TDOASM Chapter 2


[…That’s why it’s a mess over here.] 

“That’s a big deal. I can’t believe the eggs are gone.” 

[That’s true. Anyway, I think I have to work overtime again for a while.] 

Lee Han’s sigh was heard over the speaker. Ina hung up the phone with a ‘cheer up’ supportive expression her face.  

I’m sorry, brother. 

The egg is here right now. 

Ina sighed deeply and glared at the spirit flapping its wings on her back. 

The blue-lit shining spirit was like Tinker Bell from a fairy tale. The small one was just as cute as a doll, but it was just a nuisance to me. 

Not noticing what she was thinking, the Spirit was just flying around Ina and rejoiced. 

[Hahaha! You’re a contractor! My contractor!] 

“Who’s your contractor?” 

A Spirit can use its strength in earnest by signing a contract with a Spirit messenger. On the contrary, A Spirit messenger uses the power of the spirit contracted to achieve their own will. 

But Ina didn’t intend to. She was living well already right now anyway. 

When Ina said firmly, the spirit came up to her nose and whined. 

[Why? Why? You don’t want to sign a contract with me?] 

“Yes, I don’t.” 

[Why? Why?] 

“It’s too much trouble.” 

Ina said, slumping down on the bed. The spirit, who had no idea what to do, cried out while troubled. 

[It would be nice if you sign a contract with me!]] 


[… I’ll make a fuss next to you so you don’t get bored!]] 

“Wow. I hate it.” 

Ina ignored the spirit and covered herself with a blanket. In the meantime, the Spirit continued to chatter. 

[Then let me stay with you! You’re the only one I have in this world!] 

“That’s a very romantic thing to say. But if you keep disturbing me, I’ll kick you out” 



At last, the Spirit shut its mouth. Ina thought, feeling sleepy. 

‘Let’s think about what to do with that tomorrow.’  

It was impossible to stay together. I didn’t have the confidence to handle that loud mouth. 

“If I hand it over to the association, I think I’ll do well.”’ 

Maybe she could do the job of hatching the rest of the spirits. 

……and, of course, many spirits may be sacrificed in the process. 

‘Damn it. I’m going crazy.’ 

Ina tucked the blanket over her head. 

While still thinking about that, it was already morning before I knew it. 


[Are you up?] 

As soon as I came out of the living room, the spirit asked. Ina looked at the Spirit with a sullen look and answered roughly. 


[But you know, you’re really not going to sign a contract with me?] 

“Do you want to make me say the same thing again?” 

When she spoke with annoyance, the spirit looked sullen. Ignoring the spirit, Ina went into the bathroom and toilet and washed her face. 

However, the spirit followed and looked at the faucet and was amazed. 

[Wow! What’s this? Water comes out automatically!] 

“A faucet. A tool that allows water to come out.” 

[I see! But I can do this too!] 


[Yes! Look!] 

The Spirit spread its palm up. Soon after that, a small drop of water formed on the palm of the Spirit. 

Now that I see it, was it a Spirit of Water? 

The droplets, which were as small as the little nails, grew bigger and bigger– enough to fill the sink.  

[Look at this! It’s amazing, right?] 


I’m sorry, but I meant it. I’ve seen this all throughout my past life, and I could do it easily if I could use magic in this world. 

The Spirit let go of the drop of water with a shocked face. The drops of water that fell over the sink went down the drainpipe. 

Ina, who was still looking at it, muttered. 

“But if you do well, it’ll be useful.” 

After a while, Ina, who finished washing up and got ready for work, told the spirit before going out. 

“Do you see those plates?” 

[Yes! I can see it] 

“Can you wash them clean until I come?” 

[That’s easy!] 

“Don’t break it. If it’s broken or damaged, I’ll kick you out. Got it?” 

The Spirit gulped down as if nervous and asked. 

[If I do well, then you won’t kick me out.…?] 

“If you do well, I’ll let you live in my house.” 

As long as you didn’t mind working. 

I didn’t mean to say anything afterwards. Then the Spirit shouted with a bright face. 

[Yes! I see! I’ll do my best!] 

“Yes, yes. Play when you’re done. Don’t break anything, all right?” 

[Okay! Have a safe trip!] 

After a long time, I left the house listening to someone seeing me off. 

Ina ended up smiling. 


Ina worked for an ordinary small-medium-sized business. Ina’s job was to design tools to make use of by-products from dungeon. 

It was a job that I chose using because of the memory of using a variety of magic tools in her previous life.  

