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TDOASM Chapter 11


Chaeng! Chaeng! Chaeng! 

Perhaps because she killed the boss monster, the small ice golems that covered Ina’s body scattered into pieces of ice.  

The coldness around her lead Ina to tightly clutch her leather. 

“Ugh… It’s cold…….” 

[Ina! We did it!] 

“Yes, yes. Well done.” 

Returning to her original size, Rika gave her a high five like she used to in her big body. 

Ina, who was smiling at the scene, walked to the center of the cave. 


On the floor was a large blue spherical object. 

When Ina picked it up, a system message popped up as if it’d been waiting. 

⌜ You’ve earned ‘the core of the ice golem.’  

You succeeded in capturing the B-class Dungeon ‘The monster born in the snowfield’! ⌟ 

⌜ You have acquired ‘Ice-air sword (C)’⌟ 

⌜ You have obtained ‘Cold Air Pill’⌟ 

⌜ You have earned 3SP.⌟ 

The system messages stopped only after all compensations were given. Ina skimmed through them and looked around. 

“What? Did the golem not have mana stones?” 

Her face looked very disappointed. 

After all that trouble, she somehow managed to defeat it, but what she got was the core of the golem, a sword she couldn’t use and a ring. 

“Maybe this is just my destiny…” 

In the meantime, the spirits were dancing at joy at beating the golem. 

Ina clapped her hands while looking at the scene and sulking. 

“Stop! Let’s go back home now. You don’t have anything to pack around you, do you?” 


[There’s nothing!] 

“……I see.” 

I asked just in case, but it was as I thought. 

Ina endured a sigh and went to the place where the gate had been opened. 

I should soak myself in warm water when I go home. No, it’s hot outside, so should I turn on the cool water? 

While Ina was in agony, the heat touched her skin. She’d come out of the dungeon. 

“Ms. Yu Ina?” 

But someone was standing in front of her. 

Ina, who had hardened, put on her hat reflexively. 

“Hunter Lee Si-hyeon? What are you doing here?” 

“Yu Ina, is that right?” 

Si-hyeon kept asking. 

Ina wanted to answer “no.” but she didn’t say anything since it was obvious she would be caught because of her voice. 

Fortunately, she was wearing a hat and was wrapped around a bear’s skin, making it difficult to see her face and clothes. 

Because of that, Si-hyeon seemed to be confused. 

“That hat belongs to Ms. Yu Ina… but you’re not an awakened person.” 

He came up to her, muttering. Ina, stepping back, winked at Rika. 


Recognizing what her eyes meant, Rika unleashed the power of wind. 

“Ugh!…Why is the wind suddenly…!” 

Ina took advantage of Rika’s ability to get away by riding the wind in an instant. 

No matter how fast Si-hyeon was, it was difficult to catch a person who was already far away, even more so when they were floating in the air. 

Besides, she was also the person who captured the B-grade dungeon by herself. 

‘S-level. Even if it’s not, it’s at least A-level.’ 

Si-hyun’s eyes narrowed as he thought about all that. 

“I’ll have to contact you.” 



Ina bit down at her thumbnails as she looked at the cell phone she held in her left hand. 

The cell phone had been turned off. She blocked the means of communication just in case Si-heyon contacted her about last night. 

Nevertheless, Ina was so nervous that she was losing her mind. 

‘Damn it. Why did he have to show up there?’  

She let out a deep sigh. Then someone sat next to her on the bench where she was sitting. 

“You can’t seem to concentrate on playing today.” 

“Oh, brother.” 

Ina put her cell phone in her pocket and received the ice cream that Lee Han stretched out to her. As they’d said yesterday, the brother and sister had come out to play and have fun nearby. 

Lee Han glanced into her pocket and asked. 

“Is someone contacting you?” 

“No, I turned it off.” 

“So you’re avoiding contact?” 

“Well…… yes.” 

“Who is it?” 

Lee Han’s tone became a little sharper. 

However, Ina roughly equivocated because she couldn’t honestly answer, “Hunter Lee Si-hyeon is looking for me!”  

“Well, there is, such a man.” 

“Looking at the fact that you’re trying to avoid telling me, you’ll be in trouble if I know, right?” 


When Ina took a bite of ice cream instead of answering, Lee Han stared at her. 

“Tell me whenever you need any help. Even if I look like this, I am still pretty capable.” 

“Why are you talking about your skills all of a sudden?” 

“I don’t know who the other person is, but they’re enough to bury the little brim that bothers you.” 

You? To Hunter Lee Si-hyeon? 

Ina wanted to laugh, but holding it back, she smiled. 

“That’s very reassuring.” 


Lee Han, who smiled, swallowed a bite of ice cream like her. 

