TDOASM Chapter 3



“Raise your arms!” 

At Ina’s scolding, the Spirit stretched both of its arms further up. It sniffed with a child-like face, but her heart didn’t budge. 

“You can’t bring the eggs however you want! This is stealing!” 

[It’s not stealing! I brought a friend!] 


[… But I’m sorry I brought it here without permission.] 

The Spirit finally apologized. 

Ina sighed deeply. In fact, it didn’t make any difference. She’s already got eggs in the association. 

“How the hell did you get the egg?” 

[I didn’t want to get caught, so I made my body transparent and brought it secretly] 


Ina sighed deeply. 

Ina, who was biting on her thumb nail well, raised her head with a determined face. 

“……there’s only one way now.” 

Ina mumbled as she lifted the egg. The Spirit, who saw it, asked with an anxious look. 

[What are you going to do?] 

“I’m going to hatch it.” 


Ina nodded her head. 

Breaking the egg was tantamount to extinguishing the spirit, so I could never do it with my conscience. So instead, we have to hatch it and destroy the evidence. 

I refuse to be caught with the eggs by the Hunter Association for no reason. 

Ina drew the power of spirits from her body for the first time in a long time following her previous life. It was easy to draw strength thanks to the presence of the spirit beside her. 

And let the power seep into the egg. 


The egg began to glow. 

Ina and the spirit winced at the glaring light. But in the midst of that, it was clearly visible. 

The egg was turning into something outside of its round shape. 

Soon the light faded, and the second spirit in the world appeared. 

[Argh! I’m finally born!] 

[Wow! There’s friends!] 

[Friend? Ah! It’s a friend!] 

The two spirits hugged each other and jumped. Ina covered her ears from the high-pitched voice that pricked her ears. 

Then the second spirit who had discovered Ina flew in front of her eyes. It was a green-colored new-looking spirit. 

[You woke me up! My contractor!] 

“No, I’m not.” 


“I’m not your contractor.” 

A new spirit with a blank face looked at the first born spirit. Then he shook his head, too. 

[I didn’t get a contract either….] 

“I’m not signing a contract with anyone.” 

The new spirit looked shocked. Even though it was a new face. 

[Then what should I do? You’re the only one I have!] 

I’ve heard this before. 

Ina sighed at the same repertoire of spirits and stretched her fingers in a V shape. 

“Now, make your choice. You have two options.” 

[What are they?] 

“Are you going to stay in my house doing your share of the work or leave this house? Choose.” 

Naturally, the new spirit chose the first option. 

That’s how a new family was formed in Ina’s house. 



[Wake up!] 

[You like sleeping in late too much!] 

As Ina came out of the room, the two spirits roamed around and shouted. 

Ina said, covering her ears at the noise they had been making since morning. 

“Turn your voice down, you troublemakers.” 

[I’m not a troublemaker!] 

[It’s our spirit!] 


Ina flopped down on the sofa. It was to wake up a little. 

Then the two spirits stepped down on the table in front of her and asked. 

[But you know what? Aren’t you going to name us?] 

“Name you?” 

[Yes! Are you going to keep calling me a spirit or a troublemaker?] 

There was a sense of desperation in the question. An eagerness to be named. 

Ina nodded as she agonized. 

“I see what you mean. There are two spirits now… So I can’t keep calling you ‘Spirit.’ can I?“  


“Then should I go with #1 and #2 for you?” 

When asked simply and clearly, pointing in the order of birth, the spirits looked shocked. 

“Why? Don’t you like it?” 

[Not that, but name it!] 

[Right! I don’t like #1 and #2!] 

“This is annoying.” 

Ina sighed deeply and got lost in thought. 

“……Izu, Rika.” 



“Yes, you’re the spirit of water, Izu and you’re the new spirit, Rika. Okay?” 

The two spirits looked at each other blankly and squealed. 

[…Izu! I like it!]] 

[Yes! Me too! I like the name Rika!] 

Fortunately, Ina smiled at their appearance of liking it. But she couldn’t be happy for long. 


The moment the cell phone rang, a window screen appeared in front of her. 

「 Congratulations! Yu Ina has awakened. 」  


[What’s wrong?] 

The Spirit, who could not see the screen, asked her, but Ina was too out of her mind to answer. It was because another window immediately popped up. 

「 Status window 

Name: Yu Ina 

Age: 23 years old 

Characteristics: Spiritual Guardian (L) 

Skill: <Protector of the Spirit (S)>⌟ 

“……Oh, this lunatic-” 

Once again, Ina uttered a curse. 

I ended up doing it. Awakening. 

