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TAGWF Chapter 8.5


“As far as I know, they like the color red.”

“If that’s the case, I should pick a red ribbon.”

I knew nothing about the desert country. Nothing more than a vague idea. Lacius, however, said it was alright.

“Are there any details about tonight’s dinner that I should be aware of?

I can’t make any mistakes.

Because I will “be there as Lacius’ fiancée.

It was obvious that he would be close to someone of noble status in the desert country.

Lacius put down the sweater he was working on to thoughtfully respond to my query.

“I’m sure you know that the princess of the Ram clan, Ram Hertiti, is on the list of delegates coming this time.”


“Ram Hertiti, an old friend of Dioles, will surely join us at the table.”

I see, I didn’t know that.

I rolled the name “Ram Hetti” around in my mouth as I tried to say it.

“What kind of personality does Princess Ram Hertiti have?”

“Pretty wild. She gets easily agitated and irritated, she has a short fuse, and she can’t stand absurdity or irrationality. She also can’t stand injustice.”

“Wow, that’s great. It means being strong with the strong and weak with the weak.”

“Yeah. However, she is always green with envy. She has a lot of older sisters, so she grew up with relatively little attention within the Ram clan.”

Where does he get this advanced information?

I took careful notes in my head as I listened carefully to him.

“This is the first precaution. Never talk about the Kun clan in front of the Ram clan and vice versa.”


“According to the etiquette of the desert country, it is extremely rude. If you’re not careful, some will even wonder if you’re looking for the Kun clan because they aren’t enough.”

“So it is a very sensitive subject. Is there anything else I should be careful about?”

“Always keep both of your hands on the table, whether it’s a meal or a dessert.”

“Why is that?”

“Security in the desert country is pretty bad, and you have to take care of your own body. So, when inviting guests, the host must unconditionally put his hand on the table to show that you’re defenseless and to let them see that you don’t have a weapon in your hand.”

What a bloody culture.

Lacius’ precautions gave the impression that the desert people were quite irritable and paranoid.

It is only natural to be prepared for danger after living in danger, and it seemed that they would abhor being made to put up with pointless babble.

The conclusion is tricky to deal with. I was certain that I couldn’t simply laugh innocuously.

“Giving them gifts is perfectly acceptable, right?”

Yes, the desert clan enjoys receiving gifts that they find it more odd if you don’t have anything to give them.


“If you’re considering giving them something at the dinner party, this is a good choice because they brought all kinds of presents this time as well.”

That’s a relief.

Since Madame is working hard on making the clothes, she should be able to finish them before the dinner.

“I have a few things to do at the courthouse today, so I’m going there first.”

“Yeah, have a safe trip.”


Lacius quickly rolled up the pink wool once more, set it aside, and stood up.

I couldn’t help but touch it briefly because it was a sweater that appeared to be really soft and fluffy.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that I wanted to have it.”

I quickly withdrew my hand and forced an awkward smile as Lacius gave me a puzzled look.

It’s not really that I coveted sweaters that should go to the poor.

I just wanted to touch it for a brief moment because it looked so comfortable.

“When winter comes, I’ll have to make one in the color that suits you best.”

“Hmm, you should go ahead now .”

Despite how casually Lacius said it, I felt depressed right away.

When winter comes…

‘Will I still be able to stand by his side when winter arrives?’

I don’t think so.

Lacius fell in love as soon as he laid eyes on the original female protagonist, as though an arrow of love had struck him. He will become oblivious to his surroundings and cling solely to her. After that, perhaps Lacius will regard me as a close friend. Because the original female protagonist is also kind-hearted, she won’t be hostile toward me or try to push me away. That kid was portrayed as being sweet and innocent, but I don’t think I would be able to handle it.

I don’t want to end up being a foreign substance between two people who were fated to be together.


A deep sigh hangs over the coffee that hasn’t cooled down.

‘No, let’s do what we can do now.’

But I immediately shook my head and slapped myself on the cheek.

It’s not like there’s only one man in the world!

Why don’t I set up a harem since I’m already in this world and take dozens of men as concubines?

There’s really nothing I can’t do.

I nearly fell into a state of depression, but I managed to quickly shake off the sweet potatoes* that were attempting to sprout all over my body.

*(Sometimes used to symbolize frustration or a sense of helplessness.)

I’m busy, I don’t have time for this.

“Juliet! Everyone, let’s get ready!”

When I deliberately called out loudly, Juliet’s face popped out with the sound of footsteps.

The maids I had created then arrived and took a position in front of me.

Actually, everyone has a blank expression except for Juliet, which used to be a little frightening but is now actually quite helpful.

“Put your hand on your waist like this. You’re going to walk again like I taught you yesterday.”

When selecting female models, who should you choose?

Those who would be unable to pull tricks and work with your rivals.

It would be advantageous if the maids created by magic painting who only serve me served as our models.

“Now, start!”

Following my hand claps, the maids started walking in a line.

After watching this for an hour or so, I remember something I had to do

I need to summon the snow leopard and give it to Princess-unnie.

Originally, I was going to present it during the show’s finale, but I decided it would be better to make an impact the day I meet the delegation from the desert.

‘First impressions last, right?’

I moved briskly and clapped my hands.

They were quickly transformed into models, but because they were already slim, the maids’ walk looked amazing.

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