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TAGWF Chapter 8.6


* * *

All the rooms in the central palace of Terran are brightly lit today.

In addition to being as bright as day, the garden was also bathed in soft light from a large plane that was hovering overhead.

One orchestra cannot produce enough sound to fill the entire palace due to its size.

inside, as well as in the garden’s front and back. The orchestra played the same tunes in all three locations.

Trickle. In the center of the banquet hall, macarons were arranged in the shape of a small castle and red wine was poured into clear glasses.

I resisted the urge to step forward consciously and held back my feet.


Dioles, the royal princess, came out and welcomed Lacius with her arms spread out.

Only a select few of these numerous guests received a personal greeting from the princess.

I slightly bent my knees and lifted the hem of my skirt as I walked arm in arm with Lacius.

“Have you been well, Your Highness?”

Probably because I don’t see you often, I wasn’t feeling well.

Do you have to be born with such lip service to do politics?

It made me feel better, even though I know it’s a lie.

The princess led us to a seat among several tables where the most important people were seated.

On the left side of the table, a sizable number of people were already seated.

Everyone in the room was seated, including the guests who were immediately identifiable as members of the desert clan.

‘They truly remind me of a Geisha, wow.’

In contrast to the white-faced Terran people, they have skin that is darker than chocolate. 

Their eyes, however, were not as red as a Geisha’s. Instead, it was a very dark green hue.

“Let me introduce you to Princess Ram Hertiti, my old enemy and friend.”

The princess put her arm around the closest woman’s shoulder.

Then, she jokingly introduced her.

Lacius nodded his head first and said a greeting.

“It’s been a while, Princess.”

“Ah, what the heck, even as an adult, you’re still boring.”

“Did you ever hope for a big change?”

“Hmm, not really, but I do notice a change in your facial expression?”

The braided hair of Ram Hertiti was pulled back in a high ponytail.

The black eyeliner that was painted around her eyes only served to accentuate how intelligent and powerful her green eyes appeared.

Additionally, she has a scorpion tattoo covering the left side of her face.

The tattoo, which can only be obtained by strong warriors, revealed a strong presence.

“And who is next to him?”

The gaze that shifts in my direction conveys anticipation.

My body felt a sharp pressure coming at me like a single sword.

If I had a weak will, I wouldn’t have been able to stand that murderous look and would have already trembled, but I obviously didn’t.

“Greetings. I am called Titania Oberon.”

I smiled and bent my knees slightly, as per etiquette.

My entire body was examined by a slightly inquisitive gaze.

“Your hair is red. There’s a sandy mountain with the same color near the oasis of our Ram clan.”

“My God, for Your Highness to compare a mere aristocrat like me, to the elegant sand mountains of the desert. I don’t know what to do with such a compliment.”

Unlike the royal princess, Princess Ram Hertiti exudes a wild charm.

In fact, I was drawn to the princess the moment I laid eyes on her.

“I heard that Dioles cherishes you, but you also speak so well; it feels like you have figs* on your tongue.”

*(Fruit known for its sweet taste and moist inside.)

Ram Hertiti’s analogy was very desert-like.

I sat down and calmly surveyed my surroundings.

Who did the royal princess invite to this table? I need to know that in order to understand the princess’ intention.

The princess wouldn’t have dinner with just anyone, after all.

‘I have really become a member of the social circle.’

While examining the faces of those who were arriving, I secretly laughed.

it’s Peridot

I assumed she would be there naturally, but Redding and Latrus proudly made their appearance behind her.

In other words, the princess was already aware of the altercation between me and them.

‘I think she wants me to show her something fascinating.’

Princess-unnie was staring at me with quite bright eyes, as if I had made the right assumption.

“Lady Crisiona, it’s been a while.”

I had to say hello to her first, unfortunately.

She will then be forced to return my greeting. 

Peridot stared at me with her thin eyes and greeted me slowly.

“Yes, I see.”


You should be gentle with the other person if they extend their hand in a similar manner.

You have the gall to turn your head away and act in that manner.

After a brief moment of shock, I made the decision to not be petty.

“I heard Redding and Latrus have recently collaborated on something,”

I changed the direction of the arrow instead.

The two viscounts I actually met appeared very cunning based solely on their appearances.

The baldness may be natural, but their eyes were strangely dilated.

The discomfort was increased by Viscount Redding’s particular clammy eyes.

“Ah, I suppose you’ve already heard the news. Heh heh heh.”

“I guess our show this time would be a success if even a young girl like the lady knew about it.”

The two of them did not take the atmosphere seriously and spoke to me in a way that was neither respectful nor rude.

They’ve never met me before, so they’re trying to gauge how I’ll react.

And there was no way Lacius wouldn’t know their intention. His hand holding the knife tightened.

I smiled and quietly put my hand on Lacius’ sleeve.

“How can I not know when the whole Terran is talking about it? Since we are all in the business industry, I’m sure you know that we have to read the newspaper every so often, so you’ll know who stole your idea or not,” 

There is unmistakable meaning behind what I said. But my smile remained as bright as ever.

The two Viscounts, who now belonged to the same class as me as a result of my words, abruptly shrugged their shoulders. 

Then they spoke as if individuals like myself were unimportant to them.

“I heard Lady Oberon recently launched a small business, is that correct?”

“Oh, this old man, it’s a cute clothing store, not a business.”

“Ah, you’re right. Lady Oberon is still too young and attractive to handle difficult things like business.

“Business is what old people like us do, haha.”

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