It’s also the only spiritualist in the history of world. 


I woke up and had to go to work. It was thanks to Korean-style education that requires students to go to school even if they are sick. 

I was just worried that the Hunter Association people would visit again like yesterday. 

Unlike yesterday, I was actually awakened today. If they came again and tried the Awakening detector device on her, it would be inevitably be found out she was an awakened person. 

Then she’ll be revealed to be a spirit messenger, and they’ll find out that she hatched the eggs. 

Above all, the grade next to the characteristic of the Spirit was L. Not an S grade, it’s L grade. 

It is not certain because it’s a grade that has never been given before, but considering that it is a characteristic that cannot be found in the world, it must be higher or rarer than the S grade. 

That means–  

‘If I get caught, it’s over.’ 

I was so worried that I couldn’t even concentrate on my work. 

Contrary to expectations, however, the Hunter Association did not visit her. Instead, Ina got a call from her brother Lee Han after work. 

“The egg disappeared again?” 

[Yeah, I don’t know what the hell is going on…….] 

At the sighing voice, Ina smiled embarrassedly. And she pretended not to know and asked questions. 

“I thought the association would visit me again this time, but fortunately it didn’t.” 

[The egg disappeared when you were meeting people from the association at work. There’s no way a non-awakened person could have stolen an egg at the same time, so everyone seems to have cleared their doubts.] 

Ina was startled but nodded with nonchalance. 

“I’m sorry, brother. I’m the culprit.’ 

The words came up to the end of her neck, but she couldn’t say it. 

If it’s Lee Han, I’m sure he’ll be worried. Perhaps he would have quit his job and asked to go down to the countryside together. It was possible for him. 

But Ina didn’t want to lose this ordinary, precious life. 

‘How comfortable it is now!’ 

It was strange when I first fell into this world, but Ina liked the city life. 

Even if you don’t go far, there are convenience stores or marts nearby, and you can even order delivery. In addition, simply pressing a button changes the environment comfortably. 

What a comfortable life! 

‘As long as you don’t get caught. I hope I don’t get caught.’ 

Ina went into the house, repeating the same thing over and over again. Then the two spirits greeted her. 

[She’s here!] 

[It’s me!] 

The spirits kept calling her name when she first gave it in the morning. 

Ina looked around the house again just in case the two spirits had an accident today. 

“Nothing happened right?” 

[Yeah! There wasn’t anything!] 

“You didn’t bring the eggs of spirits again, did you?” 

[I didn’t bring it! You told me not to bring it.] 

Ina nodded in relief. Fortunately, it seemed that Korea’s cramming education worked. 

“Cleaning and laundry?” 

[It’s done!] 

“Good job.” 

Ina finally relaxed and sat down on the sofa. I didn’t have the energy to remove my makeup and change my clothes. 

Two spirits landed on her shoulders and rubbed her cheeks. 

The coolness didn’t feel bad, perhaps because they were spirits of water and wind. 

My stomach growled. 

“……Oh, I’m hungry.” 

Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I was too nervous during lunch, so I don’t know if I ate it properly.  

“It’s annoying to set it up and eat.” 

Ina, who was bummed, got up. Then the spirits looked up at Ina with a questioning face. 

[Ina, where are you going?] 

“To go and have a meal.” 

[Going out again? I want to go with you! I want to be with you!] 

[Me too!] 

The spirits told her to take them, too. Ina, who was going to ignore it, eventually agreed with a sigh. 

“Okay, but you can’t materialize outside.” 


[I got it!] 

Spirits were able to hide themselves. When they did so, no one but a spirit messenger could see them. 

On the other hand, when they became tangible, anyone could see them even if they were not a spirit messenger. 

Ina took the transparent spirits outside when they repeatedly begged. 

It was my first outing with spirits. 


Meanwhile, the Hunter Association people were busy. The same was true of team leader Yu Lee Han, who oversaw them. 

Lee Han, who was already busy, has been busier these days. His teammates were also unable to go home and were working with him. 

They were proud to be part of the Hunter Association, but sometimes it was hard. 

A team member, who was looking into the monitor for a long time, muttered, leaning against the back of the chair. 

“Oh, If this keeps up, I’m going to die of overwork.” 

“If you’re tired, take a break.” 

In the meantime, Lee Han was working without a hitch. 

Seeing the figure, the team member muttered that he was a scary guy. At that time, I could see Lee Han’s eyes reaching a corner of his desk. 

There was a picture frame on it. Everyone who worked for Lee Han knew it. 

The frame contained a childhood photo of his younger sister Ina. Whenever the team members saw it, they could see how much Lee Han adored his younger sister. 

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