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TAGWF Chapter 8.4


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‘No, what are they nervous about?’

Even though I struggled to understand it, the environment itself was to my benefit.

At the Knights of Rentus, a contest for the most attractive knight is being held.

That is how it appeared to be.

“Well, everyone is handsome, but… like this…”

I scurried around like a squirrel and chose the knights.

It was hard to choose because they all looked decent.

So, I tried to avoid overlapping images as much as possible. Every preference must have its own.

Only those who were chosen remained inside the knights’ residence.

I stood in front of the knights who offered their assistance, and I formally clasped my hands.

“I am well aware that the knights’ offer to assist me was made out of honor.”

“… … .”

“I would like to pay for it, but if I did, it would rather tarnish the goodwill of the knights.”

No one requested payment in exchange for their help. Not giving them a gift solely because of that, though, felt wrong.

“So I thought about sending your families show invitations so they can attend. If your mother, older sister, or younger sister noticed anything that they think is attractive, please let me know so I can send it to them as a gift.

It was common for models to receive clothes from the show.

In my previous world, it would be a problem if I try to give ‘only’ clothes and not money, but I’m the weird one here if I offer them money.

As if understanding, the knights nodded.

“Yes, we understand.”

“We will work hard.”

Some knights are already burning with enthusiasm.

Since they are still in their twenties and have outgoing personalities, enthusiasm must be boiling through their veins.

‘Okay, now I just want to prevent this from leaking.’

Despite my desire to believe that they won’t speak about this openly because they are knights, I didn’t forget that Sir Luke, also known as Mr. L, once had a newspaper interview.

“Oh, but there is one final problem.”

“What is it?”

“I am afraid that if I tell you, you will misunderstand my intentions.”

I cast a thoughtful gaze around me.

A serious mood also swept over the knights.

I softly murmured after creating the appropriate mood.

“The fact that some knights are performing on stage won’t be leaked out to a newspaper, magazine, or another publication, right?”

“… … !”

“Until I reveal it, it’s supposed to be top-secret. No one outside will know about this, right?”

You would realize that I said this deliberately if you were a little smarter. But the knights were pretty simple.

“I swear!”

A knight with dark blue hair stepped forward and shouted.

“It’s a knight’s oath.”

“Who will be on stage, what clothes will be worn, all of that is a top secret.”

“I will never open my mouth anywhere!”

Subsequently, several excited knights prepare to draw their swords to make an oath. It was dangerous to draw the swords, though, no matter how large the official residence was. Lacius, who had been observing the situation, calmly opened his mouth.

“Then you may swear your oath on the sword of God.”

“… … ?!”

“Take this chance to see the sword of God for those who have never seen it.”


The knights made a scene by banging on each other’s shoulders.

My eyes also grew wider.

No way, he’s bringing out Apollineus?

Lacius extended his palms and stepped forward to the center.

Numerous eyes were fixed solely on Lacius’ hands.

On the open palm, a pattern of a chariot wheel on fire was eventually drawn.

Then, a bright light and a red circle appeared around his feet.

Instantly, unknown letters appeared and spun around.

It was not long before the sword came out of his hand.

“Wow, that’s….”

It is exactly as described in the original.

Apollineus, a sword supposedly created by the Sun God himself.

A sword that must be held and swung using both hands.

The white blade, which appeared to be made of platinum, was said to not bleed even if it cut someone.

The true power of Apollineus, according to legend, is inaccessible to the wicked, earning it the moniker ” the sword that never gets dirty.” 

“Oath to Apollineus must be kept so you don’t have to worry, Nia.”

The other knights also clenched their fists and put them on their left chests in response to Lacius’ solemn words.

“We swear!”

The men’s shrill cries resounded throughout the knights’ residence.

I believe I have a glimmer of an understanding as to why Lacius drew his sword.

To push the knights’ already heightened mood to its absolute limit.

Thus, this is solidarity’s dramatic effect.

‘He was truly born to lead.’

I am skilled at purchasing and reselling items. However, I found it challenging to lead others.

Madame, the Terran Hours staff, and Mr. Bloomberg are all my colleagues; I am not in a superior position to any of them. But Lacius was different. He was a man who was clearly ‘above’.

He was incredibly skilled at uniting people’s hearts. And he is adept at inducing them in this way.

‘Honestly, it’s so cool.’

Everyone envies and admires things they lack.

Since I was a child, I’ve preferred a man who assumes the leadership role.

I’ve never met a man better than Lacius. A man who it would be odd to not be envious of.

Lacius gave me a glance.

My chest began to heat up as the corners of his mouth raised, seemingly asking if the approach he made amazed me.

* * *

The next morning.

The royal family sent dinner invitations to each family in Terran. 

Everyone is aware that at this time of year, guests from the desert will arrive.

The invitation arriving the morning of the dinner was therefore not unexpected.

Besides, I’ve already finished all the preparations.

“Lashin, is there a color that people in the desert country particularly like?”

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