You are…” 

“Stand back, please. The monsters are still running wild.” 

No, that monster is already dying. 

Ina winked at Izu. Izu, who understood her meaning, dispersed the water droplets in an instant. 

In the meantime, the monster stumbled and collapsed on the ground, perhaps because he was suffocated to near death. And at just the right time, he was slashed by the sword of the man who had saved her. 


Feeling something strange, the man stared at the dead monster. A nervous Ina called to him quickly.  

“Mr. Hunter! Hey, those monsters are dragging people!” 


Only then did the man who came to his senses looked at her with a look of embarrassment and quickly ran toward the others. 

Ina breathed a sigh of relief at the sight. 

“Eyes, can you get the water out of that monster’s lungs?” 

[Yes! Just leave it to me!] 

The transparent Izu flew towards the monster’s body. It was to destroy evidence that the water had to be drained from the monster’s lungs. 


Ina looked in the direction where the man had disappeared. 

“It was definitely Hunter Lee Si-hyeon.” 

I couldn’t forget his face even if I tried to. It was thanks to his TV appearances. 

He would have been called the Sword Master if this were the world of her past life, but here he was none other than Lee Si-hyeon, a S-class hunter and the guild leader of the Heavenly Guild, one of Korea’s three biggest guilds. 

“I didn’t expect to see him in person.” 

Just as I sighed and muttered, a hunter from the Heavenly Guild approached her. 

“Please follow me. I’ll take you to a safe place.” 

“Oh, yes. Thank you.” 

Ina followed him and glanced back. I felt as if I had seen a celebrity, so I kept peeking. 

‘Well, there’s nothing to see now.’ 

There wasn’t anything to do anymore. 

Ina turned her head away at last. 


“Please let me in!” 

“No. No matter if you’re from the Hunter Association, any person who is not a hunter is not allowed inside the scene of the dungeon break.” 

“My sister is in there!” 

Although they empathized with his emotions, those who were guarding the scene did not budge. 

In the end, Lee Han had to take a step back and watch the situation. 

My only family is in danger, but I can’t even go to save them. 

“How can you be so incompetent?” 

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