TDOASM Chapter 1


[Team Lee Si-hyeon, who went into the Yeouido dungeon yesterday, just returned] 

Ina watched the TV while drinking water. 

As the screen changed, the hosts sitting around the long table chatted with excited voices. 

[This dungeon was definitely an S-class dungeon ] 

[Right. It was a high-grade dungeon, so it was very dangerous.] 

[Even so, everyone in the team is safe. It’s a relief but I can’t help but think how amazing it is.] 

[That S-rated hunter, Lee Si-hyeon, became the leader!]] 

Ina lost interest and gulped down the water in the bottle. 

But just then, the news caught her interest. 

[But Hunter Lee Si-hyeon came back with an unidentified egg]] 

[You mean the egg that doesn’t hatch? Isn’t it sometimes found throughout dungeons?] 

Ina roughly put the plastic bottle down and went to the TV. Just in time, the hosts were continuing the conversation as the on-site broadcast screen was displayed on one side. 

[What is that egg? Why is it that it doesn’t hatch and stays only in the form of an egg?] 

[I believe it being an monster egg is the best explanation] 

[Probably, but we don’t know. It has never hatched before.] 

[Oh! Hunter Lee Si-hyeon’s interview is happening! Let’s take a look at the footage.] 

The screen changed to an on-site relay screen. It was filled with the face of the character named Lee Si-hyeon. 

He was covered in monster blood and was being questioned by reporters. 

[Hunter Lee Si-hyeon! We heard that an egg was found in the dungeon again this time. Do you know anything about this egg?] 

[I don’t know what this egg is. I’m just going to hand it over to the Hunter Society Association for research. However,] 

Lee Si-hyeon said, staring at the camera as if he was looking exactly at Ina. 

[We recently heard that there are people who own these eggs without the permission of the association. It is illegal for an individual to possess unauthorized dungeon by-products without permission. If they’re looking at this screen, I want to tell them to put it back right away.] 

“It’s not like I want to keep it.” 

Ina clicked her tongue and spoke into the air. 

“Did you all hear that? If you bring eggs however you want, you’ll be scolded by me!” 

[But we’re friends!] 

[It’s sad that he can’t be born!] 

Spirits appeared one by one in the air. They were all born out of those unidentified eggs. 

The egg that was in full view on the TV was the egg of a spirit. 

Ina glared at the spirits with keen eyes. Then the spirits said with a sullen face. 

[Okay, I won’t bring him….] 

“Okay. Did you finish your laundry?” 

[Yes! I’m done!] 

“What about washing the dishes?” 


“What about cleaning the floor?” 

[I shaved all the dust off!] 

Ina nodded as she looked around the house to see if there were any places that had not been cleaned up. 

“Good job.” 

[I got a compliment!] 

[I have the best compliments! It’s thrilling!] 

“…… Where did you learn to say that?” 

Ina sighed deeply. 

There was still a buzz on the TV about the unidentified egg. Ina watched the broadcast and switched the channel to another one for the spirits. 

An unidentified egg? 

Ina snorted. 

“I have a lot of those in my house.”’ 

The number of eggs that the spirits had brought saying they were friends had already exceeded the number of fingers. 

And Ina was the only one who could hatch it. 

Since Ina was the only Spirit messenger in the world. 


The place where Ina lived was a world where only swords and magic were used, and horses and wagons were used to travel. There she died as a spirit messeneger. 


“Oh my god.” 

She woke up to find herself in a world called Earth. 

The earth was different from the world she lived in. First of all, science was very advanced here, and there were hunters and monsters. 

Hunters were like the mercenaries in the world she lived in, and a monster was like a demon. 

The difference was, the hunters here awakened and were admired by everyone. 

Ina, who was unfamiliar with Earth’s environment at first, gradually adapted to it. Humans were adaptable animals. 

Thus, Ina became a mature adult in Korea. 

“You’re doing that again.” 

Ina, who was drinking beer in her own room, saw a documentary rerun on TV. 

It was about an egg from a dungeon, the eternal mystery of the earth. 

[Anyways, what are these eggs? why is it was found in a dungeon and has never hatched?] 

“Well, in order for a spirit to be born, it must have the power of a spirit.” 

Ina knew what the egg was. It was thanks to the memory of working as a spirit messenger in the world in her previous life. 

That was a spirit egg. I didn’t know why it was found in the dungeon, but I could see that for sure. 

The power of the same spirit was needed for a spirit to be born. But there was no such thing as a spirit in this world. 

So the egg could not hatch and remained as an egg. 

“It would have been nice if there was a spirit messenger.” 

A spirit messenger meant a person who, despite being human, had the power of a spirit. However, there was no way that a spirit messenger could be born in a world without spirits. 

Unfortunately, those eggs had to remain eggs. 


By the time Ina emptied the beer about halfway, her cell phone rang. Ina put down the beer can and brought her cell phone to her ear. 

“Oh, brother.” 

[It’s me, are you busy tomorrow?]] 

“Not really. Why?” 