The salary was reasonable and the work was not bad. Ina was content with her work. 

“Lee Ina, are you ready for the meeting?” 

“Yes, sir.” 

“All right, let’s head to the conference room.” 

My day at work began as usual today as well. No, at least I thought so. 

But just then, the office door opened and two people in suits came in. 

The team members who were entering the conference room stopped in wonder. This was also the case with me. 

In the meantime, one of those who stormed into the office opened his mouth. 

“I’m sorry we came in so suddenly. I’m from the Hunter Association.” 

“The Hunter Association……?” 

“Is Yu Ina here?” 

The eyes of all the staff in the office were on her. Then the Hunter Association people found her and approached her. 

“Yu Ina, is that right?” 

“Yes, I’m Yu Ina, but……. How may I help you?” 

“There was an unidentified egg theft yesterday.” 

Ina was startled but tried to look as nonchalant as she could. 

The Hunter Association man, who didn’t notice it, continued. 

“When I turned on the CCTV around then, there was a record of you, Yu Ina, touching an egg.” 

“Oh, that egg from yesterday.” 

“Yes, I’d like to talk to you about it. Do you have a moment?” 

Ina nodded with a grim look. 

Eventually, the conference room had to be used by Ina and the Hunter Association people for a while. 

Ina and the people of the association sat face to face. She felt as if she was being interrogated, so she didn’t bother her firm expression from spreading. 

Regardless, the people of the association asked her a question. 

“What brought you to the Hunter Association yesterday?” 

“My family works there. He ask me to bring him something, so I went for a while.” 

“What’s your family member’s name?” 

“Yu Lee Han, please.” 

She answered and the association member knocked on the laptop. One person asked questions and one person seemed to be in charge of the record. 

Questions followed while Ina glanced at the recording being done. 

“You were seen running away after touching the egg. What was wrong?” 

“An urgent matter came to mind.” 

“What was so urgent?” 

“……I thought I left the gas on at home.” 

When I hurriedly made up my words and answered, the people of the association looked suspicious. Ina smiled awkwardly and brushed her cheek. 

“Fortunately, I left it off.” 

“……I see. Was there anything strange that you noticed when you touched the eggs?” 

Of course there was. The egg siphoned off her power and hatched. 

But I couldn’t answer the truth as it is, so Ina shook her head. 

“There wasn’t.” 

“I see.” 

At the same time as I answered, the man who was tapping away on the laptop keyboard put something down on the table. 

A Awakening detector. It was a device that confirmed whether Ina was an awakened person or not. 

Ina was a little nervous. I didn’t feel like I awakened, but I was nervous just in case. 

“Then please put your hand here.” 


Ina rubbed her sweaty palm on her clothes because of her nervousness and put her hand on the device. Then the light of the device swept her hand. 

After a while, letters popped out of the device. 

[Non-awakened Personnel] 

Ina swallowed the sigh of relief that was about to come out of her mouth. Likewise, the Hunter Association people who confirmed the results packed their bags. 

“We’ve checked. I will contact you again if I have any additional questions. Thank you for your cooperation.” 

“Oh, yes.” 

Ina stared blankly at the Hunter Association people leaving the conference room. Her co-workers, who had been waiting for them to leave, approached her. 

“Lee Ina, what’s up?” 

“It wasn’t a big deal.” 

Ina laughed as calmly as she could. 


[So that’s what happened. You must have been really surprised.] 

“Just a little. Aren’t you surprised, brother? You should have called me.” 

[Of course I was surprised! I thought something might have happened to you and I was losing my mind.] 

Lee Han’s loud voice made Ina laugh awkwardly. Then when she arrived at the front of her house, she told him. 

“I arrived home. Now go home as well and rest.” 

[Right. You did a great job today, too. Take a good rest.] 


Ina hung up the phone and sighed deeply. Somehow I felt tired. 

“The Spirit must have done the dishes already, right?”’ 

It’s good to have lesser work. 

Ina entered the house with a little excitement. 

As expected, the spirit had cleaned the dishes. 

But it didn’t just do the dishes. 

“What is this?” 

[You’re here?] 

 asked the Spirit brightly. Meanwhile, Ina dropped her bag and cried out. 

“Why is this here?” 

There was another spirit egg on the table in front of the sofa. 

As Ina looked at it in astonishment, the Spirit answered with it’s shoulders wide open. 

[I brought him! It was full of them where I was! My friend!] 

“What a crazy…!” 

Ina finally uttered a curse. 

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