Ina looked at the figure and thought. 

‘Sorry, brother. I appreciate it, but I think I need to take care of this alone.’ 

It was none other than Hunter Yu Ina’s job. 

…She didn’t intend to register as a hunter, of course. 

“Let’s put this aside for now, and focus on playing.” 

She felt sorry for Lee Han who took time out of his schedule for her. 

And no matter what, even Si-hyeon wouldn’t come to her at once so easily. 

But it was all Ina’s delusion. 

“Ms. Yu Ina?” 

When she returned to Lee Han’s house after playing around a lot, she found Si-hyeon standing at the entrance of the building as if he’d been waiting. 

‘That crazy obsessive guy!’ 

Surprised, Ina wanted to run away, but she couldn’t. If she ran away from here right now, he’d find out she was the one who ran into him last night. 

She had no choice but to act as nonchalant as possible here. 

Si-hyeon strode towards Ina with a vague expression. Ina had just gulped when, 

“What’s your business with my sister?” 

Lee Han stood in front of Ina and asked him. It was then Si-hyeon stopped walking. 


“Her older brother, Yu Han.” 

“Oh, I see. I’m…” 

“I know. Hunter Lee Si-hyeon, right?” 

Despite the continuous sharp tone, Si-hyun calmly nodded. 

“I’m sorry to disturb your time together, but do you mind if I talk to your sister for a moment?” 

‘Why me!’ 

She wanted to shout like that, but if she refused in this situation, she’d look even more suspicious. 

In the end, Ina gave Lee Han a look for help. Lee Han, who saw her gaze directed at him, said firmly. 

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.” 

“Just a moment.” 

“Then tell me first. I asked you earlier, what’s your business with my sister?” 

Si-hyeon glanced at Ina. However, Lee Han sighed as he blocked his view as if he would never show her. 

“I’d like to check whether Ms. Yu Ina is an awakened person.” 

“My sister…awakened?” 

“Yes, there’s something suspicious about it. I’ll just check…….” 

“My sister isn’t awakened. I know that better than anyone else since I’ve been watching her from the side.” 

Lee Han said in a more bold voice. When Si-hyeon tried to open his mouth, Lee Han turned around and asked. 

“Is this the person who you’re trying to avoid from contacting you?” 

“You tried to avoid contacting me?” 

Si-hyun’s suspicious gaze also reached her. 

Ina shook her head, though she was shocked. 

“That… That’s not true…….” 

“Then who did you try to avoid contacting?” 

Si-hyeon asked. Ina, speechless, closed her eyes and answered after a moment of thought. 

“My ex-boyfriend…” 


Ina didn’t see it, but Si-hyeon saw it clearly. 

The flame of anger burning in Lee Han’s eyes. 

Lee Han spoke in a voice that suppressed his anger towards someone. 

“That’s what she’s saying. My sister has no reason to talk to Hunter Lee Si-hyeon, so I want you to go now.” 


“If you keep doing this, I’ll report you.” 

Si-hyun, who was hesitating, sighed deeply. 

“……I see. Then I’ll be on my way.” 

“Just in case, if you bother my sister again for the same reason, I will file a complaint with the guild through the association.” 

Si-hyun, who nodded, looked at Ina with lingering eyes of regret. However, Ina was taken by Lee Han and disappeared into the building. 

Lee Han, who entered the house, immediately turned back and grabbed Ina’s shoulder. 

“Na, did you awaken?” 

Ina hesitated to answer. she was conflicted whether she should be honest or hide it. 

As soon as she opened her mouth after hesitating, Lee Han muttered. 

“No, it doesn’t really matter.” 


“I have no intention of turning you into a hunter.” 

Ina closed her mouth. Lee Han looked her in the eye and said firmly. 

“Entering the dungeon is dangerous enough to risk your life. I don’t want you in there.” 

“Yeah. I don’t want to do that either.” 

Ina also spoke honestly with sincerity. Then Lee Han’s firm expression eased a little. 

“Yes, that’s all that matters.” 

Lee Han took his hand off Ina’s shoulder and spoke lightly as usual. 

“Do you want to wash up first? I’ll have to prepare dinner.” 

“Then I’ll wash up first.” 

When Ina left Lee Han and entered the bathroom, the spirits who had been watching silently opened their mouths. 

[You’re a fool! Ina!] 

[You already entered the dungeon several times!] 

Swallowing a sigh, Ina leaned her forehead against the bathroom wall. 

“I’m going crazy.” 


On Sunday morning, Lee Han went out for a while because he had something to do. Ina came out to the front of the house for a while to eat and throw away food waste as usual. 



However, Si-hyeon, who visited her yesterday, was standing in front of the building again this time. 

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