[I think I’ll have to pull an all-nighter at the association. I’m sorry, but can you bring me the documents from my house? You just have to bring it to me by 10 a.m. tomorrow.] 

I was going to oversleep because it’s the weekend. 

Ina responded, trying to hold back her deep sigh. 

“All right.” 

I wanted to oversleep until 12 o’clock, but it was not easy to refuse because it was her brother who asked for it. 

It was because it was none other than her brother Lee Han who raised her after her parents died. 

Although she is living separately because of her work now, it has not changed  the fact that Lee Han is her precious family. 

After hanging up, Ina went to bed earlier than usual for tomorrow morning. 


Ina got up early the next morning and stopped by Lee Han’s house. I was a family member, so I knew the password for the front door. 

She picked up the documents that Lee Han had asked for and went to the Hunter Association to call him. 

“I’m in the lobby right now.” 

[I’m going to hurry down!] 

I heard Lee Han hurrying to hang up the phone. 

Ina put her phone inside and looked around. Then a group of people caught her eye. 

They seemed to be young friends and parents who came to be on a tour of the Hunter Association. The Hunter Association researcher was explaining something intently in front of them. 

I was looking at them when Lee Han ran over. 

“I’m here! Thank you for coming all the way here, it must’ve been hard. Thank you, thank you.” 

“No, it’s not.” 

“I wish I could go to a cafe with you since I’m here, but I have a lot of work to do.” 

As if to prove his words, Lee Han’s eyes were darkened with dark circles. 

Ina sighed and said,  

“It’s all right. Finish it quickly and go to sleep.” 

“I will.” 

Lee Han smiled awkwardly and hurried back to the office. 

Ina, who was going to go home as it was, saw something in the midst of the visitors and walked toward it as if possessed. 

As I got closer, I could clearly see what the researcher was holding in his hand. 

It was the egg of the spirit that I had only seen on TV. 

“Can he show that in a place like this?”’ 

Whether Ina was bewildered or not, the researcher raised the egg high and shouted. 

“And this is the famous unidentified egg!” 

“Wow! Is that true?” 

“Of course! I’m serious. I’d like to explain this, but unfortunately, it’s an unidentified egg, as its name suggests, so nothing has been revealed from the study.” 

“Is it okay for you to just show it like this?” 

Ina asked, but the researcher shrugged and said. 

“It’s okay. It’s an egg that won’t be born no matter what.” 

“Why did you bring the egg you were studying here in the first place?” 

“The researchers are taking turns incubating the eggs because they think they will be born if they incubate them like chickens.” 

‘Is this even okay with the Hunter Association?’ 

Ina was at a loss for words. Meanwhile, the researcher had allowed the children to experience the eggs. 

By experience, it just meant stroking the surface of the egg. 

And finally, it was Ina’s turn. Ina hesitated and touched the surface of the egg. 

‘It’s really a spirit egg.’ 

I didn’t expect to see you here. 

She stroked the palm-sized egg in wonder. 

And then, something came out of her. 


Ina was surprised and pulled her hand off the egg. Then the researcher offered the egg to the next person. 

While the others touched the egg, Ina tried to calm her confused mind. 

‘Just now, that’s… Don’t tell me…’ 

It was the power of the Spirit that had just escaped her. 

The power of her past life, which was nothing less than the essence of a spirit messenger. 

“Is that what I am now again?”’ 

No, that wasn’t the problem now. 

That egg sucked my strength in!’ 

Spirit’s eggs are born with spirit’s power. 

Which means……. 

Ina hurried off the spot. People looked at her strangely as she ran suddenly, but now she was in a hurry to run away. 

‘You’ll be all right. You’ll be all right.’ 

Ina headed home, reassuring herself. 


Ina stayed in bed. It was already dark outside, but I couldn’t sleep. 

“You weren’t born.” 

He would not have been born because she took her hand off the moment she felt her strength was being drained. 

Ina reassured herself that… 

It was because she was the one who would in trouble if the spirit was born. 

“I hate bothersome things!” 

It was a world without spirits. If she suddenly said, “Ta-da! There are actually spirits now!” in such a place, she would definitely get attention. 

Life in the spotlight was enough in her previous life. 

Ina, who now wants to live as an ordinary small citizen, was reluctant to do such a thing. 

“It’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be okay…….” 

Tak, tak. 

Then I heard something knocking on the window. 

Ina stopped muttering and turned her head slowly. There seemed to be a creaking sound in her neck. 

And the presence beyond the window made eye contact. 

[Are you sleeping?] 

A bluish creature asked, putting his face on the window. 


Ina screamed as if she had seen a ghost. 

Hey guys, I am only translating this chapter of this series so that it gets a chance to be noticed and hopefully someone picks it up. I currently have no plans to continue translating and I hope that if someone is interested, they can pick it up. I think the premise is exciting and one should give it a chance. (o´▽`o)

edit: I’ve picked up this series after all, since no one has already. the first part of this chapter is a prologue, in case it is confusing. the second part is before Ina became a spirit messenger again.

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